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Ryd Bikes, Havoc Frameset.




I was wondering if anyone on here has heard any real good, real bad about this company(Ryd Bikes) and more specifically their Havoc and Conflict framesets? Seems they cater to the FGFS scene. I've been having difficulty finding reviews out there.
They've got a frame on Ebay for $150'ish. I'd like to build up for my wife a polo rig/sunday ride with the kids kind of bike. Seems like a decent candidate. The biggest issue I see is weight, but given that she'll have a gear ratio somewhere between polo and normal it really doesn't bother her. I know spending more I could get a bike that comes stock with brake mounts, etc. but for the amount of use the built up bike will be getting just doesn't warrant that.
Thanks for any input and light shed my polo peers,

Its certainly cheap enough and doesnt look too unconventional, im sure itll do fine. Why not?

Get rad

My buddy Sean Campbell (now in NYC) plays polo on one. He likes it.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang