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Antwerp Bike Polo shirt?

Anyone know how I can get in touch with these folks and ask/pay them to ship me one of their shirts? I really dig the design.

I was browsing http://antwerpbikepolo.be/ and found the shop section but it doesn't offer shipping to the United States.

I emailed them at hello@antwerpbikepolo.be but that sounds like an email address that doesn't get checked all that often.

Please and thanks.

This would have been a great question to ask last week, when those dudes were in Florida with a ton of shirts to sell.
However at this point you might try the face thing: www.facebook.com/antwerpbikepolo

I got a hold of them. Thanks.

Also be warned, you will most likely be forced to listen to a rambling story from an American if you are caught wearing this shirt at a polo tourney. Or just punched in the face. Just saying.

That will never work.

I expect nothing less than rambling stories and facepunches at polo tourneys.