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Tournament formats

The Mid Wests, a one day contest, have always been world cup style; round robin group records seeding a single elimination bracket. We feel that this guarantees the most games for participants, and if the groups are done well, the best competition.


I hear the NACCCs, a two day contest, are going to be round robin groups on Saturday seeding a double elimination bracket on Sunday. So all comers are assured multiple games on both days.


I'm loving the announced and set-aside time for friendlies before/during/and after these big tournaments.


What else is being/has been tried? Success? What criteria are you using to form your groups or brackets? 

A full round robin (like at the NY memorial day tournament) is definitely the most fun I've had.  Single elimination is the worst.  In addition to making the play fair, it's important to make it fun, and what is fun is well matched games.  When I first started playing intercity, it kind of sucked because all our games were 5-0 or 0-5.  We were good enough to beat the easiest teams, but we were completely out of our league against the best teams.  And it's not that there weren't teams in our league, we just never got a chance to play them because of the seeding.


I did all the scheduling for the ESPI this year, which was group play + double elimination.  I seeded the groups first by trying to spread everyone out so they were playing against other cities, and secondly by skill level.  I didn't know much about the midwest teams, but I know most of the east coast players and had a rough idea of how to break them up.  It worked okay.  For the elimination tournament, it was seeded by record with goal difference as a tiebreaker.  With 4 groups from the first day, the best team from group A played the worst from D, and I made sure no one played someone from their same group until the 3rd or 4th round.  The hardest part was scheduling for two courts so that people had roughly the same amount of time between games.

Agreed, NY Memorial Day tournament was awesome.Everybody played the same amount, and you got to play all but 2 teams. I thought it worked out to be pretty fair.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

I thought the ESPI's was run very very well scheduling wise. 

no dice nyc...MKE!