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this thread is for bickering about petty non-polo related bullshit

i think we need to remember that it's just a game.

joe, you read my mind, brian and i were just talking about this.  in fact we were talking about making a club on the site where everyone who wants to yak on forever about old grudges and b.s. can go do so together.  maybe we could place it on the map in the middle of antartica? 

speaking of old grudges, do you think that mke will pull out the old crandle joe jake at the naccs?

so good to see you here ben, let's make this the most popular forum on the site!

yea but now its just feels forced. you got to do something to spark my fire.

As soon as Brett Favre situation gets figured out we'll let you know the word on that

 refferring to the jake/cran/joe team

that reply button can be confusing sometimes 

no dice nyc...MKE!

of course id like it if crandall played with us because that man is the shit at bike polo. right now we need a solid third who won;t be going anywhere and who can play with us as a team alot.especially tourneys

or a solid bike polo orphan.... kev?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

cummon piet. say something about how you just boned ben's mom. i love watching you guy's go at it (freudian slip?)

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Just think about it! If you were playing in Antarctica, with all the
extra layers you'd need, and snow bank boards all around, you could
play as hard as you wanted! Add some studded tires for snow drifts and
ice, maybe a ski on the front for those really bad days, and Ben's
flying superman dive would become tame when compared to the hijinx you
could get up to in that environment! 

I think that we're on to something here - imagine - a South Pole Polo Invitational, no holds barred! 






hey jack ass. i hope you liked getting a win, now we have an opportunity to play in a tourny that your not setting the braket and you wont be able to shield your self from me. bitch im comming and im gonna score on you till your sore

I was like "damn, what is Ben all pissed about?!" and then I realized what thread this was.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

ben needs a specific thread to be pissed off?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

naw, i just figure id keep all my pissed comments here. like if you say somthin stupid, look here for a response.  


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


C. C. you in OCTOBER folks!!!

so if there are any tourneys in october i will not be there i will be at miller park or in front of a TV 

no dice nyc...MKE!

left_hand_sam (not verified)

Ditto here. I was at Friday's game and CC can totally deal. See you at Miller Park during the playoffs.



see pete i always thought you were actin the asshole, but now you say you cant act only be, well out of the horses mouth. and i think for is spelled with one o not two

and jake is still going on about "real" sports. farve? brewers? football? baseball? its too bad that miller is moving to chicago and wrigley field we will get our polo court sponsored by them and will be known as the miller high life polo court.