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Fall Ballin 3 - Sept 22/23 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012 - Sunday, September 23, 2012
Host club: 
Court size: 

Max 20 teams (1 court, with lights).

Saturday morning 10:30am

1. Mosquitos (Eryn, Duane, Daren TO/SASK)
11. Hipposharktopuss (Paul, Heffily, Mitchy MTL/TO/VB)
14. Nominds (Steve, Eric, Bottles TO)
15. Pedalphiles (Brodie, Legend, Scru Bar VB/OTT)
16. Slime Time (Meg, Rebecca, Navid TO)
18. Call Me Maybe (Birdie, Ben, Jake, Alexis MKE/MAD/BOS/OTT)
2. Mucho Gusto (Shane, Frank, Sam TO)
3. Mitten People (Adam, Atwell, Maija AARBOR/TO)
7. Riders of Brohan (Matt, Jim, Robb AARBOR)
8. OoOoZEE (Bustin, Sara, Joel TO)

Saturday afternoon 3:30pm

10. I Don't Care Bears (Dees, Stilwell, Kirsten BVT/OTT/TO)
12. The Autumn Sweaters (Andria, Hollywood, Cat OTT/TO)
13. Despicable Three (Nick, Luke VB, Dirks TO)
17. Future Primative (Coach, Pierre, Dom OTT)
19. 514 (Franck, Olivier, Germain MTL)
20. Rooftop Girls (Neill, Kris, T-Bone KW)
4. Savage Swanzigs (Patti, Aaron, Savage TO)
5. East German Swim Team (Dave, Fabian, Matthieu WPG/MUC)
6. We're Fucked (Jesse, Johnny Crash, Shamus MTL/VB)
9. TBD (Kev, Ngaihon, Lewis TO)


Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin St and Dufferin Park Ave

Signed up

Invite sure, but dates are confirmed?

i'd say 95%. we don't have a location reserved yet, but pretty sure it will work out.

Fuckin' Interbike...

aw shit that sucks

wait doesn't interbike end on Friday?

Not for this guy!

so this is what you were talking about. i'll go get my passport squared away right now, literally, i'll go right now. Kev please hold a spot or two for the mitten clubs, i'm sure we can get a team or two up for this.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I would love to make it up for this, but it will depend on how the BM draft goes (dream big, right?). If I miss the cut, expect to see me!

Location is confirmed: dufferin grove park-- big hockey rink but we'll probably cut it a bit shorter. full lights, so we can play to 11pm each night, max 20 teams.

I think I can safely speak for MTL here - consider us all very excited.


I want in on this. Who are you playing with Bryn?

Not 100% yet.. working out if I am in, and who else I can convince to go ;)

Anyone from MTL/OTT/? wanna carpool? Would like to make it out for this un

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Hey guys.

I'm Matt from Munich. I'll be around Toronto at that time and I'd love to play that tourney.
Only problem is, I won't have my bike or mallet (or helmet) with me.
Is there any chance somebody has spare gear and a spot in a team for me?
I've been playing for 2 years now in Munich. Played the german champs. (equal 17th) and the german qualifier for the Euros with Schlammbeisser (9th).



mallet / helmet is no problem. you can probably use my bike unless we're playing each other, i think we're the same height.

now, just got to find you a team.... see you soon.

I probably can't play in this tournament. You can use my gear if you'd like.

You guys are amazing.
If I find a team / somebody wants or needs me, I'll come back to your offer Chris.
If that doesn't happen, I'll stop by anyway to see you all.

Hopefully see you soon.

Matthieu wrote:

You guys are amazing.
If I find a team / somebody wants or needs me, I'll come back to your offer Chris.
If that doesn't happen, I'll stop by anyway to see you all.

Hopefully see you soon.

The tournament is coming closer and I have a team.
So I just wanted to come back to those who offered me to lend me a bike.
I just have a couple of questions about them.
I'm about 1m85 (6"3 i think) and usually ride a 51 - 52 cm track frame. Does anybody have something that comes close to this? (A little plus would be SPD pedals, but I can manage to find something I can work with)

I'll be coming into Toronto friday afternoon, so I can either come and get the bike then or on saturday morning if we don't play in the morning bracket.

@ kev: I would really appreciate if I could borough one of your mallets and a helmet.

Thanks again to all of you.

Can wait to play

I'm playing in this tournament now. My bike would have been too big for you anyway.

I have a set of SPDs you can borrow if you have a bike without.

I am also now playing in the tournament, but im sure we can put something together, or you can try out some peoples bikes and use whatever one you want the weekend of.


Matt, you sure about the 51cm-52cm frame? For polo i can imagine you on a 55-56cm but not smaller??

Hey Matt,

are you looking for a team still? Dave and myself from Winnipeg are hoping to find a 3rd player and to come out and play. We are looking to decide by the end of this week, so let me know. We have both been playing for about a year and a half.


Hey Fabian,

yeah I'm still looking for somebody to play with.
Let me know if you're coming out.
Can't wait to play with and against new people.

I like this.

right on right on. I still need to get the Friday off work but I know Dave is in. I will be hopefully confirmed by Tuesday.

hey mattieu, my road bike can be converted into a polo bike for the weekend. i think it's a 52 or 53" old road frame. has front V brake capabilities, or whatever u want to play with.
lemme know if you need!!!

I wont be playing either, you're more than welcome to use my gear if needed as well.


Count on at least one team from Grand Rapids. Hopefully 2. Our noobs wanna travel.

Eric and i measured the court. We looking at a court 120x80ft. One end of the hockey rink will be shortened and boarded up.


nice same dimension as ev tremblay for the bench minor

Lookin for a team...

Need housing? Fill this out by sept 16

Yo ..can we encourage teams to have some matchy-matchy jerseys...want to do some video for the bike show next spring!!

Big thanks to our sponsors!


hey pals! my slimetastic team needs a third ! u in?

so stoked for this. Trying to plan my weekend a little bit; any ballpark ideas on what time the tourney will be starting and finishing each day?

Sarurday we will start in the morning around 9 or 10 and finish at 10 or 11 with the teams split into an AM and PM group, Sunday will have a similar start time but wont go nearly as late


so depending on what group you're in, you'll have half the day to explore


Anyone from Montreal heading out to this (driving)?

EVBP foreva

Are you coming out to this cara?!?!?!

Jesse and I seem to be the only MTL people registered to come right now but I'm not sure how we're getting there yet. I would normally drive but it may not be available that weekend. If it is I'll let you know - seats four, carries as many bikes.

No, we would like to go, but I think we are a little late for registration. :-(
There is one more place, for one team?

We can fit your team in..let me chat with the guys and we'll make room.

Thanks a lot!

ok ok ok mkay, so i dont know what you guys really do on this site anymore, but i dont really see any banter or trash slash smack. I guess le jackal and mrs hawk prob have better things to do than puruse the boards, and i can understand if y'all are all just trying to get along... fuck that shit. im comeing to this tournament, and just by the basic fact that we have the most diverse team at this tournment (sp?) im gonna spend a little time getting things going.

xoxo lets go

TBD is the WORST team name

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Hey if you need housing and you're not figuring it out directly with someone, fill out this form and i'll find something for you

Well it's one of alejandros bikes.
I'll be fine with borrowing whoever's bike I can get.
I guess there will be enough bikes there.

@kev: I filled out the housing form. Did you get it?

yep figuring that out in the next couple days. you in canada yet?

Driving through MTL is an option for me. Would be a Thursday overnight drive, room for one.

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

are not permitted at Dufferin Grove. Opaque cups and bottles containing mystery liquid are fine. Please be respectful of park / BPTO, hey thanks.

There's lots of options near the courts but we'll also have some food at the tourney, still figuring it out though

Food, sponsors, other resources, etc: http://goo.gl/sYQwG


Friday 7pm Pickup at Dufferin Grove

Saturday 10:30am morning group
Saturday 3:30pm afternoon group
See groups at the top of the thread.
Sometime Saturday early evening 200+ tweed riders are coming by the courts. Don't be afraid they won't bite.
Saturday night party somewhere TBD

Sunday 10am double elim, should be done by 6pm.

The KW contingent is amalgamated, and we're pretty stoked for this year's fall ball'n. That said, there's a few items to address:
Firstly- Tyzun niel and myself are gonna go with the team name "rooftop girls"
Secondly- niel is just gonna be around for one day, so we may need a third for one day (likely sunday), anyone interested in joining?
Thirdly- since it will just be tyzun and myself for both days, we'll only need housing over saturday night.

Stay on target!

Podium is up: http://followpodium.com/fallballin3


on my way. super excited

For out of town folk, there will be pickup at the court, Dufferin Grove Park (875 Dufferin Street) from 7-11.


After looking at these teams i really dont see anyway our team is going to lose

No way man, the roof-top girls are so gonna take all the prizes. ALL the prizes. Just b'cuz.

Stay on target!

1st - Oh Shit (Kev, Lewis, Ngaihon TO)
2nd - Despicable Three (Luke OTT, Adam, Nick TO)
3rd - Mosquitos (Daren, Duane SKN, Eryn TO)
4th - Mitten People (Jon, Adam ARB, maija TO)
5th - 514 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
5th - Nominds (Eric, Steven, Chris TO)
7th - Mucho Gusto (Shane, Frank, Samuel TO)
7th - Call Me Maybe (Jake BOS, Ben, Birdie MAD, Alexis OTT)
9th - We're Fucked (Jesse, Johnny MTL, Shamus OTT)
9th - East German Swim Team (Dave, Fabian, Matthieu WPG)
9th - Hipposharktopuss (Paul MTL, Mitch, Emily TO)
9th - Future Primative (Coach, Dom, Pierre OTT)
13th - Riders of Brohan (Jim, Matt, Robb ARB)
13th - Savanage Swanzigs (patti, Aaron, Nick TO)
13th - I Don't Care Bears (Colin BTV, Kirsten, John TO)
13th - Pedalphiles (Brodie, Legend, Scru OTT)
17th - The Autumn Sweaters (Andria, Hollywood OTT, CAT TO)
17th - OoOoZEE (sara, Joel, Justin TO)
17th - Stick em up (Navid, Meg, Rebecca TO)
17th - Rooftop Girls (Kris, Neil, Tyzun KDUB)

MVP - Darren (Sask)


Thank you Toronto, Bottles, Dave and Fabian and everybody else for this great weekend.
I had a great time.
Hope too see some of you in Munich or at any European tournament some time.

Can't sleep, had too much fun and now even after the long drive home I'm still all wired up and silly, thank you TO. And special thank you to my awesome team mates Emily and Mitchy. So, same time next year then?

Thanks a lot TO, it was perfect as usual!!! And thanks to everybody for this great weekend of POLO, so nice games to play & watch!

See you all next year!

After i got home and played more polo and a huge dinner, i passed out for 12 hours. Well done BPTO, you thoroughly kicked my ass! Big shouts go out to sara, patti and dirks for being great hosts, and to trickyricky and eric for the set ups. Thanks to kev, steve, navid, rebecca, alexis, lewis and everyone else who organized, built, hacked and slashed and generally made fall ballin a great success!
Only one more month to bikeapolooza in KW, i hope many of you will be able to make the trip.

Stay on target!

Thank you for everything. Most damage accrued to my bike more than all other tourneys combined, but weather was perfect, food was amazing, and I had a great time. I LOVE YOU BPTO

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /