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wisdom on reverse brakes

I've been wondering what folks experience with reverse mounted brakes are? To me, they solve a problem that might happen maybe, sometime, if you're pretty unlucky. But also I can't really see what the drawback of having them would ever be except for folks in front of the grocery store asking too many questions.
Am I missing out on something? What are the deep complexities of brake post direction?

Loopy cable routing for the front brake (lefties and motolites excepted).
Do many people actually have experience with front brakes getting hit with mallets or wrecked in bike collisions? I'm tempted to dismiss this as a gimmick.

jeffj wrote:

Do many people actually have experience with front brakes getting hit with mallets or wrecked in bike collisions?


When I was riding 700c my bars twisted all the way around hard from a crash and pretty much snapped my brake caliper in half.

Sounds more like a frame and brake interference problem, one that would not be solved by the reversing of brake placement.

to solve this problem, these brakes are pretty good.

Or mini v brakes for more power. I run mini vs on my bruiser frame and fork and could barspin, if i didn't run an exterior cable.

The mini-v's I use miss the frame of my new Scrambler when I, inevitably, jack knife. The noodle doesn't quite clear the frame but it's a flexible one so it usually lives to play another day.

i ran an identical setup on my scrambler, and now even on my bruiser. Flex noodle has saved me more than once.

Brake booster might help as well?

We've had brakes calipers hit before but no damage was done. A few crashed where you have to adjust your caliper back by hand so it does not rub. Other than hardware protection I can't see much for this.

That and the 300% increase in braking power :P

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Ive got 'em reverse mounted on my forks so that I don't impale people if I crash. I run discs so they're always exposed and are non removable. It made sense to reverse mount 'em though this is a theoretical problem and probably not a problem in real life.

They're the normal way round on the rear of the bike, I didn't want to risk hitting my heels on a v-brake if I ever fitted one. plus I don't crash into people at speed whilst going backwards

What's the phrase... solution in search of a problem?

mo solutions mo problems.


as fuck.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

i opted to put them the normal way, when i travel i take off my handlebars and spin the forks around so they stick out less, and i want the brakes in the frame to protect them