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I may be totaly off here, but I feel that the polo community would benifit from some activity at the regional level. To that end I just created the Mid West Conference group on this site, so that subscribing cities and players within those cities can discuss relevent issues that they feel don't need national/universal attention. Setting up friendlies and tournaments are my priority here.
Not that people outside the MidWest aren't welcome at our tournaments, but I forsee a lot of traffic through this site, and I hope that this will focus some of it so there's less extrainious info crossing my screen.
P.S. to Kev. The "add a club" page isn't really set up for this.

It seems to me that the places we play organize themselves pretty well into conferences. Within those regions, no one should have to drive too far for a game of polo with another town. From surveying myspace, I would set up:

Northeast/Eastern CA
Mid Atlantic
Pacific Northwest

There would be a few stragglers. Dallas and Bozeman come to mind. This only become serious if we start having qualifying play to a real season-ending playoff-style championship or limited entry national tournament.


at one point i was thinking of just doing each city and region as its own forum, but then i couldn't do all the fancy map crap, or have groups subscriptions.  i like what you did with with the midwest page, i think that solves it well enough.

Mid-Atlantic Region is up. VA -> RI.

I was going to make this, but I didn't know where to contain it. I would consider NY part of the North East. Maybe not. I don't know...
Anyway, I am making a map of these states now. Thanks Matt.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

If anybody wants to have a map of the states listed in their region, let me know. I have a vector map of the US (fuck you Canada, eh) and can make it for you real quick and then upload it to your region page.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

Yeah, I wasn't sure where to cut it off either. Mass is kinda far for us, but we're in the southern end of the Region. If we'd rather split up into Mid-Atlantic and NE, that's cool. Just thought I'd throw it together to get the discussion started.

3 hours in the car is decent, 5 is kinda something special 7 and up is toury style

when jagermeister sponsors my own private jet we'll all be playing in tournaments in dubai.

i would rather see bigger regions holding more teams than say some regions that have one or two great teams and several 'b' teams. ben hunter makes a good point however. i would like to see regional championships like the midwest championships where doug from nyc comes only to help the good (chicago) defeat the evil (madison).

i figure we might as well get the regions off the ground as there will soon be good teams everywhere.  i've only been playing polo for eighteen months, in a year people will be good everywhere.  better to get the regions right first, if you build it they will come.  

it's not just more teams (which would be awesome) it's like Ben said, what kind of drive are you talking about for casual play, contest play, big tourney play?


The Mid West is a little handicapped in this regard. Madison to Lexington or Cleveland to St Louis is a 9 hour drive. I want to get to Dayton again this summer, to excite the Ohio and Michigan teams about the NACCCs and the 5th Mid Wests. It'd be a 6 hour drive.


The Mid atlantic, DC (K Street Lobbyists), Baltimore (Pigtown Hookers), and RVA (never been to your town) is a tight unit.

The northeast, NYC, Philly, Boston, New Haven, North New Jersey, Ottawa, Toronto

in know DC to NYC isn't much of a trip. But Richmond to Boston is. 


The world is made of countries, not regions. Not wanting to sound like a Euro-Whiner..


so if your in lasane can you play against a frenchy in evian? or is that off limits except for toury action. gotta git your shit to bern