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Left Hand Drive

So i've got myself a bitchin new polo bike with splined bb/cranks/chainring that allow me to run a left hand drive setup if i so desired.
The only advantage to this that I can think of is that i wouldn't risk smacking and bending my chainring when shooting under the bb, it's solid bmx stuff though so i doubt this is even possible.
The other consideration is that the fixed gear will be pulling off when under forward motion but tightening when skidding, either way rotofix and a good lockring means this shouldn't matter. So a disadvantage i that I wouldn't be able to flip the hub to free either, cos the ratchet in the freewheel would be running the wrong way.

anything i've missed?

they do make a southpaw freewheel. i don't remember who, but i have seen it before.

and certain clipless systems might give you trouble with the pedals facing the wrong way.

and with the pedals facing the wrong way wouldn't you then also have to potentially worry about them unthreading/loosening themselves from the crank arms?

the cranks/pedals will strip eventually.

fixed gear i would say a bolt-on cog solves that issue. personally i like my chainguard on my shot blocking side

You can get tandem cranksets that are made for left hand drive so that you don't have to worry about your pedals coming loose.

You will eventually blow off the lockring, especially with the low gear ratios (low ratio=high torque, high ratio=low torque) used in polo. I've done it before successfully with tandem cranks and a bolt on cog, but eventually gave it up.

What you still riding fixed for anyway, boy?!

if you really want to do it, look at this hub http://www.levelcomponents.com/ otherwise you will strip the lock ring eventually, also the tandem cranks are a must, or your pedals will constantly come off.

Here's a splined option like the (great idea for fixed polo with drive on either side) bolt on solution. http://www.whiteind.com/rearhubs/singlespeedhubs.html

Also, if you want to try/use cranks you've already got then I recommend cleaning out the threads on your pedals and inside the arms letting that action dry out good and then using locktight and a real pedal wrench like > 12" long to snug them on. The stripping would happen when they loosen up a little and you standing on the pedals - you know - in the process of winning a game. ;)

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cheaper/est option for bolt-on




agreed - just suggesting above if someone wanted to give it a shot before dropping the bills for new arms. The trial could last longer. ;)

Credo quia absurdum

The cranks/BB/chainring are splined so I can put the chainring on either side and leave the cranks on the correct side, it's just a matter of shifting spacers around. I'm not sure there is any real advantage so I don't think i'll bother.

i have some southpaws, but it looks as if you need a reverse thread to use them.

I run left side fixed drivetrain with reverse threaded profile cranks so no pedal issues. Also had no issues with lockring running backwards 36 x 22 on Phil hub. I really like the BB shot-ability of it and have been discussing left-side freewheels recently. Seems that is a no go without reverse threaded hub though.

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I run this hub. Its awesome, just dont run the odyseey 13t fw, its terrible, it will accept the southpaw fw's in 15t and smaller. Also a good idea to run the larger 17mm female gsport bolts as the tiny 14mm deals it comes with have trouble really clamping down.


why not run a dual drive, twice the chain equals twice the POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i wanna be the first guy to break TWO chains on a joust

chains?!? pshhhh. Chains have officially jumped the shark

And yes. I want one.

OW! My knees hurt just looking at that. But mmmm dat wheelbase...