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Face Protection: Show Us What You Got!

I'm interested in seeing pics of:
-what kind of face protection you have used;
-what kind of face protection you use now; and
-what kind of face protection you think you'd prefer.

I used the clear face shield for about a year, stopped using it for six months and paid the price a few nights ago with a mallet to the eyebrow. I like the look of the hurling helmets/face cages, but it'd cost me almost $90 to get one to me. Not worth it just to try it. I think I'll go with some safety goggles.

Share pics, ideas, etc.!

Here's the helmet/shield I used...and might still use:

Doesn't this get hot in the summer? Like super hot?

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It does, but it never bothered me so much that I couldn't score goals/win. Those vents work pretty alright. Going fast rewards you.

I'm a warm guy, too. But I didn't mind the trade off. Plus when you take it off after a game, it feels so good.

i had one and it got too hot for me. i felt so dehydrated during midwest last year from the helmet and face mask trapping the heat.


Just picked up a hurling helmet. I'm pretty comfortable after about a dozen games... I bet that I won't notice it at all once I get a full day of pickup in with it on.

For sure

mycro. best.

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The Bisons

I too wear a hurling helmet, because it was the only one I could find in american flag colors.


Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

I like the weight and the cages of these helmet but i wouldnt feel as safe as with a bern or an hockey helmet during hard crash on concret floors.

Relevant article. http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/calgary/Helmets+prevent+concussions+re...

When I had my concussion, it was definitely in an area that was covered by the helmet. But my face got shredded, so the mask might have helped that at least.

The week after I put my cage on, a mallet rang it on a back swing. I can't state how happy I was to have it. I feel stupid for waiting so long.

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Sprinks wrote:

Relevant article. http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/calgary/Helmets+prevent+concussions+researchers/8081319/story.html

Not entirely relevant. The article says helmets help to prevent severe head trauma, but not concussions. A hurling helmet does little more than protect from road rash and wild mallets. Hurling helmets were never designed to protect against your head hitting the ground. Bike and hockey helmets were.

I know that there is a lot of conflicting reports on what various helmets can and can't do but when it comes down to it I've seen what happens without one. I'll wear one and I'll wear one with impact resistance.

This is for another thread though I suppose.

Has anyone tried a hurling cage on a hockey helmet? Seems like it could work.

John and Lomax, Javier, and anyone else I forgot, seemed pretty comfy in those hurling helmets. We just got a few here in MTL and while the cage is much more user friendly than a hockey one the helmet feels like it has less padding than a pair of tri-shorts. I would consider moving the cage over to my Bern. In the past I have made holes in the brim of my Bern and attached a hockey cage using the same mounting hardware off of the hockey helmet. Two more holes near the rear of the Bern (in the sunken area near the rear vents) to fit screw-in snap domes (available from Home Depot) that accept the chin cup straps. It works pretty well but I think next time I will cut the horizontal bars out of the cage and leave the verticals.

I have tried hand-ball glasses but they both fog up and have some optical distortion.

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I'm pretty stoked with my bern helmet and fixcraft cage. Doesn't obstruct my view and I'm not worried about getting whacked in the face. That's all I really need.

bike helmet + hockey facemask. easy to get on/off (one clasp under my chin), stays in one place, is comfortable, doesn't affect my peripheral vision, withstands hits.
i'll look for some pictures.

I wear a Bern Brentwood with a hockey mask ziptied to the front. I run the ties through the two front holes of the helmet and clip the chin straps around the back of my neck instead of to the helmet. Super light and works like a charm. I switched to the visor-less clip-in headband for more visibility.

I'd like to try a hockey helmet, but I've had trouble finding a comfortable fit with glasses. Any other four-eyed fools have hockey helmet recommendations?

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I have this one, really quick to adjust, comfortable, light even with a grid.

Bauer hockey helmet and open grid.

bern helmet + standard hockey mask with a few bars cut out

Lancaster guys got me a cage.

Bern Watts with a batting helmet face cage. I think it's Easton brand? Only real blind spots are wide and low in my peripheral vision.

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+1 for that top button.

Found baseball mask and unscrewed the mask. Cant beat one buck!

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Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Bauer 7500 helmet and cage, with most of the middle bars removed.


I feel like this is the best combination of crash protection and face protection. No problems at all with vision after cutting the bars out. It is much bulkier than the mycros, but I think I'd rather be wearing the bauer if I fall on my head.

obligatory iron man mask jpg

I know this is a dead thread, but anyone know if those fixcraft cages are for sale anywhere? Can't seem to find any retailers, Canadian or otherwise... If they aren't, what do you recommend? What works/doesn't work?

If you want the *exact* model, you can have it for less than Fixcraft's markup: https://www.batterschoice.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80005B33-13125738...

It's actually a Wilson product... $14.95

I'd also add that most batting helmet face cages probably could be modified if you're open to alternatives.

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Great. Thanks for the heads up. I caught a mallet head on the rim of my bern hard enough to lift it clean off my head, I figure that is as good as any indication to shield my pearly whites. Anyone here find a way to make a detachable cage? Something with heavy duty clasps or something?

Use wingnuts to attach it and then you can take the mask off easily for riding.

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