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Welcome, please read before posting

A few basic guidelines

  • Don't be a prick. And that includes hateful or sexist language.   Trash-talking is fine, but it helps if you already know the person before you go off on them.   Dudes, watch yer testosterone levels.
  • Let people know where you come from.  You can do this on your My Account page. 
  • To reply to a comment, use the reply link on the comment, or the quote link.  This keeps the discussion from getting all disjointed.  To reply to the first post in the thread, use the comment form at the bottom.
  • Before starting a new thread, check to make sure that there isn't one already started about the same topic. 
  • If you want to start a thread about a rule or some other potentially controversial topic, it's best to post only one topic per thread.  a thread with multiple subthreads gets really confusing. 
  • Try to spend more time on the polo court than on this website.  


  • If you're city is not already listed, you should list it.  If your polo scene doesn't already have a website, this will be the way people will find info about polo in your city on the internet.
  • You can join as many clubs as you want, but really there's no point in joining a ton, you can still read posts, as  long as the club's moderator has not made the discussions private.
  • If you're on a club page that you've already joined you can click "my membership" and change your email notifications for posts within that group.  You can also get email notifications by going to My Account and then My Notifications Settings. 

Need help?