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Next step for NA Hardcourt: Choosing club reps and Electing Regional reps

In mid-November we established an interim body, first for the purpose of conducting a proper bid process for the NAHBPC 2010 and second, to establish a legitimate electorate for our organizing body.

We have chosen Madison as our host city for the NAHBPC 2010.

Now, thanks to everyone involved, we're excited to announce the next step: by mid-January, North American Hardcourt will be an elected, functioning, 21-member organizing body, with three reps for each of the seven regions.

Election Overview

This election will result in one representative per club and three representatives per region.  

The election of club/city representatives will be the responsibility of each club. Once club reps are chosen and reported on their club page, we will hold elections for regional representation. These regional representatives will comprise the North American Hardcourt organizing body.


  • January 10th, 2010: Deadline for determining your club reps
    • Discuss, arm wrestle, draw straws, form an internal organizing body – whatever process you agree to use, but this will be the responsibility of each club. Once each club has selected your representative you’ll go into your club page and enter that player’s online name into the field that says “club rep.” That’s it. 
    • One interim rep in each region will be in charge of keeping track of each club's progress. Nearing the deadline, the interim rep will send you a reminder if your club has not yet declared a representative.
    • If no club representative is declared by the deadline, no one from your city will be eligible to be a regional representative this time around. 
  • EDIT: January 10th, 2010: Deadline for nominating candidates for regional reps
    • Anyone can nominate themselves for regional rep (you don't need to be a club rep) by leaving a comment on a thread dedicated to this purpose in each region.
  • January 10th-15th: Vote on regional reps 
    • Club reps from each of the seven regions will elect three regional representatives from amongst themselves a list of candidates on the regional threads mentioned above.
    • Each region’s vote will be overseen by the sitting chair with the exception of the vote in the chair’s region, which will be overseen by another officer or volunteer from the current body.


  • Club reps will:
    • Elect regional representatives.
    • Participate in conversations pertaining to their region. For example, club representatives would facilitate local discussion around and then participate in a vote to select the host city for the ESPI.
  • Regional reps will:
    • vote in the North American Hardcourt Championship bid process.
    • participate in various subcommittes of NA Hardcourt (rules, sponsorship, tournaments,
    • facilitate regional discussions and gather input on issues related ot the above committees.
    • will remain the club rep.
  • Club and regional reps will:
    • be invested and present in all relevant business brought before you. This means:
    • communicating necessary information, participating in and/or leading discussions, overseeing and/or participating in a vote, etc. 
    • participate in every vote, even if it’s to simply to “abstain.”
    • be held publically accountable for their votes and the reasons behind them.
    • respect their constituents right to know how their representative voted and whether they were present.
    • provide minutes from every meeting, be it region-specific or continental.


  • term periods will be one year starting January 15th 2010, ending January 15th 2011.
  • there are no limits on re-election.
  • a club whose representative also functions as a regional rep may feel it needs a separate club rep to properly attend to local business. In that case, that club would be free to elect a new representative. The original rep would then become exclusively a regional representative.
  • should a club representative post become vacant for any reason, the club will fill that position promptly in a manner of their choosing.
  • should a regional post become vacant for any reason, the local club will proceed as stated above. Then, after the election of the new club representative, the two remaining regional reps will then oversee an election among the remaining club reps to elect a third regional representative.
  • Representatives elected to fill a vacated post will serve the remainder of the term until the next election cycle.

What you might do

  • Figure out your club rep
  • Join your regional group, where club reps will elect regional reps and where there are conversations about regional tournaments, friendlies, etc.

Alright. I’m sure we’re going to see plenty of questions in this thread, but please also feel free to contact any of the interim reps (listed above) assigned to your region with questions as well.

Thanks to everyone for being patient and for getting involved.

Perfect! Thank you.

P/M Hardcourt

Looks good Ben. I'll make sure to put my votin' pants on.


Bike Polo Ronin


For example, club representatives would facilitate local discussion around and then participate in a vote to select the host city for the ESPI.

They're doing this without a government.

I am the Duck.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Very true. The same was accomplished at the Midwest's in CoMO, choosing Minneapolis and Lexington for our next two.

The main point is that club reps will participate. Thinking ahead to the possibility of qualifiers, a tour of major tournaments, etc. club reps will be in a position to facilitate organizing this.

I appreciate the simplicity and transparency. Very excited about all this!

Minneapolis chose its Club rep back in November. Are you going to let your club be shown up by Minneapolis?

PS Its Bjorn.

PPS All "Sven is a dick complaints" can be sent care of Bjorn.

This looks great, and I'm glad to see the second phase happening so quickly. holy shit organization and representation.
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Javier you may have joined the wrong region, mass has been moved to the east-side. Or is that still listed due to the original grouping?

yeah i seem to still be showing up as a Northside rep, but I did join the Eastside already. not sure how to fix that.

Ya that's the original regional grouping, which got modified since mid-November. The South Central region (which includes Mexico!) got added, you'll see that no interim reps are listed.

great work, everyone! i just have one question...i'm wondering if there was any discussion of regional reps being selected from both within and outside of the club rep pool. it seems like it could potentially be a lot of work to do both, especially for larger clubs. and then there's also the fact that at this point, there are often clubs who have many experienced, qualified folks who would make good reps at both the club and regional level - this model excludes multiple people from one city being involved on an organizational level. just wondering if this was talked about at all.

Yeah, it was. That's why we added that if clubs feel the demands of their local are too great, they can choose another club rep if their initial club rep is elected to be a regional.

Along these lines, some people in SF thought I would be a regional rep and Ben Ruckus would be SF club rep. As it stands, I anticipate Ben Ruckus will be the club rep and ultimately regional rep as well. Someone local did ask if it were possible for someone from outside the group of club reps to be a regional rep. It seems the answer is no -- though I can't say this issue was discussed in any detail by the current NAH group.

What if the club reps decide to elect someone outside of their group as a regional rep? Would that break the system? Are there regions outside of mine own where this could happen?

I could see it happening in other regions too.

I will rule with an Iron Mallet



Slight modification to the process to account for this. The original post has been modified, but here's the synopsis of the change.

* Anyone can run to be a regional rep, you don't need to be a club rep.
* There's now a thread in each region page where you can leave a comment to state your candidature. The ballots will be created with all the names in that list.
* Also, just because you're a club rep, doesn't mean that you're necessarily a candidate, you have to state that explictly by commenting on the above thread.

Thanks Cec.

Looks awesome. Stoked.

this all looks great. but where is maryland on the eastside list?


thanks B-TOWN tommy for reppin so muthafuckin hard
i want to throw this in the mix
ok... i am drunk and the golden eagle aka worldS MVP is at a wedding in SEDONA AZ
if there is a pave league now there should be other options...
not hatin anymore
just sayin
juniors league/development/your future A.B.
masters league/ 30plus yrs of age or 1yr skeetin/going to tourneys/ old boys get together
championships in all cats
who is down?
coaches? i would be one, as the CANADIAN GOOSE are not the only one that they call THAT...thanks e.van newbies/love you too
sorry coach
what about teams that have four members? and at any given (polo gods forbid leonasty running into them on a game winning goal" moment could SUB IN...
forgive ME polo players but "I DREAM POLO"
that is all
for NOW
except for this
ps. i am going now to steal adds to put on my polo loves wheel covers for christmas
xoxoxoxoxoxooxo we are all in slayers PARADISE!

"This is the way it's always gonna be"!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

x2 on the + 30 league. Better call it the "Master's League".

Hell 30+ covers almost the entire SF organization.

"The Master Whackers League"?



I dream in polovision too! Thanks for saying your piece, couldn't agree more.

P/M Hardcourt

P/M Hardcourt

I don't see how South Central is any different than the south west. Why does Mexico share the same region as Colorado, but not New Mexico?


Mexico: http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/club/bici-polo-tapat%C3%ADo

Here's the current breakdown with the numbers of clubs in each region, which should answer your question:

# Midwest (14)
# Eastside (11)
# Cascadia etc (18)
# Southeast (17)
# South Central (12)
# Southwest (14)
# Northside (14)

These numbers are not super precise, for example Cascadia has two or three clubs listed where polo is very rarely played. Also, clubs are added every week, so the regions' borders will probably need to get re-adjusted (read: gerrymandered) in a year, and it will never be perfect.

I've contacted a couple of cities where polo is played but they are not listed on this page hoping they can get organized for January 10th.

:Edmonton/East Van Bike Polo:

Had some free time at work, and I just realized I forgot about Mexico.

The labeled black dots are those with the reps and stuff, and the white dots are the cities listed on this site (as of sometime last month).

Also, completely open to being torn apart and/or done by someone else.

you cut off edmonton, world's coldest polo city

is kansas included in south central?

There's a list up top of which states are where.

Wyoming is part of South Central, and Mississippi is not!

fuck off already, this conversation about regions is boring , tired and annoying. its not going to be perfect, but its gonna work. regions are like a polo bike

I think Rob's comment is a reaction to the color-coded map (right, Rob?). He's saying that Wyoming is in the South Central region and Mississippi (if they had a club)is in the Southeast region, which is correct.

whoa, yeah the map is wrong, didn't mean to bring back up a touchy subject! it's all good with me.

ok, the map looks fine to me, what is the problem exactly?

Check it against the list at the top. The color-coded map shows WY in Cascadia when it should be in South Central. It shows MS in South Central when it should be in Southeast. That's all. We didn't make this map, Mike from DC did. Great map (thanks Mike!), just not exact.

Only because I'm a dork with this shit, and maps help visualize stuff*:

*names and boundary representation are not necessarily authoritative.

Yeah! Fuck you Alaska! Freaks!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Nicely done. Thanks for the update.

the thread for the regions is like 500 post deep! lots of discussion has already gone down about regions.

I vote leon for king of polo.

I am the Duck.

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For the lulz.

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FALCON was there he knows, it must suck being the crow

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slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Mike, you know Drew is the king of polo!
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which drew timtim?
the one that pisses in trophies... or

"This is the way it's always gonna be"

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

i always thought it was tim mason. drew is more of a jack of spades.

more kenball played by more people in more places more often

Here's what i just sent to polo players in Toronto, feel free to tweak it to use in your city to kickstart this process. A lot of cities have already figured out their reps.

What's up everyone,

Some of you already know about North American Hardcourt, a fledgling organizing body that is currently formalizing itself into a regional structure with 7 regions to help with things like tournaments scheduling, rules, sponsorship, etc. Toronto is part of the Northside region. http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/region/northside

From January 11th-15th, club reps from each city in the Northside will be elecing a total of three regional reps. That means that by January 10th, we need to figure out someone to represent Toronto in this vote.

We haven't been playing polo so much since the ice went in at the polo court, and now it's holiday time. But let's meet up between now and January 10th and figure something out. This position is mostly about being a point of contact between N.A. Hardcourt and players in Toronto. The main decision-making power they hold is in electing the three regional reps.

Speaking of which, anyone can run to be a Northside regional rep, they just need to state their candidacy at http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/club/northside/candidates-for-northside-...

OK that's it for now. Have a happy holidays and see some of you soon...


ps. more info about this process is at http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/general/2009/12/21/na-hardcourt-an...

Yeah I guess Peter is right it is Tim Mason, after all he did win the world polo championship in japan at the CMWC this year, also he invented bike polo I heard.
Skid & Destroy
Axles of Evil

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

I think having the deadlines for the election/appointment of club reps and the nomination for regional reps on the same day is a little confusing.

Also, it looks as though membership in each region needs to be approved - who does the approvals?

Additionally, is it the interm regional rep who will be responsible for gathering the names of all the city reps? I realize that not all 18 cities in Cascadia had interim reps selected. That's a lot of cities to keep track of.

I am also curious about local discussions about this whole topic, as very little has been communicated in East Van during this whole process. I'd be interested to learn how other cities are nominating reps.

Thank you Ben for being so transparent and for highlighting points for disucssion!

In order:

-Nominations / announcement of candidacy for the regional positions can begin now for the Jan 11-15 elections. I'll be posting a schedule for club reps to see when during that time their region's election will be held. Anyway, consider Jan. 10th the deadline for clubs establishing a rep, Jan. 11th for the beginning of the regional elections. Good point.

-Anyone can be a member of any regions club. This keeps our forum open, so people can continue to get to know each other, geek out, etc. That said, only the club reps / regionals will be involved in the biz that takes place on each region's page.

-Keeping track of club reps is easy. There is one member of the interim body looking in on the club pages in each region to see if they've made a choice and posted it on the page.

-Each club is responsible to choose their rep is whatever fashion they choose. Here in Chicago we're using our club page and gathering nominations. Majority vote.

Thanks for the questions.

As of 01/06/10 2:00pm CST the following Midwest cities have not chosen a club representative.

St. Louis

If you have you need to go to your club page and enter who that person is. If you are having trouble accomplishing that task because the person who owns your club page is MIA or unable let Kevin or I know so we can help you with that.

When you say "Kansas" do you mean Lawrence, KS or Kansas City, MO? I thought we (Lawrence, KS) did that already- check our page. Let me know if we did it incorrectly

looks like you're good to go.

Columbia, MO

If the 10th is the deadline, let it be the deadline.

I would like to have more people sign up for the casscadia region and hear there opinions on who the would like to represent them.
Seattle Bike Polo

That would be pretty cool. I know portland had a meetings in person but I wasn't there and aside from guessing it was Meg, I don't know how they plan to represent.
Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
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The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.


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I see what you did their.

In a recent article I noticed Bike-polo was hyphenated. What are your thoughts lucky?



Rule #1.
To check whether a compound noun is two words, one word, or hyphenated, you may need to look it up in the dictionary. If you can't find the word in the dictionary, treat the noun as separate words.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


see rule #4.

Yes, but we don't go shopping at our local-bike shop looking for parts (for instance). Same argument.
"Bike polo" does not serve as a compound adjective because the phrase "bike polo" would keep some of its meaning without both parts, unlike "friendly-looking" as mentioned in rule #4.

The article also hyphenated "ski poles" and "inner tube" so I'm totally over it. This guy just likes hyphens.

Grammar: Are you taking it seriously enough?


Drew CoMO wrote:

Grammar: Are you taking it seriously enough?

Yes. No, wait, no I'm not.
Douchebags, douche bags and douche-bags.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

i find it amusing that people on a bike polo forum have better grammar (or at least do their homework) than a published writer (or is the editor to blame?).

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

What about cross-country skis or off-road tires?

I can totally see where you're coming from and if either of us really gave a shit we could make a solid case for either.

I guess this what we get using a language that hasn't been standardized in like 450+ years.

Better living through awesome grammar.

All I see is a "friendly little girl". Don't get me started.

May I direct my fellow professional and amateur SNOOTS to the following fine piece of writing, crafted in those carefree, halcyon, jubilant times <911.


too soon.

"youre well known out here (chicago) some bartender was bitching about your ca posts. i had a good laugh. thanks boo."

I agree. Also, if someone isn't elected as club rep, that gives them time to be nominated as a regional rep.

Lexington will let you know later today sorry it's taking so long.


The Southwest region has 2 of 16 club reps registered. I got back from vacation and sent out emails last night. I think it's reasonable to expect a majority of the 16 will name a rep by the 10th. I expect some clubs will _not_ name a rep by Jan 10, for whatever reason. The regional reps will have to be worked out by the city reps named by Jan 10. It looks like we want the regionals named by Jan 15.

PBP has a club rep. Chk our home page. Mailman J will rep PBP.
AZHC will have their rep locked in by Fri. 8th.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

I'll just point out that poor Nevada seems to have been left off the official lists. I'm assuming that any clubs started there will be part of the Southwest region as well, right?


Someone I know in Reno mentioned she heard of people playing. Heard there wasn't a single local at the Vegas thing. Haven't got much further than that.

There was that time at Burning Man when someone put Bike Polo on the calendar. I actually found a calendar and verified: Bike Polo in BRC. Still wonder what crazy fool had that idea. That was maybe '07? I did not venture out of camp to verify an actual game was played, or what style or who. Something distracted me, go figure.

Haha, I've learned that bike polo and crazy desert adventures don't mix too well myself. After weeks of hyping zombie desert polo for a local trip, I managed to get... distracted even with mallets in hand.

I still think NV should be added to the 'official' list of the SW region, if only for posterity. Idaho's listed in Cascadia, even though it doesn't have any clubs.


There are people playing weekly from Moscow, ID. There have been games in Cour de'Alene, possibly Boise, and in the summer we play Sundays in Moscow.
P/M Hardcourt

P/M Hardcourt

Oh! Sorry about that, I thought the club was in WA. /Geographical ignorance.


I have a good friend in Reno, played grass polo with us for years, lefty too. I jus sent him an email asking for polo info. Soon.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

I told my friend: Reno could be a grand place for a tourney.

just did a search for reno and came up with this january post of yours. im moving there in september and will be looking to remedy my inevitable milwaukee pickup withdrawal. do you know the current status on polo in reno? is it happening? are people playing hardcourt or grass? wait, do they have grass in reno? [anyone ever play on some hard packed dirt? i imagine that would be super fun] anyways, if you have the info or could put me in contact with the friend you mention, id much appreciate it!


columbus ohio has a rep. dayton are you out there??

Woah woah woah,
If their is an over thirty idea going
What about an under-age grouping?
Cause ya boy is only 20.


1. Thanks for correcting your English.

2. I see no reason to divide our group by sex, age, or ability. Currently there is no sponsor relationship, logistical hassle, or tournament planning issue that would demand such a split.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


need a rep for fort myers, florida?



Seattle club rep will be Aaron Grant. I don't know his fourm name I think it's Aaron
Seattle Bike Polo

I couldn't find him. Can you email him and tell him to post here? Or better yet find out his username and input it on the right field here?


in the meantime i made you club rep.

I am curious about the future of NAH representation at the club/city level. I do believe it is necessary to have at least some representation at a local level for the NAH organization. It was brought to my attention that this topic is currently on the table and hope we can have some productive public discussion on the topic.

P/M Hardcourt