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700c Frame idea

700c Frame idea

It's my first project so I didn't even know how to start. Eventually started with putting down all the measurements of my Specialized Langster, the current polo frame, and then changed it.
What do you guys think?

Looks stable stan but not very aggressive. It all depends on your style of play,
i like my saddle to be pretty much over my rear hub, power goes straight down into it and makes wheelie pivots easier- just lean back and it will pop up. I also like a straighter angle on the headtube, makes nose pivots easier, i got this on my bike by putting a 26" on the front, you could change the angle if you want this. But as i said it depends on your own style of play

I tend to lean forward and for the most part, started to hop a lot recently (starting at LO '12 actually :)

375mm is really short for a polo fork with v-brakes...
If you brake it, it's going to be difficult to find a new one.
CX bikes have the kind of 700 fork that we should use, v-brakes plots, room for bigger tires (and mud) and larger rims.

If i would buy a custom frame, i'll try to make it around a fork that is easily available or with one that i already got (even if i ask for a new custom fork)

Problem is, I can't afford no easily available fork :(

What about the head/seatpost angle? Do you think it'll be stable? And toe overlap? enough space for that?


I would remove the bb drop, have no bb drop or a positive bb by about 5mm. That way you can run 175mm cranks with no pedal strike. A 75 degree headtube angle would also put you over the front end more. An important factor for your stability is the trail.

That high a bb would make you sit very high, not sure if that is desirable. Most bikes you see don't go over 300mm of bb height

Update :)

  • stanpolo3.jpg

Head tube at 76!? + 45mm rake = 40ish trail = jack knife. Aim for something between 55-70 trail.

First drawing was better, but I would put the seat stays higher for more rigidity in the seat cluster.

This sounds too professional to me!!! Had to change the fork, as fork production was impossible and I've got an all-city fork with pivots. It's got the 45 rake.

The point is that 76 is too steep. Whoever told you 74 degrees is not aggressive enough is incorrect, in my opinion. Take it back to what you originally had it at, make the seat stays meet the the seat tube at the same place as the top tube does. Use a fork with a 375-400mm A-C.

If you ask me.