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where to buy a dodici polo club in the US

Does anybody know where can i buy a dodici cicli polo club anywhere in usa? Coghouse doesnt have them anymore. i found some on ebay, but none of them where size small (i am quite small, other sizes wont work for me)

I believe Leader is a distributor.

They don't have this frame on their website, but I sent them an email anyway just to be sure.
Anyone else know where can I buy it?

. nm didn't read through the whole post

what do you mean by that?

i originally posted that there are a bunch on ebay right now, i didn't see you already saw that and there aren't any small ones.

Is this not what you are looking for?


I mean, it was the second google result, so I must be missing something.

They have size small in black and green.

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It is precisely what I am looking for, but Dodici is in Milan, I am looking for some store in the US =/

Has anyone actually used these frames? Are they any good?

In googling for this guy, the ones on eBay are looking pretty cheap, but there is not a single review anywhere on the internet for them.

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i think marc and yorgo from france are using them. or at least, have been at some stage.

Wish I knew more about them. Looks like there's a decent chance to get one in my size on eBay for ~$200. That's less than a Marino, but I don't know if it's better than a Marino.

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a lot of my homies in northern italy (milano and vicenza) run dodici stuff for bike polo and otherwise. anecdotal, i know... but they're not a fly-by-night operation and apparently offer quality wares.

Both Diego and Miguel, my teammates out in Houston, ride on these, Miguel on a Small and Diego plays fixed on a Medium. They like em and play very well on them, bikes are solid and tough. Heres me riding Diego's

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Get rad

Ended up selling on ebay for <$150. I bet it's worth it, but I don't need a new polo bike yet. Looks fly.

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yeah i rode diego's at the denton tourney. it was on point but i already had the joust.
then i see them for dirt on ebay. ended up with a medium and a 135 spaced fork for 250.

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Marc from Cocorico broke his own.

ugh don't rain on my parade!

"rubber side down boys"

Ack yeah this is what I was curious about... how the aluminum would hold up.

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Marc from Cocorico broke his own.

I've been riding one for a couple of months now and i totally love it. only time can tell if it's tough enough.

I've had the Small one for more than a year, it held really well and I've grown to really like it. It's VERY small though, makes me look even shorter than I am. Also the 135mm forks are ridiculous, I never used them and had to get 700c forks cut shorter.


they do have a 100mm fork though.

yeah. either or.
well i guess coghouse doesn't want to up hold their sale on ebay... i won the auction for 202.00 on the frame and now they say they are out of stock. even though they reposted them after i won. shady.

"rubber side down boys"

They also listed the description for the Polo Club frame on the auction for the 9mm FGFS frame. This is pretty bush league.


report them to ebay. that's some bullshit right there.

ok so after i called them about those frames being reposted they told me they would call me back. so i waited around and checked their ebay and they immediately took down the postings for the three med frames. after about 30 mins i figured i would just call them back and ask if i could get the large they said was in stock when speaking with them earlier. i figured if they said no they're jerking me around and if that was ok then i guess they don't know how to keep inventory. so i got the frame and fork at that price, i guess they just can't keep their inventory inline.

oh well the lrg frame will work fine too. ill let you know what i think about it dudes.

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Good to know they weren't just fucking with you. This is gonna make my decision to not buy that thing even harder (since I'd be getting a Large anyway).

...and now they've got the Large up at $400 buy-it-now. Looks like they just got burned by putting it up as an auction and not setting a reserve.

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They said the lrg was the only one they had left. so i don't know if i would trust that auction... call first if you pull the trigger.

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you have to check which version. from what i understand the v1 is pretty bunk, the 2 is decent and the 3 isn't much different. but for 2 bills, can't beat it.
also, report the shit out of them. i used to have two shill ebay accounts to just hijack and over bid items when dudes would get shitty like that, but theyre banned.


How do we tell which is v1 and 2 and 3?

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Secondary Alex wrote:

How do we tell which is v1 and 2 and 3?

the new version is aluminium. i'm not sure which was the v1 or the v2, but the other is a steel version. unfortunately thats all i knows.

as far as i know:
v1: http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?p=2314
v2: http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?p=2352
V3 is the recent one this thread is about.I would love to see any of them as my own,they're rad!It's also interesting for me to observe the development and trends changing around polo bikes through Dodici's pieces.In Europe,at least.The v1,according to the pics was a frame with a tight track geo,nothing more,but beautifully executed.V2 featured v-brake mounts,and a slight sloping geometry and finally V3 is now made for 26' wheels with a bent seat tube.

frame and fork showed up! the 135mm fork is freaking nuts looking. i'll post some pictures when i get it together.

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Damn, jealous as now it seems these frames are kinda legit. If they had another Large up for that price, I'd bid on it for sure.

If for some reason that frame doesn't work out for you, hit me up...

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I'll let you know.

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