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Slidepad system

Slidepad system

Just had these guys in the shop and they gave me a aftermarket kit to give a shot at polo with. Curious if anyone else has tried it yet. I just run a rear brake at the moment, but figure I'll give this dual set up a shot after Turducken.

I would think there would be a slight delay or mushy feeling before the back brake engages.

I think it depends on how a person likes to play.

If you like to nose pivot, it will be shit.
If you like to lock up your rear tire and skid dramatically, it will be shit.
If you like to stop in the shortest amount of time/distance, it could be good.

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Ha. Kinda interesting. I would never buy it but I'd maybe try it on a beater bike or something if I was given it free.

Seems like a lot of extra cable to run.

A player in Sydney tried it out and we all jumped on to have a go. Brakes worked pretty well, but its best for commuting. Don't even think about an endo for as soon as the rear wheel is up in the air, you don't get brakes on the front wheel..

brox wrote:

as soon as the rear wheel is up in the air, you don't get brakes on the front wheel..

I didn't even make this connection. Interesting. Like Anti-Lock Brakes for a bike.

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basically what I'm expecting. it was free so fuck it, I'll give it a shot for a second

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Definitely. If it's free, go for it.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

If you keep powering the rear wheel while braking, the front brake will still work. It's getting used to though, when you want to slow down you normally should stop pushing the pedals, in the above situation you actually dose the front brake by the amount of force you put on your rear (locked) wheel.

I prefer a dialed in braking system tuned to my liking, give this to the commuter.

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God damn snake tonic!

"rubber side down boys"

showed it to my boss at work and we was soooo mad. out of no where would start bitching about how terrible and unsafe it is. he wants to try one.

makes almost as little sense at this: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/2kings/2257628927/

That looks so sketchy. I can almost feel my ankle being sliced open.

Just wait until the chain snaps. Woo!

on a hill bomb...

"rubber side down boys"

That's a pretty smart system actually. It's just a re-work of a Calderazzo feedback brake.

very nice system, where i can find to buy?

At any Jamis bikes dealer, or www.slidepadbrake.com

Jordan Williams

You think it could work the other way around? First front, then rear? I prefer a sharper front brake and a little rear support after the lever is, say pulled half way through.

We actually ordered a bunch of those (delivery takes 2 months from the factory) a few weeks ago. They should work front first as well. Had high hopes, now wonder if it was a good call...

It arrived last week and we installed them today, after a few rounds in the park it's actually a real nice suprise. On gravel/grass it locks the rear wheel pretty quick, you need to push hard for more front braking power. On hardcourt it works pretty well. After getting used to the new dynamic's of braking I think it gives more control over braking in sharp corners and it feels like i need less meters for a full stop. Didn't try them in game yet. It looks like it'll work front/rear as well, although I'm not sure if the slidepad offers the same amount of friction as the normal pad.
I do expect to wear down a lot more brakepads and wonder how the pad on the slider will wear over time.