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Portland Polo Parts: The Second Coming

After four months of rejecting mallet heads from my old manufacturer, I found a new manufacturer for the Portland Heads. This is a new design with higher tolerances and a reduced weight, optimized for bottom mounting.


The mallets are about 78 grams (plus or minus one gram) undrilled. Due to this light weight, I don't recommend drilling speed holes in them. They are milled from solid UHMWPE in Electric Salmon. One end is open, one end is a left as a solid cap.

As before, they are 2.5” outer diameter and 5” long with interior ribbing at both ends and in the middle for strength. The middle rib is 1/8" wide for your bottom-mounting pleasure. Here is a cross-sectional view: http://portlandbikepolo.com/files/mallet-cross-section.jpg.

These are light mallets, so if your spirit animal is Thor riding the Incredible Hulk, you will break this mallet. If you smash the mallet into the ball instead of into the ground, the mallet will last for months.

Pricing depends on how many you buy:

1-2: $25 each
3-5: $24 each
6-8: $22 each
9+: $20 each
In Portland: $20 each (discount for saving me a trip to the post office)

Check out more info: http://portlandbikepolo.com/store
Order some heads: sales@portlandbikepolo.com


Whats the difference between the old design to this new one?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

The old design had a wide central rib on the inside. Since this turned out to not be a stress area, I reduced that rib down to 1/8" so that with a simple notch in the end of your mallet shaft, you could bottom mount with ease. This also had the benefit of reducing the overall weight!


"if your spirit animal is Thor riding the Incredible Hulk"

What if I told you it was the other way around?