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V-Brakes and Bar spins

Wheelie goals are enough- I wanna score bar spin goals. Has anyone ever successfully routed a cable through their headset to a v-brake? Looks like it would be way more difficult than running to a disc brake.

I did it with a Gravity Whip It cap, and it sucked. My brakes were squishy, and they improved 100x when I routed the cable normally. I'm pretty sure that Kremin and Dillman had theirs routed through their steerers using the Milwaukee Compression Plug, but I never got around to asking them how well theirs worked. I'll attach a photo so you can see how I had mine routed.

Whip It Cap:

Milwaukee Compression Plug:

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Kremin was running a disc brake when he was here last. Makes it easier. I've never personally seen it done with a V brake.

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Just saw him this weekend and asked. He said that his v-brakes worked well with the Milwaukee compression plug and Yokozuna housing


Yeah. Works fine. Not sure if it makes a difference but i used linear bmx housing.

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Flexie cable noodles. Try to minimize the short ends bud.

Flexie cable noodles. Try to minimize the sharp bends bud.

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Yeah worked fine for me with V brakes, i got a disc brake running through there now, working sweet

totally possible, x2 on flexy noodles... one set up I have seen incorporated a noodle going into a drilled headset cap, cable past the star nut, housing on the underside of said star nut to a flexy noodle coming out the fork. lots of zip ties. vbrakes on highest tension points.. (or so I believe that's how it worked) also gotta be careful for cable flex when you are torquing down on the brake don't want to have to much play

i tried running my brake line through the steer tube with a disc brake setup and i ran into cable kinking issues. brake felt like shit, even with nokon housing. i don't recommend.

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Ryan from SF has a sweet set up using a flexi-noodle to a v brake

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