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Travel bags for your bike? Small enough for the megabus?

Are there any bags available that meet the luggage reqs for the megabus? Trash's Space Junk is close, but you'd need to shave about five inches off in any direction. Anyone have experience with this bag? Would it be easy to modify once I packed and unpacked my bike a few times to see if I could make it work? By the way, in order to fit on a megabus, it has to be no larger than 62" when length, width and height are added together. I don't want to get couplers!!!!!

You need to look into local suppliers. I've been traveling with a bike bag for about 15 months, buses, trains etc. Get a custom bag.

velolucuma makes custom bike bags

Trash Messenger Bags, the Space Junk bag

lol. I just saw you mentioned this exact bag in your post. At any rate, the space junk is awesome, but if it's not what you're looking for... so be it! Good luck! But, chances are, if you talk to Andy, the owner, he'd be able to customize it for you in order to fit the specs.

I just picked up a Space Junk this spring and have used it once since. I was able to fit my 56cm Joust (no couplers) easily, but it's a snug fit. Andy says he is able to fit his 58cm All-City Nature Boy (a looong frame, 700c wheels) in one. The interior structure is made of corrugated plastic (emergency wheelcovers!) which would be easily modified but I don't think you'd be able to be able to fit an uncoupled bike in anything smaller than the standard size.

I flew Frontier and they didn't hit me with an oversize charge either way. I also walked about a mile with my bike on my back when I got to Seattle and it was a more comfortable trek than I expected. Great bag for sure, I'd highly recommend one.

I wish I could get my hands on one of those...

The problem with the hardened bags is once you arrive at destination and put your bike back up, it's impossible to cycle with that bag, unless you put all your junk inside. Mine rolls up to a size of a small sleeping bag.

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do the megabus baggage handlers actually get out the measuring tape?

I would avoid any bags over 62 linear inches that can easily be measured... anything with a distinct length, width, and height. If they even bother to measure.

I just got a baseball gear bag w/ wheels and haven't had any problems checking it when I fly so far.

If it helps any, I took a megabus from Ohio to New York City recently and all I did was the usual "saran wrap" job. None of the bus drivers even looked twice at it, and the bus from Buffalo to NYC was completely packed luggage-wise. Even better, I just threw it all away when I arrived and didn't have to carry an extra bag around with me.

i did the saran wrap thing Montreal->Toronto last year on Megabus and the baggage guy knew it was a bike immediately, but "made a special exception". I'm not sure if it's a Canadian thing or not, but the LxWxD didn't seem to be the issue, just the fact that it was a bike.

Jeez, maybe I'm too much a rule follower. When searching for bus options online I keep running into "Unfortunately megabus.com buses are unable to carry bikes / bicycles.", and pretty much the same from all the bus companies I know about (which may not be all of them) in Canada. You do have a rather commanding presence though.

i think they say that as a generic rule to prevent less dedicated individuals from bringing their shit to the MB fully assembled. I can't see how anyone can challenge a package (that may or may not contain a bike) that fits dimensions necessary.

Awesome. Thanks! I think I will experiment with the space junk. At least contact them about it. but the saran wrap idea sounds like a quick and easy way to go in the meantime.

I traveled from Los Angeles to SF and back with a suit bag I got at goodwill. Doesn't have any hard walls and it didn't even zip up all the way with fork off and both wheels. Both times they just took it no questions asked. Took it apart at the station no less.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

As hardly any Aussies can drive to neighbouring cities for tournaments due to distance, we rely on air travel. Over half of the travel bags we use are these bad boys:

super strong, durable and packs down perfectly to strap to your bag once there (on outside to save space)


[edit: we've been able to fit 4 of these in a single taxi before]

Just as an update, I tried to shrink wrap my bike last night to hop the bus from Chicago to Cincinnati and they refused to put it on the bus. So Jess, I guess its just how the drivers are feeling at the time. I think the space junk is in my future after last nights happening.


These are awesome. I have had the same one for 4 years and it's still going strong


This one is also sold at Performance and some other retailers. I have used it mostly for air travel, against the warnings of the manufacturer. It has held up very well over 3 years and has lotsa cool lil pockets for skewers and tools etc. Also the strap and handles makes carrying it a lot easier. Beats the OS fees more than 70% of the time I'd say, and I'm sure it would work for the bus too. But as with air travel, make sure u put an old hub or something in your rear dropouts, as they often stack the bags on top of each other. Great price too.

Nice bag, good price. Ive just done a Euro trip with my bike in a hockey bag, a hard bottom with wheels. bike, all polostuff plus tools came in at 18kg (fuck the imperial system). So several planes, also within europe with easyjet for example and never a problem with OS fees. Im using the plastic hub protectors.

What size wheels are you riding? I wouldn't have thought 700c would fit in a hockey bag.

Well my 700 fit perfectly.... im not familiar with hockey bag types though as we dont play that sport in NL (and to lazy right now to check the amazon link [if it is still there]).

Btw everyone told me to get the air out of my tires during flights, i forgot, tires were fine, didnt had a problem ever, so my conclusion is that it is a hoax.

I've been looking around for a softshell bag/backpack that is designed to carry a bike with couplers. Anyone have any suggestions to where I might find one? Or knows someone who makes them tough and well priced?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd like it to be within the limits of airline checked baggage...

Thanks in advance for your help amigos.

Heavy duty 18oz vinyl construction
LxW: 39"x35.5"
Large zipper top

Follow the link below to scoop one of these up!

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