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hey guys,i need to get information from you about places to send posters and info about naccc polo. i am trying to compile a database of sorts with bike shops, bars, places bike people hang out, contacts for each team.  IF you could email me back with some names, addresses, email addresses of good places to send posters that would be awesome. also one contact name and adress from each city would be awesome as well. either repost or send info to chicagobikepolo@gmail.com  braley from chicago

Send stuff to Milwaukee Bicycle Co./Ben's Cycle in Milwauke


1018 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215

 my address is 825 E Center apt 2 (which at the moment is polo headquarters of sorts)
milwaukee wi 53212

if you send me a packet i can distribute to local bars and cafes 


no dice nyc...MKE!

You can also send some stuff to

Kirkland Bicycle Shop

208 Kirkland Ave. 

Kirkland WA 98133

I can distribute stuff around the Grater Seattle Area. 

Do you have Trackstar's address? dont know off hand but send stuff there too 


Doug D

Brooklyn, New York


Doug D
Brooklyn, New York