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Real Hot weather balls?????

So im getting tired of all these companies coming out with these "hot" weather balls that are only good up till around 80F...that is warm. When are we going to get some real hot weather balls that will play without icing every 5 minutes in 90-115F weather? Mylec Reds were the only balls that could handle the heat but they are extinct now. Any other southerners or anyone else frustrated by this or is it just me? I would reallllllly like to see some TX HOT weather balls and I think I speak for alot of people. Icing balls is lame, they start out super stiff and fragile then halfway through the game they play completely different and just go downhill from there. Other than that, id just really like to see companies stop calling their balls "hot weather" when they aren't even close. False advertising imo.

Seen these?


I personally prefer canadians to Mylec Red's anyway for Austin's hot ass weather.

Get rad

We'll just have to wait and see what the 100A fixcraft ball plays like in the hot weather.

Fixcraft, with the help of dgel, are coming out with a hotter weather ball this year.


I think someone will make you one and deliver it to your door if you are just a little more aggro about it.

have you seen that pink ball from london?



Magic appears to have em too, if not something similar (edit: not hot weather, my bad)


Get rad

I have one of the new Canadian Orange Fixcraft balls, and it isnt much better than the last Fixcraft balls. Havent broken one yet, like the old Fixcraft "hot" balls, but is still spongy in the Brisbane heat.

We were given a box of about 25 or so fixcraft hots (Thanks Fixcraft) and I think the club only has about 8 left. I broke one only two days ago.

We have a couple of the London pinks. They are a little better, but an hour or two in the sun also softens them. The pinks so far are the go IMH, they stay hard allot longer and dont seem to break as easy.

I feel you though, balls are a drama in the heat.

Fixcraft will have a new super hot ball coming out before the US summer.


Freakin awesum Polo is so global that we now account for seasons in other hemispheres!

also very excited to try out this new super hot ball from F/C

Alex Dash wrote:

Freakin awesum Polo is so global that we now account for seasons in other hemispheres!

also very excited to try out this new super hot ball from F/C

didnt they get squishy when we played with them in the 100+ heat that day. I know LA heat is different than other heat. I know in philly we are still using orange balls and they are fine. Will wait till fall hits and Im sure things will change.

Count it

I cant wait to see that super hot ball as well. The old hot ones cant take the hit down here in Brazil.

I went to dicks today and I found a ton of hot weather mylec balls. They didnt have any orange balls of course but tons of red and yellow. Check dicks sporting goods. Im sure they will have the reds like crazy now.

Count it