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Japanese Wheel Covers

Japanese Wheel Covers

Know anything about these? Have they been tested by an avid player?

apparently they cost 6,800

Yen? If so, they'd be about $75

I like your polo.

wow, did you just do a currency conversion in your head?
Yes, Yen.

is there any more info about them?

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

do they come in hot pink? if not, no deal!

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

i don't like that they're clear. your opponent not seeing where the ball is behind your wheel is an advantage. that's easily fixed with spray paint or stickers or something. $75? i think i'll just wait till the next election cycle and pay nothing.

carve. smash. eat shit.

I'm into clear. I would like to see through the wheel and I know this stands true for others. Plus, if the ball is behind your wheel, the opposition knows well-enough where it is to play you properly.

What I don't like is that fact that it seems to come up on the braking surface. Speaking for myself, I kinda need that.

braking surface over-rated!

MVP of worlds plays fixed brakeless, therefore brakes are for bad players only.

untrue now, i saw seabass riding freewheel with a front brake this weekend, he says he's a convert.


No, really?!? Seabass is too damn good to park in goal on a fix gear so mebbe not surprised.

yeah, the funny thing was that i couldn't tell the difference, he was that good on it. i always knew that he was a front-braker deep down inside.

well shit then the fixie players are gonna need a new poster boy

We don't need a poster boy. Fixed vs. Free is hardly a worthwhile discussion. Ride what feels right!

These covers look like what's on my kid's green-machine except clear. I'd like to see how they fit behind the cog. If they're plastic I wouldn't give them odds on holding up long.

stevenso wrote:

If they're plastic I wouldn't give them odds on holding up long.

That is my thought. Gauging by the amount of holes I tape over in my wheel covers, these things would split like a dropped dinner plate.

Bike Polo Ronin

That is made from Polycarbonate.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

Okay the same stuff that the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter is made from, but how would it hold up on the court? I'm looking forward to actually seeing some of these on someone's bike. Who makes these?

I know polycarbonate makes a durable lightweight fender, but I'm still not convinced it can take repeated slapshots and not crack. I know it's supposed to be "unbreakable" plastic, but we all know that's just a matter of how hard you're willing to try.

Bike Polo Ronin

This guy tried kinda hard...

Hahaha, what more do you need?

He fucking shot it with a shot gun!

I was pretty much sold with the baseball bat.

Bike Polo Ronin

Touché. Seems like a good idea. Someone in the U.S. should make a prototype like this.

Bike Polo Ronin

Scene, sleepy midwestern town:

Old man in front of hardware store. "So this guy comes in out of nowhere and takes a liking to our little town and decides to rid us of our biker gang menace, we told him it was impossible, we had tried slingshots, rocks, hammers, even a bat, and nothing could take out the Hell's Satans

Young kid with freckles "Golly Jee! How did he stop them mister? I thought their windscreens was bulletproof, I saw the video, that's what they would yell as they rode through town in the middle of the night, thats why they done bought it!"

"Well young man, they were bullet reee (pauses to spit tobacco at a nearby cat) eeesistant, but apparently them bikers didn't watch the whole
darned video tape, Steven Segal noticed that the when shot from close range with a shotgun , the screen folded back and basically the pellets ended up decapitating the biker...(spit for dramatic effect) so lesson is, watch till the end of the video, and dont play chicken with steven segal when he is packing heat, or when unarmed, you know what, just stay clear of that crazy man"

The emperor wears has no clothes!

Where are you seeing plastic on the braking track? I see the plastic ending halfway up on the sticker on the angled part of the rim.

Bike Polo Ronin

Yeah, you're right. Nevermind. Don't know how I saw that.

Any more info/links on these?


if they were made of lexan I would be interested ... you could paint them from the inside and they would never chip .. but I am a huge fan of DIY for free ...

Not much info there. Maybe someone could ask him what the brand is?


no one use this e x p e n s i v e wheel cover in tokyo.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

areospoke makes covers for horse racing that they are trying to transition to polo use. they're supposed to be sending some for the tourney we're hosting. no idea how much they are gonna run though.

can you post more info of these covers you speak of?


Scroll about 1/3 down. Clear disc. Aerospoke has made sulky wheels (horse racing wheels) in the past and I was always curious about using them for polo. Looks like it could happen. I'll buy a set for sure when the become available.

Although the link was interesting this will save everyone some time.

Found a set of four aerospoke discs on a sulky site. 225 bones.



This Polycarbonate cover is sold as AKI brand.
AKI is one of those big ass cycle-related distributors in JP.

Available in 20", 26", 700c-geared, or 700c-SS.
They are designed for rear wheels (bigger center hole in drive side)
but the 700c-SS version will also fit front
Actual diameters are; 26" = 540mm, 700c = 596 mm

i know very little of these, but i guess fellahs from ann arbor use them (according to the guys from aerospoke) they are excited to test them out, i guess if they can market them their is potential for colours.

clear is better than opaque.... but free is better than $75

Does anyone know if it's $75 per or for a set of two or four sides?

Lexan wheel covers would be fun to paint. Party is on the inside and it gets that gloss look that won't scratch. easily.

Credo quia absurdum

nedderweevil wrote:

Does anyone know if it's $75 per or for a set of two or four sides?

$75 for a pair (2 sheets)

but having nearly indestructable wheel covers that absolutely protect spokes is better than my broken and taped together mess of political signs. I can see it being a worthy investment.

Bike Polo Ronin

I'm envisioning a one piece deal as opposed to covers. More like a disc wheel. No fancy schmancy carbon disc but something that is one piece and solid enough to handle polo and hard slap-shots. I had (I guess still have) an opportunity to buy a Sugino 75 aluminum disc wheel. When I first saw it thoughts of polo went through my mind. I doubt it could handle polo however and it would be a real shame to wreck something like that.

I just wonder about the weight factor with something meeting those requirements and meeting the requirements of a nice riding wheel.

Bike Polo Ronin

1) 75 USD can buy you ±8 sheets of coroplast from a sign shop supply company, which would divide into ±48 wheels worth of your color preference, printable, stickerable custom cut/installed to your rim diameter and wheel dish.
2) A design for this universal enough to go over any front or rear, various rim profile depth, cartridge or single speed, etc. Would probably not lay flat on your wheel, thus creating weird drag and vibration-when-hit issues.

Any manufacturers who could mold a range of discs accounting for wheel size, hub length, and dish would probably charge you an arm and a leg for each. I'm not discouraging anyone from looking into it, but for me, I don't think replacing coroplast every few months for the rest of my polo playing career would add up to 75 bucks, let alone the set up costs for molding polycarbonate.


I'm also thinking about waste. I already shred enough HDPE pipe and we break balls left and right (especially in the winter), I'm thinking that not having the change coro-plast wheel covers all the time would equate to less plastic in landfills and floating in the Pacific Ocean.

Also, I'm horrible at cutting out wheel covers. Lame excuse I know, but at least I'm honest about my inability to properly use a utility razor and/or scissors.

Bike Polo Ronin

Get a big pair of Tin Snips, cuts like butter. Your wheel covers should be beautiful pieces of art which get hung in expensive galleries (once they are retired).


I use a bandsaw and a home made jig to cut perfectly round circles.

While this sounds like a great solution, I have no access to a band saw. Tin snips, however, I can get my hands on.

Bike Polo Ronin

Kenny, I just wanted to let you know I took your advice and it's the first time my wheel covers don't look like a five year old cut them out with a butter knife.

Bike Polo Ronin

its not waste if you are reclaiming used political signs. you're giving that coroplast a better life!

get a fancy disc for $35 http://artfa.gs/dKrgkPc2

Playing without wheel covers: priceless.

And bendy/broken spokes. Ok if you have a good source for discount spokes I suppose. To be fair, I only use front wheel covers, but that's where I take 90% of the shots I block. Check that, the drive side front wheel cover is where I take 90% of the shots I block. And mine has a ton of holes and tape covering them.

Bike Polo Ronin

or just contact me for a custom made bad ass coroplast wheel cover with what ever you want on it for $20 plus shipping. already cut to your wheel size. all i need to know is if it is a 26" or a 700c /deep v or arrow head/

and viola. bad ass covers.


give blood. play polo.

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As someone who hates wheel covers this could be a compromise for me. Anyone know of any stateside alternatives?

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles