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Low rake steel segmented polo fork
Low rake steel segmented polo fork

Hey dorks,

I've made a couple of these for friends around town. They are low rake forks built with the idea to retrofit them onto the sturdy full-rigid mountain bikes of yesteryear. They make a pretty big difference in jack-knife-ability. Should be a good match with any bike that has a current axle-crown measurement around 400mm or 15 3/4".
These are 1" threadless, 1 1/8" is on the way.
25mm rake.
390mm axle- crown.
1" threadless.
v-brake posts for 26" wheels.
All 4130 steel.
Custom dropouts with flange inside the leg so junk doesn't rub.
Semi-flat black (talk to me about color).
$200, down to haggle.

Love you. Sorry about the spam,
d.larkout at gmail

P.S. I want to work on some 700c stuff but nobody in town rides that. Need test monkeys.

you're telling me nobody in santa cruz rides 700c for polo?! ludicrous.

srzly. Nobody else on 26"? Are we fucking dim?
Anyway, 700c is going to happen, happening, whatever. Everything is going to happen. Early birds get the worm, don't be shy.

i ride 700c

looking for a fork, sort of..

brynrk wrote:

i ride 700c

looking for a fork, sort of..

Same here, and I need a 1" threadless 700c fork.

i am also looking for a fork and agree that 26 inch is fucking stupid.

emoxfag wrote:

26 inch is fucking stupid.

took this to a WHOLE nother level.