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Modifide Bike Polo malletheads

Modifide mallet head

I made these malletheads in September when I couldn't buy one anywhere else...just took the best materials and specs from everything I liked and gathered input from all the other Toronto players..called it Modifide BPE and people seemed to really, really like them. So I set up an fb page for anyone else who wants to order one: https://www.facebook.com/ModifideBikePoloEquipment?ref=hl
I'll be making the next batch in February along with another design I have been testing for the last few months.(when a shot broke through someone's spokes I knew I had something interesting.) The idea behind the new design is to focus the energy of your swing in a smaller sweet spot..nothing groundbreaking but fun as hell if you have someone that sits in net all the time and you want to scare the hell out of them. The current name for the new design is the Bullit. I welcome any comments or suggestions...321!