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The Best in Hardcourt Entertainment: mrdovideo.com

The Best in Hardcourt Entertainment: mrdovideo.com


We're working to make it easier for you to find the game or polo vid you're looking for.

We're archiving all our games; we'll have new content weekly.

More videos than ever before, and a search function to find all your teams' games.

We're featuring an added something special: Mornings with Machine, a show that sounds exactly like what it is. Machine talks about polo with people who are polo, in his particular brand of lilting conversation, rife with rabbit holes and charm.

If you'd like another venue to air your videos, go ahead and send them our way. For any questions or if you'd like to submit your stuff, click the contact button at mrdovideo.com.

Thank you, poloverse, you're the reason we've been able to do this, and we look forward to giving you what you want. Thanks for your continuing support.

Mornings with Machine is a show for the poloverse by the poloverse. Go to www.mrdovideo.com to check out the trailer and release date. IF YOU HAVE HAD A MORNING WITH MACHINE at a tournament over the years
please share it with the world in the comments or email me directly at machine@monkeybrains.net

  • Mornings with Machine

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Great work. This is going to be awesome. Any chance we can see some more games from the NAHBPC? I know you guy are working hard, but we still haven't seen the final!!!

Wow! Nice work Mr. Do. As always you're going above and beyond. Now if we could only figure out a way to bypass my internet security at work and play these videos!


Final Game. More to come, weekly, daily, or whenever I can..
Thanks for your patience!

Pro polo, pro camera work and editing. Next level shit as always Mr. Do. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

I remember watching this live on the stream, and comparing that version to this edit it's clear the production value Mr. Do and Co add.

Add some instant replays and a blimp cam and this shit could run on ESPN 3.

But seriously there better be a skycam at Worlds.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Great stuff! Love the pull down tournament tab. Can't wait to see this fill up!

Looks rad!! Are you guys streaming Worlds this year?

Yeah, we'll be there for the livestream on Friday and Saturday.

Thanks for everything! Mr do and crew, love you!

2 questions:
-why did you leave Vimeo?
-isn't that possible to try to find higher point of view? I asked you that personally at worlds this year but I make it again here to put more pressure on this.
Field level cameras are great to feel intensity and speed, but you can't read the game so well. I would rather have one field and one higher cam that your usual set up of 2 fields cameras. Pretty sure it will be better to watch.

I know there is often structural issues who make that harder, but anytime that's possible would make it worth it.

Love and 1000x thanks again for what you did and will do.

I would love a higher POV angle. I know myself and a lot of other average could learn a lot from watching the positioning of the best teams, and how they develop plays on the court.

Can't really see that stuff from ground level.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Build us a platform that manages to still be under shade, clear of drunks, stable, and we will provide.

This should be organizers job to provide you this. As the often have material to built courts such a platform isn't hard to make. They can also rent what we call here a "brige" like the one used for musical thaters or by workers.

I know that's easier to say, but that's worth it. The one we get in Geneva was high enough m and in a calm corner so no drunk people on it.

Mr Do interviewed by Crusher for Urban Velo.