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redline urbis

redline urbis

What about the urbis as a decent complete for polo? also available as a frameset. It looks like the complete is around $550.

The front disc is awesome, comes with 165 cranks on all but the large, 36h wheels, geometry seems ok to me.


more here

Cool bike, but if that BB-drop figure is correct then the BB is quite low for polo (272mm), and quite a slack headangle in the smallest size.

If you can live with that then for $550 it looks like a steal.

I'd be willing to bet that BB drop is someone's pasting fuckup.

Head Angle 71 72 73
Seat Angle 75 74 72
BB Drop 74 74 74

Also ... looks like a long reach caliper can work for a back brake.

Credo quia absurdum

Looks like it has some pretty decent clearance too!

Shit looks pretty good. Probably the closest thing ive seen to a polo ready off-the-shelf bike.

Chainring it comes with is a 36t, which is great. Often you gotta buy a new chainring (and possibly cranks to fit a small enough chainring) on lots of the other off-the-shelves that people have been posting up here.

Literally all this needs is a 22t freewheel, pull off the straps/cages and its good for polo.

There is no back brake....

There is no brake but front, and Muhammad is his prophet.

would be nice if it at least had mounting tabs on the back

Opinions: A front brake only frame doesn't appeal to a wide enough slice of the polo community. Those factory machine built wheels won't last. You'll need a new rear cog. That disc brake is probably a piece of shit. When's the last time you rode a nice Redline?

Agreed on the front brake demographic, though playing on them is awesome, especially disc. Everything else will probably last long enough for a few months of polo and certainly long enough to get other parts that fit what you want.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

For some reason Redline was ringing the "mongoose" bell in my head.

The Redline Monocog is a sweet frame and a decent polo frame.

Monocog is a lot of fun, I do find it a little strange that there is no rear brake option but I've started playing with a disc on the front and a fork that looks pretty similar to this and it works pretty well.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

A friend of mine uses and Urbis Nox as a fixed freestyle frame and has played polo on it a few times. The geometery put you in a great position and the price is right.

So is anyone using this bike currently?

I was thinking of picking one of these up. The "Urbis" not the "Urbis Nox".

I have one, finally got to play some on it over the holidays after having it since last memorial day. I upgraded the brake lever and caliper, put a disc guard on it, better freewheel and bigger tires. It came with 35c's on it and i went up to 38c's, its about as big as it will go in the back but still has a little more room in front. It was my first time playing front brake only and with a disk at that. wasn't terrible.

The only upgrades that i think would be helpful would be replacing the rims or the wheelset, so damn heavy. and maybe later on the cranks.

Not a bad polo bike and they can usually be found pretty cheap.


In that picture it doesnt have the disc guard on it, i was still trying to make it fit when i took the picture.

  • IMG_1108.JPG

nice Matt. I'm still thinking about what bike I'm going to pick up, this is one on my list. I dont have a lbs were I can test one out so any info would help. Im 5'6" so im thinking the small is a go size, but im not sure 44"S to 50"M frame is a pretty big jump. How tall are you and what size do you ride? How is the handling on the court, at speed and slow moving around the net/corners? Do you get any toe overlap or pedal strikes? I know just looking at the Urbis I would want to put a 22t freewheel and a rear brake on it. Is there anything besides the wheels that you would change on it?

Yea the wheels would be about it, maybe change the cranks. No toe overlap even with the bigger tires. I'm 5'10" and have a 32" inseam and I have the Medium frame. To put a rear brake on it, it would be better to have a framebuilder weld on disk tabs or v brake mounts. I had a road caliper brake on there and had to run long reach to fit, but then to get the back wheel off i would have to let the air out. Handles very well at low speeds, first bike i have had with a higher front end. Its no custom polo frame/bike but it does well.

Hope that helps


Thanks Matt. Yes it does help but it only makes my decision harder. Im so torn.

I just wrote a review on my 2011 Redline Urbis over at lancasterpolo.com. Overall, I'm quite happy with the bike:


I play on my redline, I replaced the brake with a bb7 so now I can stop :)

I got a cheap 22 freewheel for the rear and that works great. I think its a bit heavy but for now learning it's been great and can take a real beating.

I play on my redline, I replaced the brake with a bb7 so now I can stop :)

I got a cheap 22 freewheel for the rear and that works great. I think its a bit heavy but for now learning it's been great and can take a real beating.