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Bike Polo ball gallery

Damon (urbanbicyclist) just posted this flickr gallery.

80% of these balls are useless, but it's a useful slideshow.

so we're sposed to post pictures of our balls up here?

Speaking of 80%, don't 80% of cars in Alberta have those balls hanging off of them? Even dusty old Ford Tauruses?
I hope you've got those and some cheesy Flames schwag for tourney prizes this year...

Sweet, thanks Kev.
The actual flickr page for each photo has comments on each ball.
tho I dispute the 80%. The only one that is completly useless is the powder filled one.


So what's your favourite?
And Emerson, I know the balls you speak of - silicon ones hanging off my brother-in-law's truck advertising the butcher shop. qpang - you need a meat donation for Area 51??

>So what's your favourite?
red mylecs for above 25 c and the orange generics for below. (I said this in 2010)

**update dec 2012** (I dont think anyone is still into red Mylec or red Franklins at all anymore, I'm certainly not.)

Harvey Pink from Cambridge or Canadian Orange DGel for anything above 20 degrees C, I'm not too fussy for cooler temps.

Sorry Fixcraft but the NAH balls just dont seem to stand up to the heat.

Just ordered some Cincinatti balls, keen to see how they compare.


Franklin Reds are the best.

We just started using some pink Mylec balls and they're not bad for temperatures between 30-60.

The new Fixcraft prototype cool balls are nice as well.

Fixcraft cool? We wanna try it our year end tournament!

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Dingo how did the A&R balls work out for you

In stock now.


stop it i don't need to buy more polo balls / mallet heads / everything else that comes in rad colors.

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