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Upgrading the fork on a 700

Hey everyone,

I have Masi fixed especiale and i want to know what you think of trying to put a fork such as a Leader Reaper, or a Volume Fu Manchu. is putting a straight, or bmx, or whatever is the proper term kind of fork on a road bike gonna help me out that much? Or is the skinny tire the way to go?

Are you doing this for tire clearance? Or to change the steering?

Either way check the axle to crown measurements of each fork. Each 20mm of difference translates to 1º change in the head tube angle. Most people shoot for a 74º ht angle.

Those fixed freestyle forks would slacken the head tube angle so much that it would be prone to jackknifing all the time.

thanks, I was just curious if that was something that was done to improve 700's. are there any particular modifications to road bikes that would make them better with steering/clearance?

A straight fork seems to be the go to for polo, straight forks to me feel like theres less "flop" over. The slightly curved forks seem to turn hard and then spin out vs straight seems more predictable. Whatever you get, make sure it has provisions for brakes, preferably cantilever posts (what you put v and canti brakes on). As you get better, youll want to stop harder and v brakes are the way to go

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Once you figure out which length you need/want, there are a variety of forks to choose from. I know squarebuilt is now offering his polo fork in a variety of lengths from 390 to 420 in 10mm increments with options for brake systems vbrake or disc. Also popular are the milwaukee polo forks.

I added a fork to my previous bike (that i absolutely loved) that was a sharper angle. one of those fixed freestyle 700cmx whatever you call it forks. handled awesome, and had better clearance. it was one of those Gran Royal lurker forks i think. from eastern bikes.

sick, so do I need different holes on the fork for a v-brakes if I am still using just the stock brakes that come on 700's, they're tektro dooky entry level ones? and could anyone post some pics of angled-to-straight conversions you've either done or encountered so I can get a reference to go by?

i don't have pictures of my bike after the conversion, it was stolen before i got pics. but as far as brakes go, often times those aren't set up to really use brakes, so you most likely need to buy a longer reach brake. or try to find one with mounts (like a cyclocross fork)

just in... fixcraft will have a fork that can meet many of your needs. check it out.

Behold: Caliper (suckfest) V-brake (radtown) . You want V brakes, which require those Cantilever posts I mentioned. but hey you do what you want

  • DSCN0193_800.jpeg
  • vbrake-overallsm.jpeg

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Hi dudes.

Hit me with some european online stores with straight fork to sale please!!!!!