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Portland Bike Polo - Courts

Not much to say about courts... thought I might show them instead.

Here's Alberta Park. We play here on Sundays from 3pm until dark. Check the "Clubs" for exact location. Gotta keeps your beer adult beverage in an alternate vessel or the hired security gets antsy in their pantsy. There are rounded corners and the horizontal fence piping is on the inside so the ball never gets lost in the sadness corner or hits the pole.


I will be sure to update when I get pictures of the Wednesday night venue.

I have nothing but fond memories of this court as it is where Lunchbox and I first saw and played this Most Beautiful Game. This court in Portland is the reason we play polo here in Ottawa and for that I am eternally grateful. I also had the opportunity to play at the other court and I seem to recall that it features a lighting system activated by a button which turns off automatically after a certain amount of time.

Big shout out to all the ballers in PDX!


god, atomatic lights oput4, what a great way to end a game/period