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Disc + V brake dual brake setup. Recommendations welcome.

Hello infinite collective source of wisdom,

I am going to run a V-brake on the front and a disc on the rear. Originally intended to run dual V's, but my wheel order got a little screwy so Fixcraft and Velocity hooked me up with some upgrades. Long story short, I've got a rear disc hub and figure I should maximize its potential.

Does anyone see any *legitimate* problem with running a V/Disc mash-up?

Please point me towards your favorite parts for the job. I'm new to bicycle maintenance so simpler is better. Thanks.

Simpler? Dont run the rear disc. Look at most bikes people have these days, youll see only a front brake, for a reason. Rear brakes, especially a disc, have to be messed with whenever you take off the back wheel and is it really worth it?

But hey, its your bike, do as you like. Im sure you can get it to work irregardless.

Get rad

If it was disc front, v-brake rear, I'd direct you to Nick Kruse, but this sounds.... weird...

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"simpler is better."

Don't put a disc on your rear.

Yeah, strange combo.

I guess it will give you better stopping power in the wet, if that's a factor, but that's about it.

Most top players are going front disk only these days.


Paul Compact Love Lever
Linear Cable
Avid BB7 160mm

and it will toss me over the bars if i let it.

front disc only for the win.

agile for my size.

Front disc only is so weak.....................

V-brake on the front and disc on the back doesn't make sense though.

Therefore, I'd recommend you take your fork and bend it out with a 2x4 or a hammer or something to whatever the rear hub is spaced at so that you can fit it in the front and put the disc brake on the front. Then I'd put your bike on the ground and like, curb stomp the rear triangle until it's spaced at 100mm. You won't need your chain anymore, your teammates will have to push you around the court but you will be able to stop perfectly.

Nick Kruse wrote:

You won't need your chain anymore, your teammates will have to push you around the court but you will be able to stop perfectly.

Rookie. You can just run the chain forward to the front wheel, then you can still pedal yourself around. Front wheel drive is superior for traction in slippery conditions anyway.

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Yeah, and run it fixed. I hear there are defensive advantages.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

just get a whole new bike

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Super tight geo, tiny 5-hole, effortless wheelie turns,

toe overlap is a problem, though.

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Fuck chains

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Duct tape some mallets to my legs and flail flail flail!

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this is some fred flintstone yabba dabba doo shit. no pedals?? are we not men?

Wow. So much hate...

I just want to know what components you would run if you were running V and disc brakes.
i.e. Should I look for a v-brake with a short or long pull? etc.

Sarcastic responses are the cost of doing business when you ask the internet to tell you how to build your bike.

1. https://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/gear/brakes/2013/05/19/building-a-dis...

2. Probably long pull but it doesn't really matter as long as both the front and rear are the same. BB7s come in short and long pull flavours. Paul Duplex levers have both short and long pull settings.

For simple maintenance, front V-brake only is a great choice. Dual brake setups add a lot of friction to the system and complicate setup/maintenance (as pointed out above). If you don't have a dual lever and disc caliper already lying around, why not just try front brake?

Couldn't you just get one of these forks, http://www.benscycle.com/p-3470-milwaukee-bruiser-polo-fork-120mm-spacin...
Then use this wheel as a front wheel and run front brake only?

That fork has no disc tabs. (And even if it did he'd still need to buy another rear wheel to make this setup work, so it would make way more sense to just buy a new front disc wheel instead.)

Sounds like you got hosed. Run front V only. Get these and you might as well be running disc. http://www.mtbr.com/cat/brakes/brake-system/avid/arch-rival-50/prd_35066... Good luck finding them though.
Or sell your rear hub, or just leave as is, and run dual V anyway.
Or sell your bike. I hear cat basketball is an up-and-coming sport...

shotgun your bike!

holy tits! CAT BASKETBALL!? is that where you replace your shoes with cats? If so, I'm in.

i used to run an avid bb-5 with avid single digit 3 on the front, with a modified avid lever. worked pretty well, lever still felt pretty light, and never had any issues .

i've gone to a single front shimano xt though, it's better in pretty much all conditions other than when it's raining.