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48h Soma hub fixed/free laced to Velocity B43 700c

Soma 48h hub laced to a 48h Velocity B43 rim. The hub is fixed/free and I will include the EAI fixed cog that is already threaded on. The rim is NOT MACHINED and because of its shape, running a brake on it would probably not work all too well. But you're welcome to try! The wheel is perfectly true and is in great condition. Would work great for those of you rocking the single front brake set up these days!

I am asking $150 shipped. The wheel will be packaged professionally at my local bike shop!

E-mail me for photos of the wheel: arnoldfrancisco1@gmail.com


running a brake on these rims is fine. i have two, and the pads wear their own braking surface into them. not a problem. occasional squeak as you wear them in though.

Little less braking power from my opinion but I havent died yet while machining my two rims.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

as they're being broken in, then i agree. but once the surface is good, they're pretty much the same.