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Flour City Invitational

Friday, August 27, 2010 - Sunday, August 29, 2010
Contact info: 

Despite the name, this is an open registration tourney to whom ever wants to come.

Registration for the tournament will take place Friday (8/27) night from 5-9 at Dog Town (691 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607-3148) and there will be some cheap food deals (vegan, meats, veggie, gluten free, etc. Some of the best veggie hot dogs you will ever taste) set up for the participants. Try to get here if you haven't registered online, need a team or a place to stay and get maps of the city, clues to some drinkin', and some other neat shit.

Tourney starts at 11:00 saturday morning. If you haven't registered up to this point, it will be open until 10:30 am. Come early for some breakfast and some pick up.
There is now a set location for an after party! abilene bar and lounge graciously offered to host us on the 28th with some chap drinks.

A free drinks for anyone who pre-registers for the tourney!

Anyone coming by train you can get a discount on your travel by using the code: X65D-909 when making reservations. If you use the Lake Shore Limited you can bring your bike on the train in a box. They have them there for like 5 or 10 bucks, but bring your own tools. they won't have any.

First Place Polo prize is going to be a trio of frames donated from DeCadence Cycling!
That's right. 3 frames for the winning team. One each. Not to shabby, eh?
runner up prizes include:
High Grade mallet poles from Fixcraft.
set of mallet heads from St. Cago Polo Works
cycling caps from Spokepunchers

Alley cat prizes include:
Velocity rims
Knog lights and swag,

a bag from

Seagull bags and
Freight Baggage.

and through the weekend there will be a bunch of other giveaways and prizes from
FBM bikes,
and donations from local bike shops.

Krist :585 286 6622
Nicole: 585 530 7702

Think of this more as a party.
a party where you win shit.

sponsored by :
Freight Baggage
FBM bikes
Hardcore Is Dead/ Critical Hits
All City
De Cadence Cycles
Seagull Bags
St Cago Poloworks

some good eats. some good beers. some good competitions.

To clear any confusion this is an open registration tournament.


Church of Love and Faith
700 Exchange Street
Rochester, NY
United States

Signed up

my old stompin grounds! who is organizing this?

that would be yours truly. this coincides with the flour city invitational alley cat race, that i did so the fellahs in blk 13 could actually race instead of just organize.

right near dino bbq!


just launched the site. a lot of the info is up, with more coming, obviously.
Partial sponsor list and tentative schedules are up. registration opens soon, once we figure out prices. we're trying to keep it as cheap as possible, while still being able to provide for the participants.


-oh and my girlfriend worked at java's for years and wants to show me Rochester, AFTER WE BATHE IN YOUR BLOOOOD.

She says you have nice lilacs there.



I believe I would like to make this! I need to try and find a team though.

Fuck off


Fuck off

Hey dude, I am one of the people heading this tournament up ... if you want to come out without a complete team we will end up with enough solo players where no one should be teamless. And locals will be here to complete teams if needed. So if you are really thinking about coming up and want to register, drop a note in there saying youll need team mates and we'll figure something good out.

My unemployment travel exile is now over. I am desperate to get out of town and play some polo in a strange environment and it looks like this is the next tourney stateside so I am planning on coming out. No team yet but I am going to make a hard sell to some west coasters as tickets seem to only be $300. Places to crash and or cheap hotel recommendations? Burrito orders to transport out? Special bay area requests? Get them in now and I'll see y'all in a month.

"I'm making it look mean!"

Contact visitrochester.com for some leads on where to stay. I write bicycle tour guide books. The least expensive motels are near the air port or the Travelers Motel on Monroe Ave; most likely the closest to the Tourney venue on Cobbs Hill (assuming it is being held there. There is the East Ave Motel motel. Baring no response from the organizer and the visitors bureau; try the various "couching" lodgings (the NY Times had an article on this type of lodging in the past month or two).

Reems is a good b&b but it is far from the Invitational venue; not pricey; The Inn keeper has been very accommodating to bicyclists.

Dartmouth House B&B is near Cobbs Hill it is a sedate B&B.

There is no hostel in Rochester but there are 10+ colleges.

The County campground is 15 miles from Cobbs Hill; the nearest state park w/camping is 25mi. from the tournament venue. Look at www.nycampgrounds.com for other formal campgrounds. It is not advised to camp in the County Parks within the City limits. The Erie Canal at Lock 33 (Edgewood Ave.; & at Clover St. at Lock 32 has camping for bicyclists and hikers who do not arrive with a motor vehicle, that is through bicyclists/hikers travelers.

See the Cyclotour Guide Books web site, its Erie Canal page, the book title is "Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Tour Guide" Please use a search engine for the title or simply put in erie canal cycling & scroll down about 6 entries to www.cyclotour.com/Erie%20Canal.htm

Why use a search engine? It helps me counter the big well connected organization which received a grant to produce a competing book.

Build up your legs! Bike from Chicago, NYC, Toronto, Erie, Cleveland, etc. to Rochester using my books.

Enough of this shameless promotion. I'll try to get some lodging resources together & post it here later this week. Apparently, the promoter of the Flour City is very mysterious!

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

Hey, if you are coming out and need a place to stay there will be plenty of room at our house, we'll be having anyone that needs a place to crash stay here. Space is limited so it could turn out kind of tight but everyone is welcome. If you or you and another person come out and don't have a complete team we can find someone to be the third. We should have registration up at flourcityhardcourt.com with in a day or so so check that out.

what's the word on registration? says it opens Apr. 1st...or is it closed already?


-my stomach is a pickle-

I've been trying to contact the organizer of the Flour City. No response. But I'll try to find out additional information at this week's Critical Mass ride. One of the 100 or so criticals should know him.

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

Harvey! This is Nicole from Dogtown! I'm one of the people actually putting this on. We haven't put the tournament out there too much yet because we had some trouble securing a venue for it and didn't want to post faulty information... but if you plan on coming into Dogtown within a couple days I can have some fliers there if you want to grab some? Krist, hes the one that works at Towners and is the guy heading it up, should be at Critical Mass handing stuff out for it, and I think you are familiar with him so definitely talk to him about it.

We JUST emailed our web guy about this, the registration page was down for some reason. It should be back up within the day or tomorrow. If you want to get it all squared away like tonight, email us directly at flourcity@gmail.com and we can get you all set up. Apologies.

no worries :) i'll check back on the registration page in a few days

-my stomach is a pickle-

toronto will probably be sending two teams. i'll still be in yurp tho.


Registration is fixed. Unless noted on the site, or here, we will be allowing registration the day of the tourney too.

thinking about going to this one. will need to set a team up day of...

there are a few others that said they want to come need teams.
if you're going to come up, register and say you need a teammate in the extra box. We'll be able to get you on a team.



are you going to this chris?

Fuck off

cris gt wrote:


still looking if i can make this happen. if yes. then yes teammates.

hmmm If I can make it, us three could team up eh?

Fuck off

WOOOOOOOOOOO, ready for blood!

whats the alleycat gonna be like? polo gear friendly?

miguel if you meant me then yeah it looks like i am.


I am still trying to see if I can make it!!! If I do, then maybe we can team up. Let me keep you informed on this, but don't wait for me.

Fuck off

trying to make the alley cat as polo friendly as possible. hopefully there will be some extra gear lying around to help you out if needed. (bikes or wheels)

if extra gear = moped i'm so in it to win it


hahahaha! moped is the way!

cris and miguel....yes. teammates. miguel, just let us/me/him know as soon as you can. would be great to have you back up here!

I'm really really really crossing my fingers that I can make this!!!! I've never been to New York and It would be awesome to see a part of it.

Fuck off

Unfortunately i got this email from aerospoke today:

"I am sorry, but I have been so busy that I have a TON of msgs. To catch up
I don't think that we will be able to give you any polo wheels because I do
not have the material for the discs and the time to put anything together.
We are also so far behind on wheels that it is causing problems with our
customers; we just can't keep up."

sucks to anyone who was looking forward to them.

have team. i will tell you, chandel, in person in about 15 minutes whilst i eat delicious pancakes *steak and eggs


I will be coming as a single, looking for a team! anyone from out of town want to link up?


and...miguel. it will be a miracle if i can swing this. but if i can i would be honored to be your teammate.
let me know if you're going for sure. i will also keep you posted.

looks like chris sold out on you miss alicia keys!

Fuck off

3 teams from philadelphia


and 1 team from delaware! F YEA BOI GONNA BE SO ROCK

see ya'll wednesday

-my stomach is a pickle-

nice man, you, sam and ?? montana? zzing!


sam can't make it (wedding??!! what the hell is this business?) so it will be me, oz (my little pony, but he has a big bike now :) and trevor, the guy with the fetish cycles bike. our only hope is turtling the goal and/or getting smashed and not caring either way hehe, gonna be awesome

-my stomach is a pickle-

they did say there was a lone phillian...but didn't say who :)

-my stomach is a pickle-

it's awesome that so many kids from philly re coming. thats were i first started playing in like 03/04 ish. bring me some giannas! 5 bucks off for each vegetarian cheesesteak i get!

giannas has been closed for a long while. @migwel. what?


where can we sleep?

maija wrote:

where can we sleep?

you're going? who you playing with lady?

yeah, its too close not to... playing with ngaihon & lewis from sydney

SEEEE! now I really wanna go :(

Fuck off

i'm trying to find as many places as i can for people to sleep I'm tearing apart my house for people to crash at. my brther is having a baby that weekend so unfortunately i can't stash heads there, but like 4 teams + can crash here depending on the level of punks you are. (i do have a awesome/wicked mean cat that will fuck people up, or your allergies so keep that in mind)

it sucks that sponsors are bailing last minute, and the turn out is way bigger than planned (turn part doesn't suck...) i'm hoping people have a good time is really it though.

if there's any available backyard to camp in that's awesome, otherwise just point us to a nearby-ish campground and we're cool as well :)

-my stomach is a pickle-

there is a campground a few miles from my house, and my neighbor said you can possibly pitch a tent there. i'm going to call some campgrounds and see if they can offer some discounts.

Syracuse will be there with 2, probably 3 teams. WATCH OUT!

fuck syracuse! we can barely get one team to play here! you new jack turds have three teams coming! jk. can't wait to see how the gusy have progressed in the few months.

I'm a try and make this happen.. I will also need a team

i do a lot to try to spread the word. my sister covered the city in flyers for me (again) yesterday for all of the incoming college students. we are also in a VERY visible location which helps tremendously.. lots of people passing by that come back to check it out. we're all looking forward to the tournament!

So far we have 2 committed to come from Pittsburgh..myself and this guy Devin. Going to try to get a third. We have lodging worked out. Looking forward to it.

...those days are over.


2 teams from toronto sorta...

Maija, are you really going to Atlanta and then coming to Austin?

Fuck off

doesn't help that we're hidden at both locations... we are going to flyer the shit out of the school shere. another reason i miss living in syracuse...

To anyone wondering about sleeping arrangments and whatnot, we will be shooting emails out the beginning of next week with addresses and phone numbers of whomever you will be staying with (if not us or our neighbors as we're in the same hallway)

Looks like we have four coming from Pittsburgh...

Devin, Greg Russo, Jon Lomax, and myself

Party on Squirrelfriends, see you all next weekend!

...those days are over.


Make that 2 teams from PGH, hope to see some BFLO peeps there.

Oh hell yes. The Hawk and SadMilk...

good times baby

...those days are over.


and The Squirrel Friend

own their souls goast

Oh squirrel friend...I miss you so. I will own many souls in your honor. I heard the Colorado Cup is back in the 719. Gotta get that shit back to the Dirty D 303.

June/July 2011...not that far away!

...those days are over.


first tournament in new york, pumped.

I will be heading there Saturday morning... is the tournament location 700 Exchange Street...working on directions.


yes, the location is 700 exchange street. it will be easy to spot from ford street bridge. it's right by the river.

alexis and i will be arriving friday night around 11pm where should we be going?

CALL ME. 585 530 7702, when you get in. Pick up games will be going on then still hopefully and I will probably have you guys staying with us.

thanks see you in about 8 hours

will alexis have vuvuzelas in tow? should i pick up ear plugs?


11 o'clock you can head to the house address we'll give you, or to Averill Ave & Pearl St, Rochester, NY 14607 where there we'll be playing pick up games.
i added some contacts info, so worst case give us a call.

so is there a campground nearby? or cheap hotels..... or floors/couches/backyards... 3 from TO looking for a place

those pickup games on you mentioned, are they lit up? we'll be arriving later friday evening be nice to get some games before morning though

camping can be arranged. pretty close. hopefully we can find you a place to crash. i had no luck trying to work with any hotels. there are a ew close by, but i have no idea the rates.
also pick up games at night WILL be lit. it's only one court, but there is light.

I just now saw this :( --- and had been planning on attending the tournement.

I can open my place up to people - have a futon in the living room, use the living room floor and have a tiny two bedroom - can move my bikes out of there to add more room. Wish I saw this earlier. I live right in the city, plenty of on street parking.

Will check for responses through out the day.

Yo can we get your information to give to people perhaps? I am trying to make sure everyone has a place. We are kind of full.

If you can take ANY number of people that would really help us out...let me know, flourcity@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.

You have an email!

philadelphia bike polo suite at the marriot. count it.


syracuse has 3 teams. and a straggler or two... any other stragglers out there?
i believe 2 of the three teams need a place to stay...


Hey we have a single coming from TO who would be down for playing on a team!

Tude, there are 4 of us coming from toronto who need a place to crash. pretty chill crew. let me know!

great!! my straggler is named Brandon... he's a blast to play with. i'll tell him to talk to you guys.
see y'all tomorrow!

Peter from Philly is coming without a team. If anyone needs an awesome goalie.

Watching the courts get torn down by some men. The men are menacing us.

Update: the cops are here

and another squad car

Update: police are walking towards us

ooh the suspense

645 Norris Drive
Rochester‎ NY
United States

new location for this tournament!!!!!!!

Actually the New York state police festival "cop-a-polooza" is happening in this park, there's a monster truck, softball tourney, and the police chase 5k. But at least the polo courts are clear?

So everyone showed for a tourney and there was a cop festival happening instead?

Did hilarity ensue? Any cops wonder if bike polo was more fun than a monster truck?

Thanks for everyone that came up, and we hope people had fun despite some of the hitches, slow downs, and confusion. Thanks to everyone that helped us sort things out, especially Maija, Marco, Perry and Coach.

Thanks for putting it on. Sorry stuff didnt work out with main court but good job on working around everything and pulling it off regardless!

no sweat dude, shit happens! we had a great time, thanks a bunch for all the hard work!


great job rochester: when polo served you an inie, you made an outie. this is a trick every city should know how to perform. lots of memories made with so many northeasterly teams. thank you all for that. sorry we never made it to abilenes but manhattan square park was treating us so well. im eager to see how much we've all learned by next year. the FCI is a tradition that must continue.

thanks to coach for helping me carry our other teammate. fucking prima donna!

Manhattan square park is literally one of the three cool places in rochester...so we definitely back that! we were just talking about what we are going to have to do different next year and im excited already. it was also a pleasure dining with you dudes and you are always welcome to stay with us if you ever need a rochester place to crash. and we will be storing the pony for next year!

Some pictures of the action at the 2010 Flour City Tournament.

Cyclotour's pictures

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

Harvey the photos you took are great, they are going to really help us when we're sending all the sponsors the different photos and whatnot.

These are big files, I think I have to upload one picture at a time.
I don't know why the tag tine about after the match appears, but it is true!
This is the sweeping view of the bike polo pitch at School 1, Cobbs Hill Park, Rochester NY. Yes we have lots of green trees, grass, and flowers. Plus beautiful weather in New York State.
This picture reminds me going to horse polo matches in Bethpage St. Pk. on Long Island when I was a teenager and looking to pick up rich girls! No luck. I'm classless!

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

Note Tim's horse looking at the action!

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

One more for today!
I'm still recovering from the Alleycat, dancing at the bar, and biking around Rochester (NY) after 3 AM.

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

we had a good time, but... *shakes fist at the ramped corner of the lower court*


-my stomach is a pickle-

yeah we usually dont play the lower court there so we totally couldnt even do anything about it. if we would have known we were going to end up at that court we would have swept and weedwacked too.

Glad pretty much everyone had a decent time! We'll post loads of pictures within two days or so when everyone emails them to me.

Thanks for the great time. Way to roll with it. Thanks Krist and Nicole great hosts.

Seriously you are one of our favorite polo people we've met, thanks for hanging hard while you were here.

I took a few photos as well



excellent photos definitely. i do enjoy the pony one a lot.

excellent photos definitely. i do enjoy the pony one a lot.

Great photos; really show the spirit of the Flour City invitational. Come back soon.

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

any of you rochester players gonna be in ottawa this coming weekend? id really like a flour city shirt.


Unfortunately we aren't able to go to Ottawa because of work schedule and passports, but if anyone wants a shirt that didn't get one, feel free to email me and i can make sure you get one. Let me know what color you want it (shirt and ink) and size and i'll send em out to you if you live state side. For the canadians I'll actually be sending up a dozen or so with Jarrett and Brianna (i think...)

also i filmed the entire final match if anyones interested, check it out. sorry i dont know how to embed vimeo.


I also will have the entire match up in a few days.