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Clipless Shoes. DZR, FiveTen, Vans, etc....

Really need to replace my current clipless shoes.
There are a few of the DZR's that look spot on, but i've heard bad things about the Dice.
anyone with first hand on these care to give their thoughts?
I'll be using these for polo exclusively.

yea get DZRs ...if they're free
you're better off with something from a tried and true cycling brand like this

and they're vintage so you score even more street cred from them than from san francisco made goods imo

raddison wrote:

yea get DZRs ...if they're free
you're better off with something from a tried and true cycling brand like this

and they're vintage so you score even more street cred from them than from san francisco made goods imo

I have these exact shoes but in a size 43. I picked them up at the local value village for 9 bucks with cleats. They are an awesome clipless shoe with good cleat clearance for walking.


Yeah if you aren't to big on looks I think Shimano is the way to go as well.

I've owned two pairs of DZRs the first pair busted open in 3 months. Second is still going strong. I would probably go for a shoe a bit sturdier though... Polo is an abbusive mistress

eyes up
feet down

Not sure what others think about the Chrome shoes, but the pair I purchased have been just fine for polo. I just found out that they're selling the Midway Pro for 60% off (I think only today).


Curious about this. I have a pair of Midways that seem to work okay, and have held up fine for a year. But it's the only clipless shoe I've ever used and I'm thinking the velcro straps on MTB shoes might give a better feel for frequent hoppers.

My ideal polo shoe would have decent ankle protection, as well: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100271465727511

Have a look at http://www.facebook.com/groups/howdiditransplantmyshoes/ a facebook group of people transplanting their own.

I like my black DZRs. I wore some ugly 661s for a long time and they held up great. They were just... ugly. And yeah, you can get used to wearing MTB shoes and walking on your cleats and buying new cleats every once in a while but I tell ya what... having a shoe with a truly recessed cleat is really nice.

The black mambas don't use vegan glue, so I think they will hold together way better? At least I'm bankin' on that. 2013 and we can't make a proper glue that isn't composed of dead horses... crazy.

Im glad you asked!

DZR did not have a great first impression in the polo scene, as the shoe that was chosen to use was basically defective.

We have found the 2 models that are tried and true for the sport. If you don't believe the top 2 teams in North American, The Beavers and Guardians, so be it.

Check these 2 models out



Good luck trying to bust through those.

Also, If you catch me at some select tournaments throughout the season I'll be slinging them for a discount.

DZR is an independent, rider owned / operated company working hard to put a product out we are proud of. If issues arise we own up to them making sure those rocking the shoes are satisfied with the product.
Just don't go playing in something from our Urban line (designed for fashion and comfort over performance) and bitch when it snaps. It simply was not built for that.

We are extremely supportive of the polo scene and will only grow in our sponsorship of riders and events.

  • _DSC0029.jpg
  • Dice Tan LT.jpg

I'm interested in the DZRs, and I currently use the Kursk Pros. I wish there was something in between. Has DZR talked about doing a shoe with the ballistic nylon instead of leather?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Can we make these two "tried and true" models for smaller feetsies?

Addison when is the review coming out for those bowling shoes you used to play in??

what, these?

They are actually the stiffest most responsive bike shoes i've ever used. Quite the opposite of the Pear Izumi's i typically rock. Also they are fricking fly. The thick sole also is wicked grippy for a no-slip lifestlye. Also surprisingly easy to make (if you have a drill press).

The insole is too small so they are the most uncomfortable shoes ever to walk around in. I tried working one casual friday day in them - big mistake. But as they say "style over comfort". I tried putting an heady footbed in but that made them too small along the x-axis. I won't break these out again until the next bike prom.

Damn! I'm getting these right now!!!

SERIOUSLY I don't wear a size 10 in womens. I actually don't know many women that do. GIRLS PLAY POLO TOO

Yeah, but just wait. When companies do start making "women's" designs, they will be pink with flowers. Luckily, i do have size 10 feet so i can take advantage and don't have to worry about butterflies or some other nonsense.

shotgun your bike!

Chrome clipless shoes start at women's size 6.



Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Man, I invested in some DZR mamba about 5 month ago and it was the best polo decision I have made.

First of all, with the new clip-less era, shoes are the most underrated polo equipment and its nice to finally see a brand getting into the polo scene and sponsoring folks.

I used to own some shimano and every time I got off the bike, I had to take them off. No way I could walk in them and I would kill my cleats in no time. Now when I go to a weekend tourney, the mambas are all I take. Investment well worth it, if you ask me...

polo o muetre

I've used a wide variety of shoes, and as someone who breaks just about every bit of clothing I have (which is why I wear as little as possible ;), I like my five tens. There is a ridic amount of padding around my ankle, great stiffness in the sole and doesn't click on pavement at all. The DZR's I used were those early models Brian is talking about, so I'm soured on that experience. I'm definitely down to try them again, but five tens are the same price as DZR so it's about preference, and I wanted to try something new. They've held up superbly. Chromes are crap. I broke the sole on both shoes and they didn't last very long though the upper was solid. Haven't tried Vans or 661s, but at this point I'd say depending on how much you wear them and what you want to use them for, Shimanos, Five tens or DZRs should work fine.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I had a pair of DZR Dice Black for a few months now. I love them. They seem super sturdy..... but I'm not near as hoppy or aggressive as some really competitive players. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a DZR customer for life.

  • DZR Dick Black.jpg

Loving my DZR mambas. Besides playing polo in them 5 nights a week I was also riding to school/work in them for a couple months during the rainiest time in Seattle. Getting to where I was going with dry socks was really surprising. I don't think the material is supposed to be water proof or anything but they definitely don't soak up water like 661's or 510's. They're also super warm and when you get nailed with a laser in the foot the padding is nice. It's awesome not having to pack an extra pair of comfy shoes for a polo trip because somebody finally managed to create a shoe that looks and functions well but still doesn't feel like a stiff piece of plastic when walking around in them.


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Get 'em, they never break. I've got high tops and low tops, they pedal very well and they walk nice too.

I had the Van's Warner for 1.5 years. A little bulkier, but they protect your feet extremely well and are pretty much bomb proof. Got them on sale for about 60% of the current price.

I just got the DZR Dice tan shoes.
Positives: The cleat is recessed a little more and the shoes are slim and stiff where they need to be. Velcro is great.
Negatives: Overall quality is lower (Sorry Brian!). The laces snapped the first time I tightened them and the heel has started to collapse . Love the look and feel, but they definitely won't last a year.

It is good to know that DZR is dedicated to improving this important piece of gear for polo - DZR's HQ also serves as Brian's polo trophy room :) So, I'd definitely be up to try out future designs.


I've been riding a pair of the the vegan Mambas since they first came out, for polo, commuting, camping, and gravel riding. Overall, the shoe has held up fairly well, considering that most others I've seen have peeled/ripped apart. They are really comfortable right out of the box and much easier on the feet with how deeply recessed the cleat area is. This recession also aids in protecting those soft, brass Time cleats. My biggest gripe with the shoes is the sub-par, veggie glue and the eyelets for lacing, which is no more than a cloth loop that will rip out over time.

20$ (or 30) when they get more in stock, lasted me well over a year and a half with 0 issues


Get rad

I also use the DZR mambas and am excited to try the revamped animal killer version. I agree totally with what cody said above so i wont re type the same thing. I also use the strasse model for everyday stylish use and commuting and get compliments on them often at the office and schools i visit by folks who don't even know they are clipless shoes or what clipless shoes even means.

We have to push water off of our court everytime we play. hockey rink, in a river valley, in a swamp. I'm going to be getting some dzr h2o's and beating the shit out of them and will post the results in the fall. I can't even play on a wet court with my chrome shoes without getting soaked through.

Have you tried waterproofing on them? At the very least your chrome's might last a little longer for you...

So far I've had:

Van Warner
Chrome Kursk SPD (2 pairs)
DZR Mamba

The Van Warners are bombproof, but really bulky. After 18 months they are still usable, but just not very practical, which is why I bought the...

Chrome Kursk SPD. I love these shoes, they feel just like the Converse or Vans, which I normally wear off the bike, and I got used to wearing them all day, every day. But the build quality for polo is awful, they didn't last more than 4 months before they fell apart. They are just about holding together with a lot of glue. And no real protection. So when I was in SF I bought...

DZR H20 and Mamba. Both have been great so far, a few minor issues, but nbd. I've only had them for 5 weeks, so I can't tell what the wear and tear is like, but the H20s were great in the snow and rain in London/Rouen, and the Mambas great the rest of the time, a really good fit, feel solid.

The DZRS H20s are awesome... But the soft leather isn't ideal for polo... These are commuter shoes in my opinion and fantastic ones at that. They have kept my feet dry and warm during a pretty heavy Boston winter and look great despite the salt stains.

eyes up
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I will never again buy clipless shoes, its way, way too easy to make them.

I haven't seen a DZR hold up yet they're "getting better" but every pair I've seen worn by consistent competetive players has failed in some way. The 5.10's while heavy are great for walking around solid when you get hit in the foot, protect the cleat well while walking and after about a year have shown no significant wear. They also suck in water when it's raining but that's just what it is.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

You should get out more :)


The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I'm gonna go with the Mamba's from DZR. I like the midtop. I like that they're steel shanked. price is kind of a wash with everything else. I'll post a solid review up on LancasterPolo.com after some play. We've got a collection of clipless shoes in our club to compare them to. Thanks for the input (and deal Brian.)

agile for my size.



Not clipless (yet) but loving my dzr 's for polo , partying , hanging out , hanging in and every part of my hectic life.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Nice photo. Natural advertisement.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

the beach sand is so white in Boston!


Wow! Pretty cool conversion kit. I wonder how it compares to other DIY shoes.

chris bottles wrote:


i doubt those will be stiff enough to be hopping around on a polo bike. seems like they would pull out easily since the plate isn't the full length of the sole.

It's pretty easy to make a pair by cutting/removing the sole from an old pair of clipless and putting it an any shoe. I made a pair out of skate shoes (seem to be more durable/bmx would be a good choice too) and they have held up for the past year.

Anyone tried the Chrome Truks yet?

i bought some for a friend while in SF last week. they are farrrr more sturdy than I expected by the photos. the outer is cordura, not canvas like vans, and almost everything is doubled up. the tongue even has a bit of padding. they do fit real big, i'm a 42 sidi, and the chrome truk pro size that fits me is US 7.5. I got myself a pair of dzr minna's in size 41 which look good, and are padded nicely, but they are a touch bulky for my taste for everyday wear, and aren't as comfortable to walk in as the chrome truk pro. I will probably relegate the minnas to polo and pub, and later on pick up some chrome truk pros for myself for a more "daily" wear/commute shoe.

Really need to replace my current clipless shoes.
There are a few of the DZR's that look spot on, but i've heard bad things about the Dice.
anyone with first hand on these care to give their thoughts?
I'll be using these for polo exclusively.

DO NOT buy Dice Black for polo. In fact, I'd stay away from those shoes completely until they update them. I've had a pair since December or so, and they are falling apart. I commute 10 miles round trip, and I play polo twice a week. I switch back and forth between Dice Black and Strasse, so it's not like I wear them every day or anything.

1. Laces. The laces DZR includes are weak sauce. That's to say they are extremely stretchy and shred in about a week. Replace them with something durable immediately.
2. Velcro. The Dice Black velcro has stopped working entirely. This could be an isolated issue, maybe, but I will say that my velcro is clean - no lint, no damage, no dirt, and it just doesn't stick at all anymore.
3. Sole. The sole is falling off the shoe all around the edge. I had to use Shoe Goo all the way around to keep the sole connected to the upper. The Shoe Goo is keeping them together nicely, but DZR's vegan glue is about as effective an adhesive as plain old water. For reals.
4. Upper. The upper is cracking and falling apart in several spots.

The Dice Black is a great looking shoe. Love the trademark reflective chainlink on the heel, love the color and the style, it fits well and is comfortable. Just don't love the lifespan, that's all. Luckily, an email to the company got me a response that they are planning to update the vegan Dice just like they did with the vegan Mamba.

*The non-vegan Dice shoe is probably solid. The Strasse is amazing, both style-wise and durable-wise. I like DZR a lot. Not trying to bash the company but an honest review is an honest review and the Dice Black gets a 3 out of 5 star rating, IMO. A shoe should last more than 6-7 months, especially when not worn daily.
You might say it's my own fault for buying a silly vegan shoe and expecting it to be as durable as real animal parts. Fair enough.

The Strasse gets 4.5 out of 5, fyi. Great shoe.

Stretch wrote:

DZR's vegan glue is about as effective an adhesive as plain old water. For reals.

Nothing really beats boiled horse.

a few people in lexington where these type of shoes, including me (except mine are the specialized version) there really comfy and super durable! http://www.mavic.com/en/product/footwear/mountain-bike/footwear/Alpine#3...

Quinntucky wrote:

a few people in lexington where these type of shoes, including me (except mine are the specialized version) there really comfy and super durable! http://www.mavic.com/en/product/footwear/mountain-bike/footwear/Alpine#326516

I just got the same model and they feel really good. Let's see how they hold up

Yeah I'm riding these.

I've used a couple of other brands in the past, and they all fell apart, these are the only ones that have been fine, 4 months so far, and not a problem (my other ones were all dead after 4 months).

Really recommend them

specialized tahoes! theyre awesome shoes. i have them. theyremore comfy than any of the chrome i've had.

anyone know of good EXTREMELY WIDE (EEEE) clipless shoes? I've torn the sides out of 2 pairs of 661s and my Shimanos are still a bit too narrow, even though I bought a size up.

I bought these new for 30 bucks off craigslist

no complaints yet.


- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

these are looking prittay nice


Outside my price range.. but hey if you got the $$$

Get rad

I met the guys who make these this week, they won't be available until February 2014.

If things go to plan these shoes will outlast any other (the materials are meant to be impossible to tear/shred). Spring Break are going to test out the prototypes... because we crash, a lot.

I'm thinking of going clipless, but need some advice. I wear an American size, what's the best shoe for this. Please take into account that I'm not a small guy.

Thanks in advance.

DOGvsRAPTOR wrote:

I'm thinking of going clipless, but need some advice. I wear an American size, what's the best shoe for this. Please take into account that I'm not a small guy.

Thanks in advance.

American size ____ ?

Sorry, 13.

I go up or down two sizes depending on the maker. If you're set on a brand measure your foot and call them. Otherwise if you like regular bike shoes visit a shop and get your size there (and maybe a shoe)!!!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

The Giro Chamber is a sick shoe. We've been wearing these things for over six months and they feel like new still. They've held up incredibly well, and they don't show any signs of stopping. I couldn't recommend them more. They are on the higher end of the price scale, but you get what you pay for...


There are more styles coming out soon too. The mid top looks really good, and some lighter weight, more breathable models as well.


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Giros are the real deal. I don't have the Chamber but I did buy a pair of Empires and will probably replace my MTB shoes with Giro as well. Comfortable shoes with good build quality.

Just got some Chambers. My last shoes were also Giro (Giro Junction, a commuter shoe). My experience in clipless over the last 6 years is all via commuter shoes, low end Shimano, and Lake so I'm used to a bit of flex in a shoe. The Chambers are the stiffest shoe I've ever used. Very comfortable and easy to walk in when that's required. I got mine on sale for $60 less than the RRP (last pair in the shop) so they're a size too big but nothing too bad, I just have to lace them a bit tighter. Even with the extra room in the shoe my foot feels pretty secure. SPD cleats are clear of the ground except for gritty surfaces. First time I've ever had shoes that the cleats were this deep in. Clipping in to my pedals is as easy as any of my previous shoes.

The only thing that I'm still not sure about is the strap thing for holding laces in. My last Giros had a little elasticated pocket on the tongue that was excellent for quickly and securely tucking the laces away in. The strap is a fiddle and you have to be pretty careful or you'll have a lace slip out and wrap around a crank or catch a chainring (which happened). I am vain enough to like the look of it though.

tooting the horn of giro again


not out until december...

I know the DZR Mamba X (vegan) got some harsh reviews, but I've been playing on the v2 (with the sole stitching) and it is a noteable improvement. So I hope that DZR and other companies continue to offer options like these.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Mamba X 2.0 review just went up today. http://321polo.net/2013/10/review-mamba-x-2-0/


Agree on all points.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Just got my Giro Chamber Mid's today. put the cleats on, walked around, going out for a bike ride right now and going to test them on my polo bike in a little while.

here's some pics



more updates soon.

For those wondering about the Marco:

- The velcro strap is a lot beefier. This one won't break like your Mambas did.

- The laces are all proper eyelets, with the top ones being proper external ring hiking boot jams. These won't break like your Mambas did.

- The stitched sole probably won't come off like your Mambas did.

- The toe box is noticeably wider than the Mambas. My size 45 Mambas were tight in the front foot area, to the point where I just kinda had to tough it out until they broke in (ended up fitting like a glove). The Marcos are a lot roomier right from the start.

I can post pictures if that is of interest.

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This is pretty much my review of the mambas:

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Just got a replacement pair of the Mambas cause the strap broke after 6 months on my old ones. Did anyone notice if they changed the shape or add padding to the tongue or anything? They so much tighter in the front than my first pair and my heels lift a lot. I don't remember having to do much breaking in the first time around.

Anyone getting the same thing or am I just chasing that first Mamba high?

ebay. used. its cheap and recycling n stuff

Old shoes and their dried out shitty glue and brittle soles break faster than an Ultralite shaft in the hands of Thor.

Buy shoes from a cycling shoe manufacturer that has been producing a reputable product for years (DMT/Sidi/Shimano/Lake/Northwave/Mavic) and you will have them for years. I just warranteed a pair of Giro's that failed within the synthetic material, so I can't recommend them.

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