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Mallet Head production

Mallet Head production

the attached foto is my current mallet head, in its former, undrilled state. i am curious to know what other players would like to see in future, unibody mallet head production. what works? whats in demand? what do the people want? the answers to these questions could potentially shape future offerings in the polo gear market.

Not trying to be too much of a dick here, but...

Why don't you tell us what manufacturing / design capabilities you can offer that Fixcraft, Northern Standard, Milk, Magic, Arena, St. Cago, Milwaukee, and Modifide cannot?

Apologies if you're associated with one of these guys or something and I don't recognize your name. But if you're trying to enter the market now, it's a pretty competitive market.

Edit: Double apologies if you're just doing a community poll on what kinda mallet stuff would be cool to see in the future, and you're not necessarily looking to produce the mallet yourself.

If that's the case, I vertical stabilizer fins that will use the air flow of my swing to straighten my mallet orientation as nears impact with the ball..

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what i may eventually be able to offer that those companies cannot is for another time. as for what those companies are capable of that i am not, there is very little. these companies started up in much the same way that i will be approaching this.

not associated with any of them, but unless they can obtain some type of material or manufacturing method i cannot, the market cant be that competitve. the road racing market is competitive, you arent gonna see any small manufacturers competing with shimano and sram on any high level of racing. this sport is on the come-up, and the market is just growing.

not a community poll, i was actually looking for folks to take this seriously.

and if you cant straighten your own swing out, that sounds like a problem the industry isn't gonna fix for you. practice makes perfect, at least somewhat decent.

I want tie dye.

And an app. Everything has an app these days. It should play a song when I score a goal.

Fun fact: You can dye UHMWPE heads with Rit dye. Just saying......

Laser guided. Sound effects. Built-in hand warmer. Oh yeah and make it so you can do drugs out of it.

Nick Kruse wrote:

Oh yeah and make it so you can do drugs out of it.

Once again, Chombo is ahead of his time.

Nick Kruse wrote:

Laser guided.

I've got some idea on that one...

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MalletHeadz, is that you?!

Crusher in Chief


Evidently just an extra-keen newbie. Perhaps they should have introduced themselves, and maybe "the answers to these questions could potentially shape future offerings in the polo gear market" is going a bit far. But they appear to be sincere, and it's dumb to give them this sort of shit for it.

To address the OP, there's a bunch of threads on this topic that already exist. You might start here: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/gear/mallets/2012/09/21/portland-heads..., and/or run a search.
It looks like you went a bit overboard with the wall thickness on that head (unless it's just the lip that's so thick). Weight should be around 100g or less for a 5" long head.

Extra keen is what he is. Has played with us a few times and loves building mallets and bikes. Skipped the easy mounting techniques and went strait for the spoke method. Is now skipping ABS/PVC and going strait for fancy milled heads.

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for me to say that "the answers to these questions could potentially shape future offerings in the polo gear market" is not going too far. i have access to manufacturing and a good knowledge of what goes into the creation of a good product. if everything goes according to my plans, i will be able to supply the market with a new polo head offering, and possibly some other new things. i have done research in every area possible, except for the actual customers. i should at least have prototypes available within a couple weeks, and once tested, move it into production. as for the mallet head in the photo, it is just 2.5" tube stock, undrilled. capless, and (not so generously)drilled the weight comes in around industry standards, a little on the heavy side. the walls are thick because it is unmilled, but it leaves a lot more room for drilling without weaking the material, and actually allows for a decently clean shot without a cap on the end. so yeah, i definitely dont need the unwarranted shit. we will meet on a court one day, im sure.

All those companies started with just some Guy who had the equipment and resources to make their own mallet heads right? Is it so hard to believe there is still someone who prefers DIY opposed to buying something they can reproduce?

in a mallet I'd ask for a stronger capped side honestly, after a few good solid his on a cold night/cold ball makes a little indent, when I was still using the yellow hdpe mallet heads and an eighth inch cap (nylon?) That thing was tough haven't used any other company made ones to compare it though.. And maybe a head that isn't all bored out and thin, then you could actually make speed holes that won't mess with structural integrity... Colors, I'll go for a tie die as well

Oh, and a true double capped head like the arena head, unibody, etc.

thanks for your sincerity

son of dumptruck? tell your dad I say 'hi,' haven't seen him in ages.

It think with the materials we're using there's a little room to play around with cross-sectional geometry, but I think the next design area where mallets may start to go is in two areas:

1) Textured striking surface - As the mallet and ball make contact, both structures deform slightly. It's great when you hit the ball right in the center, but how often are we off my some small percentage. I think one way to help with this may be surface features that add friction. Like having a properly chalked pool cue--it will forgive some error in your stroke.

Just a hypothetical. Might not be worth the added cost in manufacturing when a player can scuff up or add grip tape to mallet head surface.

2) Ready to play - Fixcraft's new cleat is probably going to change a lot of things in mallet design. More developments on basic assembly which are simple and sturdy are probably as important or more than any gimmick design element.

If however, you can replicate any of the existing tech at a lower price point, I'd encourage that over all else.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Also, 3-axis gyro stabilization for maximum smashing and banging. This remains my favorite combination.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

this site hasn't been this entertaining in months!

thanks! :)

stanley nod