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Chicago is not the MWPC champs

I know that two chicago players were on a team that won the tourney but that hardly makes for the city to claim championship. Especially when the three best players from that city consistently loose to both madison and milwaukee.


On one day designated as the MWBPC day, CHI won.  Any matches played on other days are not the championships and don't count against their title.
I feel okay calling them the champs for this year.  But damn they have got some big pants to fill when they host the tourney.
MKE -> PDX | wednesday sundown @ ne14th & killingsworth | sunday 3pm alberta park @ ne22nd & killingsworth

probably too seriously...


jonny is a bit salty about that still huh?
mke would have been the champs if everything that can go wrong in a polo game hadnt have gone wrong
no dice nyc...MKE!

jonny's addicted to salt.  i think salt was rubbed into the gash under his eye when he read the description on the Chicago page.

True, salt is my favorite thing to eat. All being said is that it wasn't a Chicago team that won the MWBPC, it was multi city and that is not chicago best team that played. Further if Chicago had gone into T.O. and beat either mke or mad then i would have a little more sympathy for their claim but i guess it just means that Doug is a better player then tucker, which i think most of us agree on that.

i think chicago won. and they didnt win cause of doug, they won cause we thought we could loose. and we outplayed. so whatever the nyc element added, it was still 2/3s chi town. on the other hand next time we play that chi team i swear to god im gonna dump a redbull on their head, and then shake salt on their heads

This is hysterical because I think I agree with everyone.

For everyone enamored with the way Doug plays, just remember (and I've seen him play a lot, played with and against him a lot) that he is only as good as his team.  ESPI, NSPI, and Worlds where all won not because of Doug, but because Doug was playing with Paul and Zach, either of whom are as good or better than DD.


So Doug didn't win the MWPC, the team he was on did.  One player, no matter how good can only carry a team so far.  


Ben and the other player (sorry dude, I don't know your name) must have both played their best to win.  I would give this win to Chi-Town as they where 2/3rds of the team.


Just my 2¢