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xsmall frameset wanted - any advice on a frameset for someone 5'2"?

Alright poloverse, I need your advice and your xsmall frameset if you have one to sell.

The xs bruiser felt fantastic (thanks DC Meg for lending out your bike!) but $500 is more than I can spare for a frameset right now. Anyone have opinions on the IRO Mark V HD? It's specifically designed for smaller riders, but how does it hold up on the polo court? I also found a small all-city 2010 freestyle frame for $250, but with a 47cm seat tube (compared to the bruiser's 40cm) I suspect it may just be to big.

In any case, your input on extra small frames is wanted and welcome - framesets or even fully built bikes for sale even more so. And just about anything would be better than the Kona stuff I'm riding now....

surly cross check comes in a 42cm or 46cm

my wife (5'0") is riding Joust 430.

yoyogi park at 16th, Jan, 2010.

I'm also riding that. (I'm 5'3.5")

I think that it is a good choice though this somewhat exceeds to your budget.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
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I ride a 24" kids specialized hardrock mountain bike and I love it to pieces. It was pretty easy to convert, especially if you found one with v brakes, mine unfortunately had u-brakes and had to have some posts welded on, but that's a different story. You can easily convert it to a single speed, and figure out a ratio that works for you. I had my dropouts ground out a little bit so I had some more play with different ratios, and you might want to make a chainring guard, get skinny tires, etc. Most of the stuff on my bike is stock, and I've dropped MAYBE 70 bucks on it? Bought the bike originally for $15...and it's bombproof.

The mark V HD is a great, reasonably durable frameset, though not as strong as something like the bruiser. It's pretty hard to get your hands on one- iro hasn't had them in stock for a long time.
Have you looked at the redline monocog? It's pretty polo-ready out of the box, and you should be able to pick one up complete for under $500.

Mon--Carrie's selling her SS black steel MTB, it'd be pretty legit for polo. A 24" BMX cruiser would be legit for you SHAWTY

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

How tall are you? I have a small polo bike ready to go that I am selling for $250 it has got a beefy stem a duel lever and bashguard, the wheel is a flip flop which has been great at tournaments because I can just flip the wheel and run it fixed at a more pleasant ratio. It has been good to me. You may want a different fork I got a Surly Steamroller fork too.

Max Power Cylcles from Karlsruhe, Germany, have an xs frameset as well. Great polobike. I ride a size s frame and I am really happy with it. They are not the cheapest, but very well built.. Check out http://www.maxpowercycles.de/.

I ride an 15" Fuji Odessa(I'm 5'6" and like a small polo bike). It has a drop top tube so I have plenty of room on top of it. I build the bike around the frame, so the straight fork with a ton of spacers really makes the geometry almost magical. The only bittersweet about the build is the super low BB. Even though my five hole is miniscule, I get pedal strike if I am not careful(even though I run 172.5). All this adds up to a very nimble stable bicycle close to the ground. The bike is surely not suited for everybody, but I haven't ridden anything I like better(also I have gotten very used to it over time).

Our club has(and might be willing to sell) an extra frame similar to this if you were interested. I'd have to talk it over with our treasurer first, but right now, its just sitting in the garage.

At any rate, good luck in your search.