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Does anyone else have bad joint pain? Especially in the wrist?

Seems that it would be pretty specific to bike polo or tennis or any sport where your using one arm for a high impact sport. After 7-8 years of consistent balling, a few bad wrecks, multiple car>bike incidents and 10+ years of pretending I'm 19 years old, my shooting wrist is really starting to bother me. I have a brace that I wear sometimes during "recovery time" from the last time I got hit by a car, though I can't afford to keep see the orthopedist for PT. I have some aches that will just never really go away and a few of those I can a apply the HTFU strategy to, but my wrist is getting pretty crunchy. Vicodin and percoset certainly helps but theres only so much of that I can come across and its definitely not healthy. I remember a thread that I can't find anymore about aches, pains, and becoming an old person. Does anyone have any tips/pointers for painful wrists? I do a lot of conditioning exercises with the help of redtube.com but it still hurts after a long day of polo.

*posted in the general forum cuz there isn't a "health and well being" or "training tips" section

here's the older thread.

i've definitely struggled with wrist/forearm/elbow problems not just in polo but bike riding in general. i'm still struggling, but i feel like lifting, pushups, wrist rollers etc. have made a positive difference when i stuck to doing them. i've been inconsistent, but that's the only thing that's worked so far.

edit: redtube conditioning hasn't worked like actual targeted exercise, in my experience.

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What mallet are you playing with?
I'd try to lower the weight of your mallet (shaft 0.8mm and head ±55gr), and make your grip a little thicker.

You could get a cortisone injection if wrist shots were legal.

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Pretending to be 19 long after the fact? I have a couple more decades on than you but I like to think we're just displaying an unwillingness to be declared dead before our time.

I have taken a lot of falls onto my mallet hand, damaging the wrist. At the moment I can't hold my mallet very well and cannot shoot hard. Resting that hand on the bars is uncomfortable. So I wear a brace and use my mallet differently. Take Ewoud's suggestion about mallet weight; I lightened my mallet (stubby grip, lighter shaft, lots of little holes in the head).

I think the action of gripping a mallet hard and swinging equally hard might cause some people to develop problems in their wrist and elbow. Something about the mass of the mallet wrenching those parts at the deceleration point of the shot; the greater the swing the greater the braking needed/applied at the end of it. When playing for extended periods my elbow begins to cause me near constant pain, it's at its worst first thing in the morning. Exercising as John mentions above helps a lot.

So, In pick up recently, with my damaged wrist, I have held my mallet lightly, allowed it to pivot in my hand, used very little backswing and tried to use my shoulder/back muscles more. You've been playing a couple more years than I have, but the forced change in habit might make for a more thoughtful play style. It has done for me, even though it would be a lot more fun without the pain. I also have a permanently separated collarbone/shoulder blade joint (hit by car 25 years ago) and that causes me pain when I work but not when I play polo, even now that I try to use it more.

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Yes! I'm not alone!!!!

- In the last 3-4 months, I have been having pain in the wrist of my mallet hand which feels like the mildest sprain, but I'm quite sure comes at least in part from playing polo (I also work online).

-I've been playing for almost 5 years, and had never had any issues with my wrist until recently. I thought about using a wrist brace, but I wasn't sure if that would affect my already sub-par ball handling.

-I've tried to ice it for about an hour or so before playing, and by the end of the night of pickup I still end up not being able to pivot my wrist

-My mallet is not heavy by any means; I use an ABS head & a composite ski pole shaft with a fairly thick golf club grip.

-Someone suggested to me it was because my wrist is at a weird angle because the top tube on my rig has some slope. But I know quite a few other players with sloping top tube MTB rigs, and they don't have the same problem.

I've been trying to be patient & rest it every now & again (including occasional breaks from playing polo), but that's a hard thing to do when you want to play. I agree with the OP that "Harden The Fuck Up" is not always applicable, no matter what your clubmates say.

I would try and take an "outside-in" perspective on how you are shooting, tripodding, and riding. I was having pain and adjusted how I tripod when I'm passively in goal (palm horizontal on the end of the mallet vs. gripping and pointing downward) and choke up a little for shots (I noticed I was hitting the ground as well as the ball and it jarred my elbow) and that helped a lot. My pain level used to be a 7 or 8 out of 10 and its gone down to 2 or 3 on a bad day.
I also agree on getting lighter equipment and potentially a thicker grip...

shotgun your bike!

I've been using MKE shafts and heads for a year and a half. Before that I'd always used scott poles and ABS. I have been playing a bit "looser" with my grip which is helpful for fast muscle twitch stickhandling and goalie movement, but really unhelpful when someone rips your mallet from your hand and disarms you. Im thinking that a lighter mallet is my next move, the last couple days Ive been wearing boxing wrist wraps I have left over from some sparring gear I used to work out with. It seems to work pretty well but I walk around all day looking like million dollar baby.

Another thought... If its available, and cheap, try acupuncture. Its a bit woo-woo for some, myself included, but I went once and it was worth all 27 dollars for the visit. I'd go again, but a visit a week (what they recommended) adds up quick and I have a polo habit to fund... and a bike to build up. Priorities...

shotgun your bike!

I've found minor adjustments to bike geometry can make huge differences. Even stuff like adding an extra washer to pedals to get better pedalling geometry has helped with knee pain.

I always liked my bars/hands down low. Makes good sprinting. I borrowed a bike with much higher bars. Didn't really care for it at first but after a bit figured the more upright position is physically easier on my hands and wrists.

It's the little things, and very hard to properly diagnose. Humans all have different bodies so there's not going to be one answer for all.

After many months of wrist pain i'm doing pretty good today. I thought it would never go away but it did. Falling less was probably the biggest help.

Good luck!

It may not help much but when one learns tennis, one is told to use the hand and the forearm as one solid piece. After being shown the hitting movement, it is repeated over and over again, until the student has it down.
The right movement makes it so much easier on the wrist but it surely is not natural for a beginner.
Maybe there is a lesson there...

I can't recommend this wrist brace enough. I struggled with wrist pain, bought this because, why not? And have been golden since. Fits snugly into a lax glove or fits over a riding glove.


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^that thing looks great, might have to invest in one of those

Lefty Joe simply suggested to me that changing the thickness of your grip on your handle bars and/or your mallet will use all you muscles , joints and ligaments in a different way.
This solution is not so simple if the pain has been caused by too much mastication.(what chewing stuff has to do with anything I know not. I'm just passing on the advice I was given)

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Machine wrote:

Lefty Joe simply suggested to me that changing the thickness of your grip on your mallet will use all you muscles , joints and ligaments in a different way.


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I was having a lot of pain in my shooting wrist (mostly because I drunkinly fell on some railroad tracks and landed on my wrist) I gave it time to heal but even that didn't help. It was so bad that I had trouble just tripoding in goal. I even bought a wrist brace, it seemed to help a little but it prevented me from maneuvering the ball and taking shots as well.

Solution: I made a stupid light mallet which fixed it instantly.

I did this during ladies army too. Friday during co-ed I was struggling because I was in so much pain. I made a lighter mallet before I played on Saturday and felt no pain at all.

When I started playing polo a year and a half ago I had wrist pain from the new strain this wonderful sport brought to my wrists. Having fractured both my wrists years ago in high school while playing soccer and attempting to street-skate, I wasn't surprised by the discomfort brought on by polo.

I started incorporating Dumbbell Wrist Twists into my normal weight-lifting regimen. I started by doing 3 sets of 12 reps with 15 lb weights 3 days a week. http://www.fitstudio.com/exercises/dumbbell-wrist-twist

This alleviated all my wrist pain. Now I'm using 20 lb weights to perform the exercise and I find that I no longer have to do the exercise on all 3 lifting days.

Recently, I sprained my wrist during a polo related bike crash; thankfully no fracture. To keep playing during the recovery weeks, I've been using one of my lifting gloves for support under my padded lacrosse gloves. This has worked very well and I'm considering wearing them on both hands anytime I'm playing polo to help prevent future injuries. http://www.amazon.com/Harbinger-Training-WristWrap-Glove-Black/dp/B00074...

Well I went and got a cortisone shot in my wrist today. It had gotten so bad to the point that I couldn't operate the throttle on my motorcycle without real discomfort. The needle was the diameter of a small gauge spoke and about six inches long. Went very deep into my arm and did not feel good at all. Right now it's still painful but it should mellow out by tomorrow. I am definitely gonna try a bigger mallet grip as well. Fingers crossed that this works alright cuz I haven't been able to play polo for two weeks


Team Donjoy is looking for a third living with a traumatic joint injury that requires immobilization.

these things are nuts, they gotta cost like a thousand bucks right?

200 actually. Neat.

Yeah. I don't know if they will do much to mitigate pain caused by carpal tunnel or previous injuries, but it should help from overextending the wrist when falling off the bike. I'm out of the cast next week and want to get one before I play again..

There are a ton of similar braces out there aimed at motocross riders who must suffer super gnarly wrist injuries.

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I got the same problems at wrist and elbow and...

1-Change your grip mallet size (You can't imagine...)
2-Lighter Mallet

I still have pain, I'm not completely healed but now it is much much better!

got trigger finger on the middle finger of my shooting hand. shit sucks. cortisone helped, though... kinda. doc said to loosen my grip.

i bent my middle finger back all the way on my shooting hand in an awkward fall at the the flour city invitational and it still hurts. the tendons and ligaments in the center of my hand and my middle knuckle have been swollen and tender since the first week of september. i don't know if it will ever be the same. i can still play but i can't grip as hard. i built up my mallet grips another couple millimeters, which seemed to help, but every time i bang my hand on something it re-aggravates the injury. i'm not patient enough to take time off, and i thought that at the ripe age of 26 (it's my birthday today) i would be able to heal faster. that's not the case. still hurts. it'll hurt forever.

also i think banging the inside of my knee on my top tube is aggravating the cartilage in the joint. i'm sure that simply getting a top tube cover would fix this. any suggestions on which one has the most foam padding so i don't tear my cruciate ligaments on my bike?

personally i've never had any wrist pain, but i think it's because i use hockey tape to build up my handlebars. or because i'm a miracle of science. ;')

I have a similar story. Sprained thumb in May, aggravated by cycling and playing polo occasionally over the past few months. It still gets weak and sore after I fall on my hands or play more than a couple of games in a day.

Despite your age it is not uncommon for hand injuries to heal very slowly. Two months is not that long. I would really encourage you to block off at least a couple of months without polo (and ideally cut back on other activities that might stress it). You still have time to let your body fix itself. Physio, a splint, and soaking in hot water for 5-10 minutes to improve circulation should help. Playing polo in low temperatures will not.

Sorry for being patronizing.

not at all patronizing or condescending, thank you for the advice. no one has said anything constructive other than "grow a pair." i haven't consulted an orthopedic surgeon or anything. i have no idea how the hand is supposed to heal, i can only compare how it feels in contrast to my other hand, which is a normal functioning hand.

I crashed into a chain link fence last year. Pinky finger on my left hand (still on the bars) went through the chain link, I kept going. Got completely folded back, sideways. No broken bones but it tore up a bunch of the muscles and stuff in there. Petty sure the broken finger would have healed faster.

I could play again in a month or two but it felt awful and weak for at least 6 months. Probably stretched the recovery out a little because I kept re-aggravating it by not taking enough time off.

Point is it feels completely fine now. No strength lost, maybe a little bit less flexibility but still it still has a normal range of motion. I rigged a splint out of some heavy wire and rubber bands that I wore when I could, and iced for a while.

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Yeah when I broke my scaphoid, I thought it was just a sprain. Not that much pain and I was playing and riding on it no prob.. The soreness lingered so I finally went to the doc and the X-ray showed a complete displaced fracture. The kinda break that doesn't heal and basically cripples your hand after a few years. I was walking around with this injury for six weeks before diagnosis. Playing polo, doing rides, working out, pullups etc.

My point is if you have a hand injury go get a fucking X-ray. Don't just assume it's a sprain. The hand is a super intricate part of your anatomy, and you wanna still be able to use it when you turn forty.

I had a hand/index and middle finger injury in 2008. I went to physio for weeks and it helped sooo much. It took a while to get back and I still do the stretches for my fingers regularly. I'd say i'm fully recovered with a maintenance routine.
I've heard good things about acupuncture.