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Mallet head half inner ring add-on

half inner ring add-on locked in with screws

Hey guys,
I wanted to show you my newest mallet design and ask you what do you think about it.
Basically it just half of a 1cm wide PP ring screwed inside the mallet head, on the bottom part. It's not at all heavy, it adds power and precision to my shots plus, because the screw heads are 2 mm taller than the mallet head surface, they get the pounding instead of the mallet head, so that adds to the lifespan of the contraption. I used double bolts to make sure they will not unscrew, but I think this problem can be solved with a little loctite.
What do you think? Has anyone tried anything similar before?

I have at times thought about some kind of reinforcement for the bottom lip of the open end of the mallet to stave off deformation a little longer. This is kinda that, although I was imagining something more like a steel or aluminum shim. Hadn't tried it yet because I've yet to solve the "this will become a sharpened blade after a couple weeks" problem. This is an interesting approach.

Cool DIY approach. I feel like most of us american dudes are just going with the unibody single capped mallets, and like to keep our open ends for scooping and dribbling stiff.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

We Romanian dude are going with the cheap and easy to install mallet heads. The pipe that I've used for this mallet costs less than $3 per meter, so each mallet head costs around 40 cents, which is insanely cheap. Nobody has a capped mallet (here in Bucharest) but on the other hand nobody scoops the ball. :)

Needs more hardware

What do you mean? I am not familiar with American polo jargon.

"Hardware" just means bolts, screws, nuts.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

buy a bowflex and some tae bo tapes on ebay. get swoll.