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League of Bike Polo

So after a totally rad day of polo in milwaukee and an expected great time of polo next weekend that were hosting (shout out to the midwst come out for sunday and polo all day sunday at the thunderdome) im interested in thoughts around creating a midwest leauge. we will probably ahve to have regions within our leauge cause i cant travel the 9 hours on a regular basis, but i can travel 1 time a month and host 2 times a month.

we can field 3 or 4 teams from madison

how many from milwaukee  chicago, that would be the norther region i think unless appleton really can front a team. then st louis dayton ect.


i would have posted this to the club midwest but there are only 9 members right now and there are 19 from milk and 18 from madison and how many in chi town. so i would also be curios to hear what the other regions have to say about this topic


St Louis is kinda in a corner. 4.5 hrs to Chicago, 6 to Madison, Milwaukee, or Dayton. There is a college town a coupla hours west of us that has a team. They come here sometimes for fun.

Milwaukee is the hub of the Northern Conference of the Mid West League. CHI, MKE, MAD

A 4 hour driving circle from Dayton pulls in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor. They are the hub for the Eastern conference of the Mid West Leauge. Has anyone told them about this site yet?


now we just need teams from the cities. ill work on that at madbikepolo.org and get some teams organized. otehre cities should too 


 I wish I had your problems.  The clostest consitent game that I know is going on is Portland.  10 hours away.


Suposedly there is a weekly game over in Oakland.  That's a little less than 2 hours away but it's not worth a weekly drive and I don't know if it is really being played since I can't get replies from them or see any updates on their page.


Right now we have our weekly local games.  I'll keep trying to spread the word to the surrounding areas.





i ended up getting a couple stitches last night after polo. no riding for a couple days meaning i can't work either. i need some new pedals.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

where did you get the stickes, in your leg? bullshit. hows the tendon ok that suck 

well get some pedals in the mail to you whats your address  hows your knee 

tendon a-ok. the hole in my leg is sore, but that pedal would've bruised my calf prettybad  even if the tooth wouldn't have bit me. i'd be sore regardless. knee swollen and sore but that's nothing new.

i'm gonna pick up some plastic pedals soon

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Joe, sorry to hear that you went down this sunday and are consequently missing work - no fun at all.  I hope you heal soon.

Oh yeah, WAY TO GO MKE! 

MKE -> PDX | wednesday sundown @ ne14th & killingsworth | sunday 3pm alberta park @ ne22nd & killingsworth

probably too seriously...


yeah, it was ugly. i was sprinting, lost my chain... then i'm not really sure waht happened but i was on the ground. i must got my foot wedged between the ground and my crank and the little tooth on my pedal for clipping in stabbed me in the back of the calf. the hole it left was big enough to stick my pinkey finger in about a half inch. plus a few other scrapes and bruises from that crash too.

then, being the trooper that i am, i joined jake and kremen to beat madison 5-4 in the 3rd place tie breaker game making MKE the official third place WORLD CHAMPIONS.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

official my ass

ben- you agreed it to be official before we started the game...if you want though you can still tell your kids that WISCONSIN got 3rd place just don't lie to little silas and tell him madison got 3rd. 


no dice nyc...MKE!

jake if you are that desperate to take the win then i will give it too you but a game with two different players in a much different situation isn't really official. I'm not trying to take away a win for you but it isn't really the same.

 all i'm saying is before it started it was agreed to be the 3rd place game. it was gonna be 2 on 2 then you guys wanted to make it 3 on 3. also in TO subs were allowed for games. there were some teams with players playing for different teams and when joe was racing and we were being yelled at to start our game against chicago we were told get a sub or you forfeit. so subs were allowed in the tourney which this was a extension of, which then technically jill and kremin were subs.


no dice nyc...MKE!

actually i never agreed that it was a third place game.

luckily jake and i agreed that it would be the tie breaker... at least i was always under the impression it was. i got all kinds of shit cuz i was gonna go to strawberry fest but madison was gonna be in town and we couldn't play third place game... boo hoo hoo

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

guys, crandall and i played one-on-one on saturday and i won.  he and i decided beforehand it would count as the official 3rd place game.  so sorry, but 3rd place went to Toronto, 4th to PDX.

i dont care right now. it was an awsome game. i probably shouldnt have called that goal that bounced off jills wheel wich looking at what a goal is now the bal just barely broke the line not copleatly crossed it. so the scores tied 4/4 will we see you this weekend? 

ok, ok... i wasn't gonna say anything but since you brought up questionable goals... jill had one (i believe your 3rd) that popped straight up off the front of the base of the cone about 7-8 ft. and landed 4-5 inches behind the line. no way did the ball pass the "plane" of the goal line. it was high. i didn't say anything cuz i knew we had it in the bag.

so we each got a gimme. even steven.

i'm down for polo in mad this weekend. i should be all healed up by then. don;t know who else is down... talk to people on thursday at the garage.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

yeah, the game between Kevin and I was super gnarly.  Final score was 21-19.  We were
only going to play to 3, but you had to win by 2 so after two hours,
kev was finally victorious.  Pooly photoshoped images of our
unbelievably epic 3rd4th place match to follow shortly.

MKE -> PDX | wednesday sundown @ ne14th & killingsworth | sunday 3pm alberta park @ ne22nd & killingsworth

probably too seriously...