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Current Joust owners!

The Fleetvelo website says that the Joust has longer dropouts for more versatility between playing/commuting ratios, but I'm looking for some actual numbers so I can purchase freewheels correctly (trying really hard to have all the parts ready and waiting when the frame gets here). I know a two tooth difference is pretty standard, but I'm hoping somebody on here has some experience with this. Get at me!

Mine is set up with a 6 tooth difference (16 to 22) and I think I might be able to get away with one or two more if there were actually freewheels of that size available.
The change is wheel position is drastic enough that your rear brake will need to be disengaged for one of them.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Awesome, thanks Rob.


35:22 and 35:13 but i am riding front brake only.

but with the 13t sprcockt the axle is at ther very end of the dropout. it the chain streches more Ill have to change to a 14t sprocket.
or change the chain. as I want to keep the pologuard a while...

35 x 16/18.

don't worry bout the dropout length so much as your chain

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