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Team Sizes - Team Selection

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When do you play pickup? When do you play teams?  Do you have a team night/day or allocate part of a Saturday or Sunday to team games?  All the time or the week before a tourney?


What team sizes do you play?  3 on 3 always?  2 on 2 when there's not many people or on smaller courts?  What about more when: your'e court's bigger or there's more people who want to play?


How do you figure out who plays after the current game?  First 6 to throw in, or players line up (like coins on a pool table)


In Melbourne we play 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 (our court is big and crowds are growing)  We never play fixed teams and we havn't had a tournament (yet)

Personal opinion here: 4 on 4 leads to a scarppier game with people crowding the ball, 3 on 3 leads to more interesting gameplay and better team work.  4 on 4 leads to larger gaps in between games (more tired people)  I remember in Vancouver there was barely 30 seconds between one game ending and another starting up.


What happens in YOUR city?

You, sir, need to get out and play more. Post less. Most of your questions will answer themselves.



I _know_my_ answers to these questions...

and yes, I agree, I need to play more polo.






4 on 4 is too many people.  2 on 2 only when necessary.But on a related note, we have played around here with splitting the whole pack into 2 teams with 9 - 12 players per team.  Only 6 are allowed on court at a time (3 from each team).  The game goes on for 30 min, as many points as you can get in 30, players rotate in and out as needed.Some of us like this (I do) and some don't. 

I like this idea. The only issue I see is with people trying to stay on the court too long. I think it would be a ton of fun if the shifts were kept on the shorter side. It seems like a good way to mix things up and play more often on really crowded nights.

If you stay on too long, you hurt your team (tire out, the other team starts to counter you strongly, etc).  We would play until you started to tire or score a point.  Rotation where fast and frequent.

I actually liked that format too. It makes for a more team effort and people dont have to wait to play. I understand why people don't like it though. People stay on court too long or change at the wrong times. But I think if you do it regularly, you learn stategies to make the game go smoother.

We play usually play 3 on 3 but have played 2 on 2 and 4 on 4.  I don't think I'll play 4 on 4 any more since it usually leads to a rougher play since someone is always in your face and people get clustered.






not to be offensive, or out of place, but it is in my experiance that when there are more players on the court it  just requires disapline, or some sort of sembalance of that

we plays 5 on 5 deathmatches when we have a lot of people. No casualties yet besides a few spokes!



when we play 4 on 4 (days when the court is crowded), we widen the goals and have one player from each side as dedicated goalie. Goalies rotate out among each team after a point is scored. Goalies have an area that they cannot venture too far out of, but they can sit in front of the goal if they wish - the wider goals still permit good shots / good blocks. The good thing is, it still keeps the play on the field to 3 on 3, encouraging better passing and helping to keep people from massing up around the ball.

I still prefer straight 3 on 3 any day, though.

{}------- lexington -------{}

two-on-two rules people, don't knock it until you've tried it.  of course three-on-three is preferred, but 2v2 is sooo good.  you get more ball time and it's a real work out unlike 3v3.

been playing this a little since orlando kids are slacking...  I was skeptical at first that we'd just be chasing the ball around, but 2v2 is fucking AWESOME.  It's a lot easier to predict what your teammate/opponent is going to do when there are so few of them, and the breakaways are really dramatic, as long as the other team doesn't have one guy camping on goal.  tons of fun.


dingo, i gotta tell ya that the posed photo second from the left up there is kinda freaking me out.

Ben, I noticed that you do not capitalise any of your words even if they are at the beginning of a sentence. And you never capitalise "I" when referring to yourself. Also you misspelled discipline. You can change the tone of your comment with the edit option 


Alexis, I noticed your forgot to end your last sentence with a punctuation mark. Jerk.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

Watch out. Ben's not going to like your lack of punctuation at the end of the last sentence.

edit: too slow.

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Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

i think that you guys may be drunk right now, and in seatle for the tourny. hows that going. how many to a side (just so i stay on topic)

three, 3, tres, trois, ...

the party bus leaves from east van in a couple of hours. there are something like 15 of us on there - all polistas rockin to tunes. we hit the border and party all night long. oh, yeah, then we play polo tomorrow and sunday! holy shit we be rollin in style.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

good luck, whos goina win?

Nice use of a question mark Ben! Yet no apostrophe. Don't get me started on "goina" 


sheesh...alexis just won't let up. there's no question who's gonna win ben. um, on the other hand, there are going to be some pretty fucking amazing teams. it's anyone's tourney to win.

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