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This question may be directed for the typical event winners. However, As our sport is growing and these events are getting bigger, what are the type of prizes you would like to see go into your hands. I just see many of the times similar prizes going out to many of same individuals. Should we put more effort into getting higher end sponsors to have cash prizes if people are now traveling all around for these events. What do you guys think, it's just something that has come up from year to year.

I've never won anything, but when I do, I would like cash. Please.

good use of when rather than if

lomax, i'm sure you've left us with prizes. but as the top people are winning and traveling a lot i'm sure they only need so many frames/heads/forks etc. so we're trying to get a little more creative/ lucrative here.

I've appreciated the prizes that I've won (I enjoyed the coffee and use the heads that I won at FCI last year), but I've heard plenty of people, winners and losers, say that they would prefer cash. Giving people their choice from prize pool is cool, too, but money fixes bikes and pays for gas.

edit: Oh... I see what you were saying, Krist. Yes, I've won prizes, but never a tournament.

Cash prize = legitimacy

Kisses for prizes.

big checks

Obv prizes are cool. I love everything I've ever won and when I think of wherever the cool bike stuff I've earned came from it's a nice feeling. Even if I win a set of wheels I won't use, selling em to someone else who will for a good price is nice also. The cash we won in Frisco was great but is long gone now. The Belt Buckle on the other hand, shoot I wear that every day! The ultimate prize is winning tho, and beating great opponents along the way. Just felt I should add that last part lol

reminded me of a phrase I saw on a messenger bag out here:

"winning is a feeling you never lose"

I think the qualifying circuit, national championships, and world championships should move away from prizes, and go to cash (especially if that would help winning teams afford to go to higher tournaments).

Prizes should be for the other tournaments and events. This I believe would also be good for the sponsors themselves. Debut items in the spring and in the fall at events before the qualifiers and after the WC. It would also help promote smaller events and help grow the sport horizontally (which would be a better strategy in bringing in new people; larger market).

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

oh yeah and trophies and belts or medalions with the cash for sure. something to put on the mantel and tell the kiddies about in 30 years.

Homemade trophies are my favorite. I love the creativity and time that goes into making them. Even if they aren't of great quality or they're just tacked together with an arc welder or glue or whatever. I want trophies for the wall, not messenger bags for the back of the closet. Sponsors should support the event. I care little for schwag.

and briefcases full of cash.

Messenger bags full of cash?


BoozeKruse wrote:

Homemade trophies are my favorite. I love the creativity and time that goes into making them.

And the fireworks that go into blowing them up after the award ceremony.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Alternatively piss and booze. Depending on the order, it's pretty legit.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

the cool thing is companies love giving away money more than product, so it's going to be an easy transition!

Is this true?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Sponsors have been begging and pleading to give us cash but we stand firm with our demands for bike parts, tshirts, schwag and free beer.

It's true. Someone told me they read it on the internet.

Still laughing at this one joel... all that time we were getting 1/8th inch mallets for free, we could have been getting the 35 dollars it would have cost? nice.

I'd be happy to pay an extra $50 on the registration fee to cover cash prizes.

Or perhaps the quality of the courts could be reduced to free up the funds instead?

I doubt there'd be any horse-play or problems with cheating if we started dangling cash carrots in front of the players.

do not sacrifice quality of courts.

We could save a lot of money if we were more creative. We could use hay bales!

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Or no court sidings at all?

Perhaps it'd be cheaper to source some spare balls, you could throw them to the players when needed?

(Actually just bring in a rule to ban big shots? Problem solved?)

so why can't we have homemade trophies, bike swag and loads of cash?

So I guess the next step is to seriously evaluate what is a good grand cash prize figure. Esp. for the bigger events like NAs/EUs or Worlds.

A good trophy is enough of a reward.

Take some weight off organisers and hopefully we may have more tournaments with better facilities.

If you find sponsors who want to give money, then ok. Otherwise, the majority of players would prefere seeing the money going to facilities.

People think they need cash or gas. theydont. they really want Weed, bro, or beer.

raddison wrote:

People think they need cash or gas. theydont. they really want Weed, bro, or beer.

there was talks of this happening at FCI this year. jus' sayin.

Cash fits nicely in a checked bag.

Sweet memorabilia is the best. Belt buckles wallets medals rings what ever that's the shit I do like.


Come to Vienna in June and get all: Cash, Prizes and an unique, handmade trophy ;-)