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FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek

FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek
FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek
FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek
FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek
FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek
FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek
FBM Bike Co Polo Specific Frame, sneak peek

After about a year of begging Steve Crandall and dozens of emails and phone calls with Mike Erb, we finally got it. This first prototype goes to Nick Vaughan, hopefully I'll have one sometime soon. Keep your eyes out for this bike at North Americans and Worlds, you are encouraged to find Nick and try it out and let us know what you think. This frame was hand made in Ithaca NY on the Sword jig with some tweaks. A higher bottom bracket for less pedal strike while turning, slacker head tube angle for minimal toe overlap, shorter chain stays, long drop-outs for gearing options, v-brake bosses, Cinelli cable guides, longer top tube, clearance for 38mm tires and shorter wheelbase. This pictured frame does not include a gusset at the down tube but future ones will. I cannot say when this will be in full on production but hopefully by fall you can order one, don't ask me how much they will cost, I don't know. I can tell you this is a gorgeous bike and the ride is incredibly nice. We do not have an official name for the frame yet though all of us in RVA have been referring to it as the Battle Axe. Please feel free to spread the word about this frame by reposting these photos and feel free to quote me. THIS IS A PROTOTYPE*

Nice. I have always been a huge fan of FBM.

Do it for Albert St.

I love my FBM Sword!! it has been great fixed and free!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Nice! Can't wait to see this at InterBike!

It is fucking awesome!
In the picture the bike is on 32s with PLENTY of room for a bigger tire or up to a 38. I switched out to some 28s today and the bike told me that it loved me and would care to be intimate with me. I'm not a very sciency person but the geometry and science of this bike are awesome. All of the folks at FBM took all of the input that we gave them and then were all like "we are going to build a fucking awesome bike" the attention to detail shows in a very real way. To put this in the perspective i have heard two TWO strangers that I will assume and say have no clue about bikes say "WOW" Ian "i hit it i hit it" Dunwiddie said " This is how I want to feel on a bike" I will not say what the bike shop owner where the bike was shipped had to say as it may not be well received.
I would say "ALUMINUM...DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH ALUMINUM TUBING?" but its steel. Strong ass steel bro. Columbus numium? Sean help me out here. Steve said that since they switched to this tubing on all of there BMX frames that there have only been 2 broken frames, and you do not even want to know what those kids are doing to their bikes.
Charts and graphs anyone? See above.
To sum up... This may be the finest bike I have ever owned. It is certainly the prettiest. I am stoked to have this opportunity.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Hahahaha, reading this made my head hurt...in a good way...like watching old FBM bmx videos. That's really fucking awesome...I'm glad they are treating you guys well. If this bike doesn't cost $600 more than I can afford, like their Sword frame, I may have to purchase one someday.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

haha! Nick is a little excited, so am I! FBM Bikes are built with SuperTherm Steel made by the American company True Temper same tubing specs as their incredibly strong BMX bikes

Top Tube 1-3/8" O.D.
Double Butted SuperTherm
Down Tube 1-1/2" O.D.
Double Butted SuperTherm
Seat Stays 3/4” O.D. x 0.035" Wall
4130 Chomoly
Chain Stays 3/4” O.D. x 0.049" Wall
4130 Chomoly

SuperTherm from True Temper is a proprietary superthermophillic (heat-loving) alloy, developed in partnership with the U.S. Steel Alliance. The composition of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium with an unprecedented 217 ksi ultimate tensile strength makes this alloy actually gain strength through a metallurgical transformation in the heat-affected zone as a result of welding or brazing. SuperTherm is highly temper-resistant, resulting in an 11% increase in fatigue life and a 20% increase in impact strength heat treated 4130. The increased mechanical properties of SuperTherm allow for incredibly strong, yet lightweight frame designs with that legendary feel of steel ride quality.


You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Awesome! Fat Bald Men!!!

i like this alot. it is neat...

everything you have heard about me is true

just curious, will they ever make a version for 26" wheels? since they are way stronger.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

x2 on this. I'm in the market but I love my 26".

Looks really solid.....

interestingly enough they do make a 20" version which is even stronger than 26". You guys should try one of those

This bike looks fun, I want to give it a try.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

full specs
Headtube – 4130 Chromoly, CNC Machined – 1-1/8” Integrated Headtube – Campi Style
Top Tube – True Temper OX Platinum 1-1/8”OD x 0.039”wall
Down Tube - True Temper OX Platinum 1-1/8”OD x 0.039”wall
Seat Tube – True Temper Versus 28.5mm OD, single butted 0.9mm / 0.6mm wall, for 27.2mm seat post
Bottom Bracket – 4130 Chromoly, euro, 68mm wide
Seat Stays – 4130 Chromoly 5/8”OD x 0.035”wall
Chain Stays – 4130 Chromoly Ovalized 30mm/18mm, single butted 0.9mm / 0.6mm wall, tapered to ½”OD
Dropouts – 4130 Chromoly, 3/16” thick, laser cut
Dropout Spacing – 120mm

BB height?


MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

Personally prefer 26" but the specs on this in terms of both sizing, angles, and materials looks superb.

luckily there is an already established polo specific bike that is designed for 26" wheels. This is not.

What, are you talking about the Surly 1x1, cause those things are dope!?!

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

hopefully FBM's going to have one up here in august at our FCI to check out. hint hint.

Had a chance to take it for a spin at NAs. Love it!!!

x2! The fork is sooo sexy.
I want one for a townie bike.

hey teammate! ::wink, wink::

my photos from NAHBPC http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?p=2306

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

thanks Doug, I'll look into that for you Matt I don't see why that should be too bid of an issue to get

Any updates on this? Going to need a new frame in a month or two...

hey Im glad you brought this up. Prototype No. 2 (mine!) will be ready by Sept 21 for interbike. The tubing will be thicker walled supertherm, the cable guides will be on the bottom of the top tube, the fork will be straight gauged as opposed to tapered to avoid flex and will allow room for a 38mm tire, and lastly there will be a gusset on the downtube. The official production release of this frame will not be until early Spring of 2011 but FBM has agreed to do a short run of a handful of these frames in November. If you are serious about purchasing one please send me an email as most of these one offs have dibs called on em already. I'll keep this updated

message sent

thats my team mate!!! you gettin me one too?

I dont know if I like the front v brake, I too run only front break and Im not sure how it would feel. too much?


Its probably fine, its all about getting used to how hard you can get away with pulling it.

Learning to endo stop will teach you the very limit of that. There's other things you can do like toeing in the pads which will help give you more modulation and better feeling of an in between of slowing down and flipping over the bars.

Front v-brake only=the shit!

Its super awesome! Modulation modulation modulation. You will wonder how a caliper ever stopped you.

Seriously Chris DO IT

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Personally I am a big fan of the beefier 26 inch frames and think most MTB's are designed for slower cornering and control so would like to see some framebuilders look into their geometry a little more. also my biggest problem with these is the high top tube. Why arent we all aiming for a nicely sloped top tube or more step-through style frame to keep from getting racked when wrecking and also to make it easier to pass your mallet over to the other side when reaching around for the ball?

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

cuz we all reach over our other arm, not under it.

...Have a friend who plays on a womens step-through frame out here and he can get to the ball much faster under his left arm over the frame when the ball is up on the fence...just saying its handy...not to mention the not racking yourself as easily.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

cool beans cojak! build one and sell it, Im not going to.

"traditional" frames have stronger triangles.

Welcome to Costco, I love you... FBM isn't going to sell something that doesn't work for it's assigned application and put they're name on it. There is a reason why this frame is taking 2 years to develop, we tried the original Sword frame and it was nice to play with as is, but it needed some changes. Some of those changes were applied to the first prototype and now we realize they can be improved upon even more while maintaining the same price. If you want a frame for 26" wheels, PLEASE go ahead and design, build, manufacture, and sell one on your own. Or better yet, try a Joust, they are AWESOME for polo, I love mine. This is not, nor will ever be a 26" wheeled frame. Maybe, if time and money is right, some day down the road we can design a new jig and sell yall an FBM polo bike that is designed for 26" wheels, I would be ecstatic. But until then, do me a solid and take your 26" concerns out the door, I don't really care to hear about them here. And BTW, with the exception of a three month stint of playing on an IRO Rob Roy SS Cross Bike, I have ALWAYS played on a 26" wheeled bike since 2004. So don't call me biased based on that, this frame just really sets the bar for those who prefer to play on a 700c bike, (in my humble and definitely correct opinion).

[snap] [snap] [snap]

carve. smash. eat shit.

It's official. I'll be jamming one of these for 2011.

Bottles you monster- were you around when we were discussing this in hushed tones?

This may be the one that sends me over the hill to 700s. Love the stiffness of the Bruiser but still want Vs... I don't care how many wizards can dial their U brakes.
I'm also going for a bit more research into this True Temper caloro-philic steel... sounds too crazy to be true.

I wasn't. Should I have been?

Come to the 700 side. It's where the legends are.

do any of these live in the NW? it'd be cool to spin it

How is the toe overlap on this ride? Beautiful bike. I'm looking forward to seeing one in person.

I have heard it is much less then the regular FBM Sword? not sure if that helps much but thats what I know.

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

So how can I get one of these?

Yah I think I may retire my sword when the new one comes out and weld some s&s connecters. I hope they make it in green again!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

FBM Ballista- 700c Polo Specific Frame (beta)

Front and rear brake
56cm FBM Ballista frame and fork in Iroc Blue
48h Profile Racing Polo hubs laced to 700c Sun Rhyno Lite Rims, 4X Double Butted DT Swiss Spokes, Michelin Pilot Sport 32mm tires
18t White Industries Trials freewheel
36t Profile Racing Sprocket
KHE Hollow Pin Halflinks chain
Profile Cranks 175 length, hollow cro moly spindle w sealed cartridge BB
spd pedals
Thomson Elite Seatpost, Italia Flight Saddle, Deluxe seatpost collar
Thomson 6 bolt BMX stem
FBM Cease & Desist integrated headset
Atom Lab DH riser bars, Odyssey 2 Finger Trigger lever, Oury Grips, lock on alum bar ends by Proper
Avid Arch Rival V-Brakes, Problem Solvers Cable Doubler





looks pretty sick.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Looks shit hot!

But isn't that a short pull lever with v brakes (long pull)?
How does that work? Is it not too spongey?

Totally jealous.

Where did you get those hubs?
I want some.

fuck ur face


you can get em on their online store, I was lucky to get a hook up with profile through FBM (they are pretty damn expensive). The axle on my rear hub is a 7mm hex bolt though, not a 3/8" track axle like they show in the pictured ones. I don't know if they were extra or what but the hubs are really nice

maybe i need to learn to read better, but i can't find a price anywhere. is there a determined price yet for frame and fork?

No your right man, we haven't announced a price yet. The idea was to match the price of a Sword frameset at $700 retail but it might cost a little more because these frames are more difficult to build and have some necessary extra features. I'll keep everyone updated on the painstakingly slow process of getting this bike into production. I was expecting to have around a half dozen of thes things in action by now

I cant wait to get my hands on one of these frames.

The should be making all polo bikes with s&s couplings on them!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

nice hit, bro! I'm feelin the bmx components and might I add this bike's colorway is a new direction for you too. can't wait to see this ride in person

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

It looks close, what kind of toe clearance do you have there?



Just a heads up to anyone out there who is curious as to the progress of this frame and how to get one. We're working on getting this bike into production and theres some stuff we need to finish before these Ballista frames are available, production will depend upon when a final design, sizes, colors, and graphics are agreed upon within FBM and then when it can be fit into the schedule at the machine shop. It's a slow process. The Retail price was intended to be $700, the same as the Sword, but may be higher because there is a lot more work that will be going into the Ballista frame than goes into the Sword. Once these matters are settled I'll try to get back to you personally and the frame can be purchased through your local bike shop, have them email me and I will get back to them with everything they need to know to set up a dealer account it is easy and free, this can be done at any time to ensure that you can order a frame through your shop as soon as they are available. I will update this thread as I get more information and get back to you guys through email to answer any questions as best I can. Cheers, see you on the court.
-Sean McCormick

Shit looks great I want one.

any update on these? i'm assuming this summer would be too optimistic a target for woning one.

I sent Sean an email earlier today so hopefully we get a little more info.

Status? Anyone???

Called about one. Four months before they could even consider making one, at this point. Workload is too big and they only have two framebuilders.

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

by the time they release it, it'll be out of date! come on guys!

polo bruiser ftw!

Man... What a sad story.

So much potential, so much excitement.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Agreed, but on the semi-plus side, they added a custom frame section to their site recently: http://fbmbike.co/custom-frames/custom-track-single-speed/
Adding vbrake brazeons is an option for their bikes, with custom geometry, which could easily be reproduced with this. Price is steep to be sure though.

yeah no kidding. 1550 starting price for a bike made of standard 4130? yikes.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Seeing as the new 2013 FBM Sword is coming out really soon, I was wondering if anyone knew if they were going to go ahead with the polo version?

There will be more info about this very soon...

I've been hurt before...

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Here it is. More info and photos will be posted this week. Koyo and I have been riding these for about three weeks now. It's the best polo bike I've ever ridden.

  • IMG_1131.jpg

if they have a frame for under $700 i'll buy it right now.

Yep, if it competes with the Bruiser, I'm all in.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

the price is TBD at this point, but it will likely be competitive with what others are offering

What's the official name? The "Polo Sword?"

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang


I've been waiting for this day since forever

evan, let me know the fork price when you know.

You got it. The fork will be available separately at the same as the frame. Disc and V compatible, the production version will likely have removable/threaded posts. Price is still TBD.

  • IMG_1125.jpg

Do you think they'll be offering a rotor guard that's compatible with the fork as a bundle?
That'd be a sweet deal.

that's not something that is currently being considered. I do recommend the guard pictured in the photo. It's called the Boner Guard, it's made by a local fabricator Garth L'Esperance.

I'm currently using the max power guard, and it's pretty great. With all the different forks, and all the different style guards, I'd just want something compatible. Don't want to have to weld tabs on to a brand new fork.

That's precisely why I use Garth's Boner Guard. He has two models that both bolt onto the caliper mount of the fork. I've used both guards with a number of forks. The only additional hardware they require is longer caliper mount bolts to fit the guard.

Winter? Come ooooooooon man! There is clearly a market here!

Really. 3 years in the making and it'd be super tight if it dropped by worlds.

Pre-Worlds timeline would be amazing! Best time to sell them too. Great, and free, exposure.

Lots of bike companies have bikes you can check out at large events. It's great marketing for them. They get a potential customer in the saddle, and they get to ride the bike for a day. Even if they don't have a large batch done by Worlds, they should definitely bring some to Worlds, and let people ride them. In general, this would be good for all the polo bike manufacturers. If you don't have a presence at Worlds, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I hear what you guys are saying and the FBM people are listening too, but production for this new bike has to be worked into a busy schedule of frames, forks, and all the other things they already make. Please keep in mind they're working their hardest to get this out and available for everyone as quickly as possible. Winter is not a final production time frame, we'll know more specifically in a few weeks.

If anyone wants to check the bikes out NAs and Worlds we'll be there with our FBMs and your welcome to check em out and give em a cruise then.

There are photos and more info posted on our blog at http://assassinsbikepolo.com/blog/

FBM handmakes these frames in a small shop with small batches. This bike is definitely secondary to their legendary BMX frames. You gotta wait a bit for real hands to make these things.

the wait's shitty, but at least they aren't taking pre order money to fund their operation and then not delivering for a year like a bunch of other companies are doing these days, across a variety of industries.

Looking at this thread makes me feel a lil better that at least I haven't been waiting 3 years for this frame to drop. Still, if I could snatch one up right now I would no doubt

Pre-order is up along with geometry charts and other cool stuff, check it out on the FBM site.


Ordered hours ago. Is it February yet?

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

For those of you that were asking, the Ballista fork is available for pre-order separately. It can be had with v-brake posts, disc tab, or both. All the measurements are listed on the link below.