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time atacs vs. shimano spd

Thinking about going clipless, tried them out at a very relaxed day at polo with some of our group at NAH. I have SPD's on my bike now, since thats what I use for cross, but I was wondering what is recommended/preferred for polo?

I've only every used SPD's, but I've been told Time Atacs are better for polo? just looking for other opinions on this.

The issue with the SPD's I've been having has been with hopping, it will sometimes unclip, I tightened them some more and it doesnt happen as much, but it will still unclip.

I still want to be able to get out of them quickly though so i dont want them too tight..

anyway, what do you ride, pros and cons of each.. etc etc..

I ride the spd system on my mountain, road, commuter, track, and polo bikes. Having never ridden the Time pedals for extended periods, one could say I am partial, but still I havent found any major disadvantage in spd or nearly enough reason to change.
Geeked on finding some shimano DX pedals with the roomy platform for riding to the bar in flats though!!
As always, both companies offer a range of platformed/ nonplatform pedals to make your decision harder. SPD's are probably more common if you wanted to hop on someone else's bike and the brass time cleats will wear out faster unless your shoes are fully recessed.
There are endless adjustments you can make to your clipless set-up. Play with the placement and angles of the cleat. It will make a huge difference with dialing in how you want to clip out.
ie; If you set it up crooked but loose, you still might have to twist your foot uncomfortably to disengage.
good luck

X2 to placement and angles of the cleat being a very important factor. Also, new cleats are so much better than old cleats.

oh my god time atacs. you want in on the club dont you? i'll teach you the fucking handshake.

tried them both. Time for the win


I ride Time with platforms (can't remember the name right now) and wear DZR Link Lime.
I started with spd mountain pedals of some sort and would wear sidi mtb shoes.

When I switched to spd (after riding flats) I hated it.
Feet would pop out during play accidentally (hopping, in goal, beginning of sprints, etc)
In response to this, I would tighten and then wouldn't be able to clip out at all.
Also, the pedals themselves didn't seem to hold up, small screws would fall out, axles bending, general weirdness that made my life a pain.

When I switched to Times I noticed that:
clipping out would happen when I wanted it to, with ease, and never when i didn't want it to.
you can switch the cleats around to make it harder to clip out, and on top of that you can angle the cleats to make it even harder. options!
the pedals are durable. I have had the platform Time pedals for something like 6 months, maybe as many as 9?, and they are still holding strong.
the only weirdness I'm starting to have is creaking, which apparently is fairly common and you can read about it if you want (http://forums.mtbr.com/drivetrain-shifters-derailleurs-cranks/time-atac-...)

Oh, also the pedals aren't amazingly compatible with the dzr shoes I have, the shoes are too recessed (who would of thought that would be a problem!) but I have a spd washer under the cleat to raise it up which fixes the problem. So maybe another thing to consider is what type of shoe/pedal you'll be rocking.

shotgun your bike!

Get with the Times.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I've used the same pair of Shimano PD-M515 for commuting and polo for about two years. I didn't buy them new, they were used when I bought them. No problem with them mechanically. I did use some spd platforms (PD-M424) for about six months to regain some confidence after crashing way too much for a while. They wore out fast. Switched back to the little 515s when I got some stiffer shoes and things feel pretty good. BUT I do find it hard to get the right amount of tension on the retention mechanism so that un-clipping is confidence-inspiringly predictable. I have had many moments un-clipping when I didn't want to, perhaps because I set them in such a way so that I never have any moments when I cannot un-clip when I REALLY NEED TO. I often wonder if the Time Atacs would be the solution, but for now it's a matter of the problem doesn't yet justify the cost. Yet. (My other bike also has SPDs.)

I'm curious as to whether Time's cleats protrude less from the sole of a shoe? Say, for example Chromes (since DZRs seem to swallow up almost anything).

spds seem unpredictable when they release when pulling. times feel way more predictable. wish i switched sooner.

I started playing polo on SPD single release cleats (skipped straight over the multi-release cleats, not recommended for hopping at all).

But I found myself coming out of the pedals when I didn't want to, so I switched to time.

Time have been much better for polo. I find it easier to release when I want to, and I don't unclip when I don't want to. The only thing I would say that in crashes I find sometimes it's hard to get the angle to unclip, meaning I've falled on my hip more with Time.

But also one thing to consider is, do you really want to mix and match systems. When I went Time, I also switched all my other bikes to Time, so I could use the same shoes.

I've used them with Chromes (some crunching on the floor, but I did walk in them a lot), DZR Mambas (no problem), and Mavic Alpine (also no problem).

I'm sure some of you know what you're talking about, but it seems like a lot of you have no idea that Shimano have two different cleat systems, which are:

Single Directional: You need to move your heel to the side to clip-out.
Multi Directional: You need to either move your heel to the side or to move the heel up

It seems like it would explain a lot of you unclipping unintentionally.

I use single direction release. When I was faced with the options the multi release option seemed obviously the wrong choice. I did however, in my early naive clipless days, accidentally buy some SPD cleats that were "zero float". Tightened up the pedals to compensate for the all too easy unclipping, but then spent more or less a whole tournament rubber side up while still attached to the pedals.

I played with SPDs for a while before finally switching to Time atacs. I had the same problem with clipping out unintentionally. One of my major problems was I found it harder to clip back in when I was in a rush than I do with the atacs. I'm sure in time it would have been second nature but that learning curve was much shorter for the time atacs. I also like that there's no adjusting the atacs. There are two angles to choose from for clipping out and after that you just get used to it. I've heard that the older atacs are sturdier than the newer ones, so I bought a used pair off of ebay for like $30. I know that pricepoint has sales on the time pedals frequently. The cleats are expensive (around ~$20) so sometimes the deals they have on pedals are amazing.

Where's the Crankbrothers love?

Mine are getting loose but I swapped left and right and will report later. With a year on them however I am proud to say I am still in love with these sexy things!

Edit: Flipped cleats. Everything is amazing again. I love these.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Destroyed my crankbrothers pedals in about about 2 months of polo usage. As I can tell they are just not built for the abuse or style of abuse bike polo puts on them. I also went through about 4 sets of cleats in 2 months in an effort to stay clipped in. By the time I finally switched to SPDs I was unclipping while jousting about 70% of the time and constantly unclipping while trying to hop.

I definitely do not recommend crankbrothers for bike polo. SPDs have treated me so much better.

I used to ride SPDs and I was taking gnarly falls nightly because I had them so tight to prevent unwanted clip outs. A club mate told me I should switch over to times and I resisted at first because how much of a difference could it possibly make? It makes a fuck ton of difference, that's how much. And that's a standard fuck ton, not a metric fuck ton. Times all the way.

i clipped out too easy with time, switched back to spd, and i love it. easy, adjustable, and cheap

Went with times and additionally made these

Old beat up bike shoes from a friend $10
High tops found at Goodwill $6.99
Cleats $20

Gutted the old bike shoe, till only hard sole was left.
Took out sole of hightops and cut a hole in the bottom of the shoes for the cleat placement.
Gorilla glued hardsole inside hightops

Tested them out a bit, they feel good, though since it's my first time riding on times, it felt really awkward clipping out.. hopefully that gets easier.. I've been just sitting on my bike inside clipping in and out just to get the motion and muscle memory down.. may not go all in right to polo on times just yet.. i'll practice with them first for a bit..

I did the same thing with some Adidas skate high tops, I didn't even use glue, tying them somewhat tight and the right size plate from the former bike shoe is enough, also the recess is way better than any clipless shoe I've ever bought, I feel like I'll never have to buy cleats again, and being thrift store shoes they were only 4 bucks, I love diy