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bike sizing

hey all. I got friend who is very short who is looking at getting a polo bike. Right now she rides a mtb with 24" wheels.

any one make a frame that size for polo? (besides a local custom shop, while always a good thing to support she might not want to spend $800 on a frame and fork)

the only thing i can find that might be close is a specialized P-24

thoughts? ideas? I'll take any suggestions

also if any of you think a frame can be made small enough and still take 26" wheels that would work too.

Ssorry i dont know her inseam so there is only so much i can do at this point



I just perused their site and didn't see anything mentioning that polo bike but you might could contact them and ask what's up.

Look for a vintage (mid-80's) Specialized Stumpjumper with horizontal dropouts. They were awesome. And the smallest size took 24" wheels.

Lefty Bullshit!

x2 the old rockhoppers work too.

thanks guys! Ill tell her about the big shot for sure, also ill keep my eye out for the SJ