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buy my polo bruiser frame with disc.

I am starting this thread for selling polo bruisers. Whatever version you have, these bikes are great for those wanting to get a bike for polo that is made to withstand the stresses of the game. So, show your polo bruiser off and see if you are interested in buying one.

I'm selling mine (BUY IT NOW) for a cheap price. It's a Medium (about a 57cm top tube) v2 with a disc brake weld on the front fork.

$450 for frame, fork with caliper/housing, headset and half link chain/seatpost bolt. I am including the DIA Tech Magic U Brakes and the componentry to get it installed on this frame so you can have a U brake for the back wheel and a disc brake on the front, or just two u brakes if you'd like. The caliper for the Disc front is included (bb7).


email me at nukelearjet @ Hotmail dot com if you are interested (basically the email that contacts me through my profile on the forum).

askng 350 now

x2 for the hotmail account.

email sent.

I'm not a slayer, I just crash a lot.


Max did you ever sell this?

Yup he did, the frame now lives in the mitten.

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