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Recomendations for ordering gear

I'm in a small town 8 hours away from the closest city and even though we have 5 or 6 bike shops, they don't have much of a selection when it comes to bike parts. Just curious what your "go-to" shop is when it comes to ordering online.

Loves me some ebay because i'm cheap.
Fixcraft has good stuff polo specific stuff.
Milwaukee is expensive.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I'm pretty cheap too. I've ordered a few parts through ebay but, being in Canada, almost every component has at least a $20 shipping charge plus a brokerage fee if UPS. I did take advantage of Fixcrafts free International shipping a few weeks back though. I'm trying to find a shop that I can do one massive order for everything I need so the shipping overall isn't too bad.

what do you need?

personally, i'd rather throw my money towards a small independent shop that will work with me on shipping. i'd at least call chombo at red lantern cycles in NYC. he might not be able to help you out, but he's a good dude and an OG polo player. if nothing else, he might point you in a good direction.


I'm all for the LBS and spend quite a bit at them for parts on my other bikes but had trouble ordering parts through them that they don't normally carry like 18t and 20t cogs and straight riser bars. I just want to pretty up my polo bike so I ended up ordering a bunch of stuff from ebay sellers who offer free shipping in the US. I'll make a drive to the border once it's in.

I was talking about this to my (former) boss at my LBS today. I'd say you can either work hard, go to school and get a well paying job to pay retail on nice bike stuff; or go the easy route and just get a job at a bike shop making shit pay, but buying the good shit at somewhat reasonable prices. Then if you're good enough with it (i.e. you don't crash and break it) you can typically sell it after a year at a higher price than you bought it for and put that money towards your next upgrade. I'm not sure how other shops work, but all I really do anymore is call the manufacturer/distributor directly and charge my credit card for whatever I need/want.

Work the system, don't let it work you. That's the route I took, and I may not have much money, but I don't have to spend extraneous time worrying about fixing my polo bike before Wednesday so I can play.

I've been able to do this a bit through the local bike co-op but unfortunately, they just go through one distributor so there isn't a huge selection. It's nice to get tools at cost though