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Closed Street Event in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City UT is having a closed street event on May 4th where they will close a couple blocks of a semi major street to car traffic and allow bikes and pedestrians to cavort. The Beehive Bike Polo Club is in the event organizers good graces and they are planning on reserving part of the street so that we can set up a polo court. Pretty excited about this, we are planning on doing a little scramble tournament as a demonstration with interested new plays giving it a try between tournament games. I will attempt to get some pictures and post them after it's done, might even get the news to show some interest.

what are the boards gunna be like?
Who is excited about this?

what are the boards gunna be like?
Who is excited about this?

We threw a street tournament in Victoria a couple years back, it's fun but make sure you get the flattest section of street you can. Our street had a camber of at least 8" side to middle and there were a lot of top shelf goals that weekend!

Would love to make it out to this but we've got LA5 to throw over here in East Van. A bit more notice next time and I'll do my best!

We will actually have bike boxes for the boards and will have the court set up on the basketball court in the park next to the Open Street event. Originally the planners had us scheduled for a piece of street but when I checked it out I saw the same thing mentioned above with steep crown on the road. It was the most poorly taken care of piece of street on the event so we moved our location to a more central location to the event even though we won't technically be in the street. This was put out as more of a friendly if anyone was in the area not a true tournament with a plan of random mix of teams.

you betta bring the Heat!