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For Sale • Wheel Set -Velocity DeepV by Origin 8 • $300.00 (or best offer)

Both Wheels
Stars Graphics by Origin8
Origin 8 Sealed-Bearing Front Hub
Origin 8 Sealed-Bearing Rear Hub
Fixed 18T Cog
ACS Claws - 18T Freewheel

For Sale:
Velocity 700c DeepV by Origin8 wheelset.
$300.00, or best offer.

This wheelset was purchased, brand new, from a bike shop in Los Angeles, CA in 2010 right before the "Winter Picnic II - Bike Polo Tournament".
I have never broken a spoke or have had the cones come loose.
They are equipped with Origin8 sealed-bearing hubs and the rear is equipped with a 18T fixed Cog and a ACS "Claws"- 18T Chromoly Freewheel.
Everything is in perfect working order, rims are straight with no hops. A few scratches, but that is to be expected after 2 years of bike polo.
I am selling these only because I upgraded to 48H Chukkers, and I could really use the money.
If you want to save on shipping charges, find me at upcoming tournaments.

price drop to $150. any takers?

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