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Paul Motolite V-brakes for sale or trade

So I bought these like new Paul Motolite V-brakes. They're rad, but I decided I'd rather have them on my touring bike. Welp, they won't comply with my 27" wheels.

Now I don't need them. One brake hasn't been used. The other I used as my front brake, which did travel with me to Europe. Those two brake arms have some gentle scratches from getting repacked poorly by TSA.

These brakes retail about $120. I'm selling the pair (yes, front and rear) for $180 shipped. But I'm also willing to trade. So get at me: crlosciale@gmail.com

I will include the (four) Thin Line brake pads, two of which I used in Europe. The other two are fresh.

dog i say step into the future and get some 700c wheels for your touring bike. 100x the tire selection AND you get to use your sweet paul brakes.

but whatever, im not your mom.

That doesn't help me, Brian. That requires I spend another $200 on wheels (when these 27s are already new) and another $60ish on tires.

No thanks.



And actually, the Pauls didn't work on my Le Tour Luxe because the pads were hitting high, striking the tire. So getting 700s (smaller), would exacerbate the problem.

I've determined this bike was designed exclusively for cantis.

well then you should have removed the canti posts, and had new ones reattached.

also, $700 phil cranks. 1x8 with paul keeper.

very reasonable