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These *@#%** things

OK, so I've never been one to bash someone else's attempted come-up, but I needed to bring this to attention. Click the link:


This guy lives here in San Diego. He came to pickup a few weeks ago with a couple of these hockey stick mallets. We had never seen him before, and rightly so because he (in his words) "Had never watched the sport, but it seems to be getting popular". Se gave us the mallets & asked us to try them, then sat in a corner by himself for the entire night & didn't say a word to anyone. No comments, no questions, no anything.

I think I can speak for our entire club when I say that these things are awkward as hell to use. The square shaft makes it difficult to rotate the head if needed (for a shovel pass, mallet save in goal etc), and the shafts themselves are heavy as all get out. But that's kind of off-topic to what irks me.

The man is only trying to make a buck. He had never seen the sport before the night he came to pickup, did not even bother to watch our games (as stated, he spent most of his time on his smartphone in the corner), and we never saw him again after that night. We now use his donated mallets for fence barriers to keep the ball in play. At $29 plus shipping for a hockey stick shaft on an ABS head, I think it's robbery.

Do I have a right to be upset? I know there has been posts in the past about non-players & other enterprising individuals trying to make things for a game which they know nothing about, but this hit home for me. Sorry if this is a rant; I didn't mean it that way.

I think you're justified because he says it "has been field tested on the courts of San Diego." That would imply that you guys gave it the thumbs up afterwards. I think it's fine for inexperienced people to put out crappy products and have nobody buy them. But I think your club is being misrepresented as a supporter, even if it doesn't explicitly say so.

I would be upset that he used your club to sell his shitty product but most searches for polo products will probably bring up fixcraft/NS/Magic/Modified before random ebay item. He's not technically lying which makes me think you can't make him take that statement down.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I have one correction to make: I can't speak for *every single one* of our players, as a few of the regulars weren't there that night. But everyone that *was* there shared the same sentiment.

just get your club to tell him how you all really feel when he makes the folly of creating a facebook page...

shotgun your bike!

I think it'll die out like most of these very small operations, nothing to worry about, just leave him be, and technically he is correct to say they were tested here (San Diego), that has nothing to do with the supposed quality and/or any reviews/implications of a good product.

who cares?

is he hurting anyone, or anything, except your precious sense of identity? if not, shut up.

why are you turning to the internet for support? if it's really an issue then handle it at home. there're no amount of keyboard clicks that'll have your back when you finally decide to address this (i swear i've read this before).

in other words... just let him do what he's/she's doing... worst case scenario you get some disgruntled person who bought a mallet coming to pickup and you can be nice to them and maybe give them some old gear. then help them actually get better. the best case scenario... see worst case scenario.

quite whining and be grateful that some shyster's funneling well-meaning people into the club... it's your job to make sure they have a good go of it, even if it costs you a couple bucks.

Yeah but man what about those people who check out in front of me at the gas station and they spend all that god damn time cashing in their scratcher tickets and then they buy MORE scratcher tickets with the winnings.

I'm trying to fucking get on with my god damn day, man.

You know what else I hate? Those people who got the #48 but they stand in the spot for #45 when I'm boarding southwest flights. Like, come on. I call those bitches out every single time.

llIIlllIIIllIlIIllIllIIlIllllIIlIlI wrote:

who cares?

is he hurting anyone, or anything, except your precious sense of identity? if not, shut up.

If people think this post is such a waste of space, I guess it should be deleted. Can someone do me that favor?

i don't think he's doing much harm. obviously this venture is going nowhere and he'll soon realize it too. anyone who has ever played polo before is not going to take his claims seriously or buy it, and any noob that does more than 10 seconds of research won't either.

This guy sounds like a turkey. Someone link the facebook page if he makes one. Let's heckle this creep.