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Playing on a bike other than a 700c or a Mountain bike.

Ok I had this crazy weird idea after dreaming about the perfect set up for a bike. A crazy idea dawned on me about playing on a BMX bike, uni cycle, trike, or anything other than a regular road or mountain bike. Like what about putting training wheels on the bike so when you tripod you wont have to hold your self up. Yes they are all ludicrous and do not support the purity and purpose of the sport. But this is what times have come to. People finding loopholes in the rules for such things. As of now I dont believe there are rules against such bikes. Where I play no one dares to even try to play on bikes other than the traditional bike we have always played on. If someone did they would most likely be asked to leave and come back with a better bike. This is just my opinion. Im saying this to see what people think about the rules and the future of people being dicks. This should go under the rule of dont be a dick.

I have played on both a BMX and a 20" folding bike in my early polo-ing days. The BMX was just plain inadequate, and the folding bike's frame snapped. I guess some people have tried playing polo on the Sillgey Piccolo, with mixed reviews (http://www.fixedgeartaiwan.com/wp-content/gallery/la-bike-polo/article_2...) but I, personally, am too large in the torso region to play on a bike which would make me look like a low-buck, uber-trashy circus performer.

Also, anyone that plays on a trike & still ends up dabbing should be permanently banned from bike polo IMO.

people finding loopholes....sigh. suggest they practice more instead...

shotgun your bike!

trikes and unis aren't bikes by very definition. nothing wrong with playing on those tiny bikes though. they have drawbacks of themselves.

What about pedi-cabs? Two pedi-cabs per side, each with two riders in back with mallets. 3-2-1 tricycle!


tall bike polo! for some reason I feel like Bellingham has done this...

shotgun your bike!

My friend Ricki used to play polo on his mini tall bike every once and a while. Fun and horrifying at the same time.

Toronto did this last year at Fall Ballin' when the tweed ride stopped by to check us out. It was exhilerating just watching them!

Stay on target!

One of the louisville guys, Ben, plays on a unicycle.